Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer

Based On 57 Reviews

Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer

Based On 57 Reviews

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Great product (Michael)

Works really well.

great pump (yourpaled)

My second pump and it is great. The erection enhancer does a great job with better sensations to boot. The sealing is effective from start to finish. Recommend it to anyone who's interested in a penis pump.

Does exactly what you want it to (Anonymous)

I use daily and it has improved length and width. Very useful.

Product description

A beginner-friendly pump definitely deserving of a place in any man's arsenal of enhancement tools, the simple yet incredibly effective Precision Pump proves perfect when it comes to providing the type of performance boosting effects couples crave.

The classic cylinder is smokily transparent (ideal for observation), graduated into easy-to-read measurements, and capped by a silky silicone donut sleeve for a comfortable, reliably airtight seal. To activate suction, simply squeeze the medical style pump bulb to the desired level of inner pressure- a dedicated release button placed within easy reach dissolves the suction instantly.

The unit is ultra easy to assemble, and disassembles just as easily for thorough cleaning. Sturdy, nonporous ABS plastic and silky silicone comprises the Precision Pump, rinse with warm soapy water or use a good quality cleansing foam/spray to sanitize. Silicone erection ring included. Compatible with water based lubricants.

* The Precision Pump is approximately 8 inches (20.3cm) in insertable length and 2.25 inches (5.1cm) in inner diameter.

SKU: CE-1034-00-3 | UPC: 716770018137 | MPN: SE-1034-00-3 (33)

SKU: CE-1034-00-3 | UPC: 716770018137 | MPN: SE-1034-00-3 (33)

Ratings / Reviews

Feels awesome (Grizzly adams)

Get a little lube and start pumping. This thing sucks better than my ex wife lol. Gets my limp noodle firm and hard and it does feels real good

Mrs (Angie)

Works great

Works great (Ron)

Good quality. Pump could be just a little stronger. If your well hung you may want a longer one.

good (Anonymous)

Does what is was made to do. Efficient and cheap

Very pleased (jp623)

This is the second pump I've purchased. The first was a Girth Masters and the vacuum bulb died after just a couple of weeks. This one was much more comfortable and much less restrictive at the base. When you add the silicone pump sleeve, it improved even more, so the combined items get rated a 5 Star.

shower time (funcouple620)

The rubber cover is bad. Tried it for a while and felt like it was pulling my testicals to much. So i bought a silicone attachment for it and its been great. The pump is amazing. It even holds up in the shower. Comfort suction in a hot shower will add inches.

wonder pump (Anonymous)

its works great will keep me enlarged for a long time.

Fantastique (Yves Gauthier)

Essayer cette pompe est la meilleur chose que j'ai faites et c'est une expérience et sensation que j'étais loin de me douter.
Pour moi sa ma redonner le goût a la vie!

Precision Pump (Anonymous)

I was surprised, wasn't sure it would do the job but oh does it work! You will love the results!

great product (Anonymous)

Good suction, swells my member like no tomorrow.

Works good (Anonymous)

Tube is 8" and this pump allows me to almost fill it. Sleeve had to be cut way down to fit but I guess it starts small to accommodate the smallest.

Amazing (max)

This is my first pump. Work great and perfect shape. Low price. Just WOW

Durable and quality (MARK)

Quality and durable (have used it many many times with no visible wear). But buy the extra cushion for 20 or so bucks really adds to the experience. Like others have said making it clear would be nice but hardly a big deal.

Every mans dream (Anonymous)

what man doesn't want a little more to spice it up for the lady in his life. just get her involved for some quality time play. only thing is I think you should order a better seal when you order the pump. but a great addition to play time.

Ocando (Anonymous)

A good starter pump. The rubber dam is a little too restricting. Get a silicone sleeve when you get it and it will be more comfortable. The enhancer ring is very small. Overall it is a very good toy.

OK (Anonymous)

OK for relatively inexpensive product

good pump bad ring (will)

would be perfect if ring was pliable/softer

Good Pump! (Anonymous)

This was my first pump. After a few uses it appears to be a quality item, as far as construction and quality of parts. I'd recommend it.

Magnifique (the great)

Excellent product for it`s price. Well designed and easy to use.

Amazing pump (Anonymous)

My boyfriend and I ,love it !!!

Pecker Plunger... (T&C)

Fits okay, works okay, but only ever used one time...seems like many on the market and the price was good for this one.

Intense (Miss_Kittenz)

We love this ... and have use on both him and myself. (Yes I am a girl) We found it worked amazing on the clitoris and pumped up more then just the tip like some of the female pumps do. Made for a very pleasurable evening.

Pleasantly surprised (Anonymous)

Works great. Easy to clean. Easy to use

Great feeling! (Jimbo)

I use the pump on my balls! There is a tug and slight ache, but my erection is solid! I then play and when about to cum I ease of the air pressure. It is an amazing feeling! Very unique! Great toy!

bought out of curiosity (Anonymous)

I bought this as a sex toy, we did not need it as my fiancé is fine erection wise but we where curious to see if these things even work.

To our suprise he gained nearly an inch in width and two inches In length.

The only thing he said was to make shure you are lubed a lot, it is comfortable, but we use it with regular cock rings to pump then he puts the one they supply with the pump on to maintain the size. But its absolutely woke well worth the buck and excellent quality

Improved Girth (Mr Magoo)

I am well endowed to begin with but I purchased this toy to enhance the girth of my penis and it certainly did do that and I have no complaints about this product. If you are looking to enhance the size of your manhood in length or girth, I certainly recommend this pump!

penis pump (greg)

it works well easy to use gained me inch and half in penis size the wife loves it

Would work in theory (Anonymous)

My husband purchased this item out of curiosity to find out how well penis pumps can work. Unfortunately the product was definitely not made for a man with a larger circumference to their penis. The rubber ring it arrived with was laughably small and not flexible in the slightest so using it was immediately out of the question. The tube itself was also not very accommodating and just fit his erection but the inner seal needed to be cut as it was also an extremely thin gap. Once we made those changed we found that it did somewhat work but lost a lot of its sealing potential after we made the mentioned changes. Just as a reference my husband is about 7 inches long and has a 7 inch circumference.

needs adjustment (Anonymous)

I found the bulb removed air very well but the ring does not easily slid off the tube. I ended up sanding the lip off. Also the enclosed ring was much to big and I used a smaller one I had. For the price its good. It will create suction without that latex sleeve installed. I don't use it.

fun for a minute (balsagne)

The plastic on the pump hose that connects to the unit split on second use but I cut it down and used nylon tape to seal. Great fun. I've used it 20 times or so now and only once have I had broken blood vessels. I love watching my soft cock turn super hard and erect in seconds. So fun!