MR Maximum Results Pump

Based On 35 Reviews

MR Maximum Results Pump

Based On 35 Reviews

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Awesome (Anonymous)

My partner and I both loved the results from using this pump. It is definitely a good value and recommend to anyone who wants to heat things up!

Wow (Steven)

Works a lot better than I thought. The last one was trash compared to this one. It's a good starter.

first pump (Anonymous)

just gave it a test run and works great only thing I'm have an issue with is girth figure it measured 9 1/4 inches long it would have been a little wider. even with a small amount of lube it sticks to the sides before it gets to its full length.

Product description

A superior enhancement tool featuring a uniquely shaped trigger handle and soft, temperature-receptive silicone donut sleeve, the MR Max Results provides tons of extra firm results plus lots of intense pleasure.

Fully encasing the penis, the MR's interior length is approximately 9 inches (23cm) at default- convenient graduated measurements are etched up the side for precise monitoring. Once the penis is placed through the silicone-circled mouth, simply squeeze the handle- the sleek, curvy shape needs just two fingers to operate. A quick release button placed within easy reach above the cylinder dissolves interior pressure instantly.

In skin safe ABS plastic, phthalate-free PVC and silky silicone, the MR and its components are easily cleaned and maintained using simple soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water based lubricants.

SKU: CE-1023-00-3 | UPC: 716770060549 | MPN: SE-1023-00-3 (22)

SKU: CE-1023-00-3 | UPC: 716770060549 | MPN: SE-1023-00-3 (22)

Ratings / Reviews

good (anonymous)

good suction. a bit small tight to get into.

good product (Anonymous)

okay, so I'm not huge, this thing feels awesome. something that might help to create a better seal, think about using a little lube or shaving, but this thing rocks.

Pump (Robert)


Great performance (Anonymous)

What are the best pups out there

Works well (Anonymous)

Does the job and works well. For the price The donut is too small for me so I had to remove it but the pump works just as good without the donut Increased my size which I am happy with and so is my partner. She enjoys pumping me up.make sure to purchase a cock ring for more pleasure

Great product (Al)

The pump works great, the handle is ergonomic. It even has measurements on the side of the tube. Overall very satisfied.

Awesome (TommyT)

I purchased this pump one month ago, and the results would be that I have increased the length of my penis 1- 1/2inches and the girth 1 in. The product is easy to use and it is comfortable. As some other pumps do cause some pain. I got this because my wife loves sex and due to some health issues and meds I take I wasn't able to preform and the size was lacking, now I am back and our sex is outstanding.

Excellent Value (Anonymous)

This was my first pump purchase and very happy thus far. I did a lot of research prior to all the other person pumps including battery operated and the super expensive Hydromax types. Also did a lot of due diligence in actually reading reviews of other users. Mostly positive but quite a few with low or poor opinions on the quality and effectiveness of this particular one. I decided to give this one a try and I was happy right out of the box. On first use, I could tell a noticeable difference in length and girth. Nothing stupendous yet I definitely felt fuller. Based off the negative comments I read, I decided to use a water based lube on the sheath. It does help with inserting your penis if you're flaccid. Once done I gradually increased pressure, and held it there. After a minute or two I relaxed the pressure and repeated. Each repeat I could feel and see my penis allowing more blood flow in as I continued. The pump did hold the pressure well. While some pressure leaked, it was rather slow doing so. Even though this is a low end pump, the quality was decent and a good value for the money. The handle didn't feel cheap or too fragile at all. I did find the smoke color a little too dark to read the grading scale but this is minor. I personally feel a lot of negative commenters are maybe trying too hard and fast to see a result. As many are probably pumping for the moon right out of the box. But if you use the lube, which does help with maintaining a good deal, along with gradual and repeated pressure, maybe that will help get the results you're looking for.

Works well (Anonymous)

Great product with really good pressure

Just as you would expect (Anonymous)

It definitely works, and is easy to use. The pump is simple, I just wish that it held it's suction a little better although I'm sure if I were fully shaven, it probably wouldn't be an issue.

Pump it (Anonymous)

Pumps great but if you have any hair at all it loses suction

Great pump (Mark)

The pump suction is very strong but is very comfortable with slow pumps. The insert is small so you need to lube up. I removed it as it is much to small for me. Works well without .Your size will increase with everyday use. Cleans up with warm water and soap. My partner and I are very satisfied with the product. I recommend it

great pump (Beth)

I got this for my boyfriend who has a small little boy dick. He was
shy about using it at first. I pumped him using warm water we both looked on in awe as his cock grew. When I took it out in was flowing with pre cum. Im happy as a girl can be.

Mr Maximum Results Pump (John)

This is the best pump I have used,i tried electric and plunger types but they do not compare to this one.Excellent,i highly recommend it.

