How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party

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Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas: A Guide for Hosting Bachelorette Parties During COVID

Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas: A Guide 

Since our friend Rona (aka COVID-19) is still making the rounds, many of us are required to continue or are choosing to continue social distancing practices. On the bright side, we’re heading into some beautiful spring weather, and another socially-distanced wedding season. Wedding season means bachelorette parties, and this year, virtual bachelorette parties are all the rage! Fortunately, we’ve learned a thing or two about distanced fun, so if you’re wondering how to host a virtual bachelorette party, you’ve come to the right place.


At PinkCherry, we have some virtual bachelorette party ideas to make the most of the world’s current situation. We’ll cover some basics on the logistics of organizing a virtual celebration. In addition we’re offering you a few ideas on entertainment and a brief list of games for a virtual bachelorette party that won’t soon be forgotten. Grab your wedding planner or open your Pinterest board to save all the virtual bachelorette party ideas we’ve got in store to make the bride’s day special.


How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party

Before we get into the hubbub of planning the perfect party, we want to stress that everyone’s situation is different. Some can be together, where others cannot. When organizing, you should do so in a way that honors all the individuals’ needs. While throwing a traditional bachelorette party with outings might be feasible where you live, it’s important to take all guests, including more vulnerable ones, into consideration. Try not to exclude the friends or family members who are important to your bride. You can still include them virtually.


Now that we’ve given you our little PSA (you know we love and promote inclusivity), it’s time to dish out all the details on how to host a virtual bachelorette party that doesn’t feel like you’re settling for less. Here’s to hoping our tips and suggestions inspire you to spoil your bestie for their big day.


How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party: MC

Usually, the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor is the one to organize and throw the bachelorette party. They are the ones who coordinate the guest list, invitations, locations, entertainment, and budget for the shindig. Sticking with traditions, it should also be one of these members of the bridal party coming up with the virtual bachelorette party ideas. Still, you can bounce around suggestions with other partygoers to get their opinions on certain aspects you might be unsure of.


If you fall into one of these roles, you absolutely can take on the role of “Master of Ceremonies” (MC), or you can delegate this task to someone else. This person should feel comfortable leading the party and announcing whatever comes next in the plans. They should be organized and understand how to work whatever technology you’re utilizing to bring everyone together.


How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party: Technology

Speaking of technology, how do you make all your plans a reality? Through a video chat app, website, or service that can host your group size. There are several popular options, each with their own unique features. To decide which one is right for you, consider your party size, the activities you have planned, and the ease of use for a range of guests. If you know one (or more) of your participants struggles with electronics or video chatting, it may be a good idea to work with them beforehand or pair them up with a tech-savvy friend where feasible.


Some popular hosting options are:


  • Zoom (standard allows 100 people per call, Large Meeting add-on allows up to 500 people per call)
  • Facebook Messenger (50 people per call, filters, Messenger Rooms)
  • Google Meet (25 people per call, premium options for larger calls)
  • Facetime (32 people per call)
  • Houseparty (8 people per call, game features)
  • Skype (50 people per call)
  • Snapchat (fifteen people per call, filters)
  • Instagram (four people per call, filters)


How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party: Invitations

A big part of figuring out how to host a virtual bachelorette party is going to be determined by who is on the guest list. How many people you invite may determine which video chatting options you’re confined to. Their personalities may regulate what kind of activities you can incorporate. It’s best to check with your bride first. They’ll give you a good idea of who they don’t want to incorporate or who they can’t party without.


Talking about the guest list brings up another important task to factor into your duties: invitations. Should you send them the old-fashioned way by snail mail? Send everyone an email? Are text messages appropriate? This is another thing you may want to run by the bride. They may be partial to a formal paper invite or want to go with a fully virtual route for their party from start to finish.


How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party: Themes

Just because things are virtual, doesn’t mean your party has to be bland. Creating a theme for your virtual bachelorette party can add a fun flare to the festivities, but it does involve a little pre-planning. If you want to send out game items, decorations, food and drink, outfits, or any other extras, you’ll have to give yourself enough time. You won’t be able to show up to the venue to decorate and set up the day of the celebration, except for your own home. If your bride is comfortable with you being in their space to decorate for them, we highly recommend taking on this task for them while they relax.


Some popular themes you can incorporate into your distanced party include:


  • Sleepover (put on your favorite pajamas)
  • Something Blue (everyone wears blue or bride’s favorite color)
  • Getting Hitched (Western theme, think bandanas and blue jeans or even cowboy hats)
  • Last Meow or Last Hop (sexy cats or bunnies)
  • Beers and Bras (everyone can don their favorite sexy lingerie top and sip their desired beer)
  • Decade themes (have fun with the Roaring Twenties, flower power ‘60s, or any other decade you choose)
  • Floral (decorate everyone’s space with flowers, wear floral patterns, etc)
  • Sports (everyone can wear a jersey to represent their team)
  • Favorite Movie themes (everyone picks a character to dress up as from the bride’s favorite flick)


How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party: Entertainment

If you’re pressed for ideas on games for a virtual bachelorette party, you could try another form of live entertainment through video chatting. Virtual parties don’t have to include competitive games, but you can mix and match games and entertainment options to throw an awesome event.


  • Cameo appearance from a celebrity
  • Painting or craft class
  • Makeup or hair tutorial
  • Drink mixology class
  • Virtual 5K run
  • Dance choreography tutorial


Selecting Games for a Virtual Bachelorette Party

There are tons of ideas for bachelorette party games online, or maybe you have some ideas of your own.  Keep reading for our list below. Simply send your pals any corresponding printable game cards beforehand. Or coordinate gifts for a game.


Side note before we start: Our favorite game at PinkCherry is Lingerie Bingo. Everyone includes a piece of lingerie in their gift to the bride and checks off their bingo sheet as the bride opens her new treats. Send your guests our way over at to find sexy lingerie in every style.


Games for a Virtual Bachelorette Party

These games are a surefire way to entertain the bride and her guests.


  • Provocative Pictionary
  • Dirty Truth or Dare
  • Find out who knows the bride or couple best with Trivia
  • Porn or Drink (guests guess whether a name is for a porno or a drink)
  • Drink If… or Never Have I Ever (quarantine edition could work great for a virtual party)
  • Charades (wedding topics or sex topics)


Don’t Forget Goody Bags and Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

Every good bachelorette party needs a great goody bag! PinkCherry has made the shopping easy for you with prepackaged surprise gift bags and a selection of bachelorette party games, novelties and more. There are choices that fit every budget to tell your guests thanks for their participation in celebrating the bride.


While learning how to host a virtual bachelorette party, we hope you stop by to pick out a perfect present for the bride-to-be. With our full selection of sex toys, sensual products, lingerie, and more, we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll enjoy. We wish you good luck in hosting a virtual bachelorette party with our virtual bachelorette party ideas. Have a blast!

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