How Often Should You Masturbate (If You Have a Penis)?

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How Often Should You Masturbate if You Have a Penis?


When it comes to sex stuff, including masturbation, a lot of us wonder if we are “normal.” Then, because society, by and large, doesn’t encourage the open discussion of sex stuff, we often feel like there’s no real way to know whether or not our habits are typical or maybe a bit strange. So, let’s talk about it! Today we’ll look at masturbation for folks with penises; how often it happens, possible benefits, concerns, and more!


How Often Do Men & Penis-Owners Masturbate

Here’s the truth: masturbation patterns are different for everyone. Some penis-owners rarely do it, others masturbate daily, and still, others split the difference and indulge in self-pleasure a couple of times a month. What’s more, all of those different people are masturbating a completely “normal” amount!

The frequency of masturbation varies not just from person to person, but also for each person at different times in their lives. Like anything else, our interest in masturbation may wax and wane depending on our desire, any stress we experience, health issues, really any number of factors.


How Often You Should Masturbate

There is no set “normal" when it comes to masturbation frequency - it all comes down to personal preference. It can be something you do daily, once, a week, every couple of months, never, etc. It’s completely up to you! 

As masturbation, whether by hand or with a stroker, sleeve, pocket pussy, or other types of male masturbator, can come with some great benefits (more on that in a minute) and poses almost no risks, you should feel free to enjoy it whenever you have the time, desire, and private space to do so. 

Can You Masturbate Too Much?

The short answer to “can I masturbate too much?” is “no.” The longer answer involves context. The thing is, masturbation isn’t detrimental on its own, but the context in which you engage in it may be. 

As with any habit, even a healthy one, masturbating can become unhealthy if taken to extremes. If your masturbation habit is causing you mental or emotional turmoil or physical pain, it may be harmful to you. The amount of masturbation is unhealthy is another thing that can vary from person to person. 

Generally speaking, there is not a set amount of jerking off that is universally considered to be too much. Some people can masturbate multiple times each and every day without any negative consequences. The key to keeping your relationship with masturbation (or really, any sexual activity) healthy is to stay aware. If you feel satisfied with how often you masturbate and you don’t feel like it’s negatively affecting other parts of your life, then you and your masturbation habits are good to go. 

That said, if you notice that masturbation (or any other sexual behaviour) feels like something you absolutely HAVE TO, more like a need or compulsion than like a fun choice, or if you are experiencing pain, loss of enjoyable sensation, or numbness, you may have an unhealthy relationship with compulsive masturbation. The same goes if you want a satisfying sex life with partners and feel that masturbation interferes with your ability to have that or if you find yourself struggling to keep up with the responsibilities and commitments of your day-to-day life due to how often you masturbate. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it might be helpful to reach out to a doctor, mental health professional, or sex therapist.

What Happens If You Jerk Off Every Day?

You have daily orgasms! Hooray! 

Okay, seriously, though, there aren't any known or documented ill effects of daily masturbation. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that while daily masturbation should have any side effects, the way you masturbate might affect your sexual health

If you are particularly vigorous or don’t use lube, you could cause skin irritation or tissue damage resulting in soreness, tenderness, bruising, or swelling, so be kind to your member! (and stock up on lube!) Another thing to be aware of is that if you get very used to always pleasuring yourself in a specific way --maybe you tend to do it lying down in bed, or with a very tight grip, or always to pornography, you might find it challenging to maintain an erection and climax with a partner. This is easy to avoid, though, by switching things up periodically, so your body and mind don’t fall into the trap of only responding to certain circumstances. 

Can You Run Out Of Sperm?

You seriously cannot. The body produces new sperm daily and, barring medical complications, it will continue to do that as long as you live. 

That said, men and people with penises who are trying to conceive will want to keep in mind that while they will not “run out” of sperm, masturbation can affect sperm count and quality. This means that if you've recently ejaculated, your next ejaculation could have a lower concentration of sperm and sperm count as your body needs a little time to build up sperm and seminal fluid. This doesn’t mean you have to abstain from self-pleasure when you and your partner are trying to get pregnant; it’s just something to be aware of so you can adjust your timing or frequency. 

Benefits Of Masturbation

There are many physical and mental benefits of frequent masturbation. In 2016 a study even found that frequent ejaculation could lower prostate cancer risk. Additionally, masturbation has been known to relieve stress, improve mood, boost energy, raise pain tolerance, relieve pain, improve pelvic floor strength, and contribute to better sleep. 

If that all doesn’t sound good enough, it can also help you out in your partnered sex life. Not only can a healthy masturbation habit help boost the libido, but for folks with penises, it can help build endurance, making you a longer-lasting lover!

When it comes to how often men masturbate, there are as many answers as there are men in the world- and almost all of those answers are “normal.” Remember, some men masturbate daily, others don’t masturbate at all, and many, many others fall somewhere in between.

Should I get a sex toy for masturbation?

Why shouldn’t you? If you’re craving something a little (or a lot) different, there are tons of sex toys for men and penis owners like sleeves, the beloved and best pocket pussy strokers, and automatic or vibrating masturbators for you to experiment with. Explore blowjob toys realistic vagina and/ or realistic butt sex toys for undeniable pleasure that feels like the real thing. Need some inspiration? Read about the best male masturbators in our blog. If you’re a true beginner (don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere!), don’t be afraid to ask questions like; “What is a pocket pussy?” or “How to use a pocket pussy?” and even “How to clean a pocket pussy?” 

Generally speaking, masturbation is a safe and healthy habit that is completely normal. Most people do not need to be worried about masturbating "too much." However, if you feel like your  masturbation habits are causing you any turmoil, whether it be physical, emotional, or in your relationships, reach out to a professional who can help. Additionally, if you are trying to conceive, if you want to last longer in bed, or if you want to climax more easily, you can adjust your masturbation frequency and technique to help you achieve those goals. Ultimately, when it comes to frequent masturbation and your sexual pleasure, only you get to choose what feels good for you and craft a relationship with masturbation that best serves you. 


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