Works great, but... (Ray)

I was looking for a medical pump. At a minimum of US$350 + $30 shipping, I figured I'd try this, because it was the only pump long enough for me. and less than $45 Cdn. Works great! At 9+" long and 9" girth, it will be a rare dude that this tube won't accommodate. Only problem is the cone shaped silicone funnel for insertion is WAY TOO NARROW at it's end. Even lubed up, with air pressure released, I almost pulled off my dick getting thing off. Had to cut the silicone with a razor blade (very delicately). MEANS: unless your dick is only as thick as your thumb, do yourself a favour and cut off 1/2 the total length of the silicone funnel before first use. The one hand manual pump is convenient & works well to create a decent vacuum. I understand the air pump is usually the first part of a penis pump to fail. Remains to be seen how long it will last. Depends on the quality of the material used for the internal seal ring. Time will tell. For now, I'd recommend it, and would buy it again if I needed one. JUST CAN'T BEAT its quality, price, free shipping & discounts and points!

First pump (Anonymous)

This is the first pump I've used and it works well. 8-10 pumps and my erection increase a whole half inch while under vacuum. Expecting permanent results within next few weeks. Excellent way I force an erection for round two ;)

So-so (Sassy)

We've only tried to use this once, and hubby had a difficult time getting his cock in the tube. I don't consider him to be larger than average, so I was really surprised how much lube it took for him to use this comfortably :( I think we'll be ordering a universal ring for the opening. As for suction, it was SO exciting to see him grow a full 2 inches in length! The sex was OMG!!! Which is the reason for the 4 stars! It's a great product, the opening is just too small, even for an average sized guy.

Good pump, small donut sleeve (David)

I've been using the MR Pump off and on for a few weeks now and here is what I've found. The donut sleeve at the base had to go immediately, it is very small so my cock couldn't fully expand in the pump, and it was very painful to remove my cock once done. Scraping.
Using it without the sleeve works very well though. More than enough suction and a good seal. Before pumping I am 6.5" erect length, 6" erect girth. Immediately after a 30 minute pumping session until I packed it girth-wise and I am 7" erect length, 7" erect girth! Girth is massive!
The effect slowly dwindles over several hours. I haven't been using it long enough to comment on whether there are permanent gains.

Awsome product (Anonymous)

Even though it has only been 3 weeks im using this product my erections are longer then before and i think its too early too comment on physical growth but im comfident about it.

verry good (harry)

perfect pump best suction and big and long .

Does the Job. (Anonymous)

meets all expectations. Yowee!

First time useage (Randy Boechler)

I`m considerable more older than probably most of your customers. I found that the pump has renewed my feelings and thickness of my penis. This magic pump should have been purchased years ago.

Awesome performance! (Always Ready!)

Great pumping suction and smooth action. With a good lube i slid in smoothly and watched as my cock grow with each pump. Have added a half inch in length in only a week. My wife enjoys pumping me up too. She loves the feeling of control it gives her and knows she will benefit from it too! Easy clean with gentle soap and water, always being careful when removing and replacing the sleeve. Let dry completely before reassembling.

Mediocre product (bbowden)

Good product but seal broke after few times of use!

Best pump for your buck! (Anonymous)

I've tried other pumps and nothing beats the vacuumn of this pump. Be wary though, the pump itself will be the first to go! Works best with a cock ring.

Works great (Anonymous)

Pump works great. I had to remove base because it was to small for me but the pump works great does the job well worth the money great quality.


Since i started using this item i feel great down there more thickness and i have seen a change in performance. the size yet to come but i have used my tool and its doing great.

Powerful and very precise (Anonymous)

I use this pump with warm water. I removed the spring from the pump, otherwise it would rust. I use external rubber bands instead. I fill the cylinder with warm water, insert my penis and pump. A lot safer than air, and a lot less expensive than the hydropumps like Bathmate and others. The pump is well made, very powerful and precise. Easy to use with one hand. Great buy!

amazing pump! (Anonymous)

my wife absolutely loves pumping me and it turns both of us a lot. she especially loves the amount of precum this thing pulls out as well lol. my erections are definitively stronger and i've noticed permanent gains in girth but not so much length.

Delightful! (Kinky Couple 204)

Bought this, along with some chrome cock rings, and some warming gel. I use the gel prior to using the pump, to get a little heat going and to help me get flexible. Once I'v jelqed my cock a bit, I use the pump. My dimensions are 7" long, and just under 2" in mean diameter. Used a 1.25" ring on the base and the 1.75" ring around my balls, and I gained almost 0.5" in diameter on the first use. Plus about 0.25" in length.

Extremely effective, and well worth the buy. Thank you!