BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Green Apple

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BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Green Apple

4.21 Based On 14 Reviews

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Popping candy (p)

Fun :)

In my opinion (Anonymous)

These are awesome! I would not use "pop rocks" on someone's private area that's a scary thought.
I love giving my partner oral & we're very adventurous! We loved these. The first time I used them I didn't tell him & he was so pleasantly surprised! A safe & fun little trick you can use that most men would be into to amp up your oral ladies!

yummmmmm!!!! (megan)

my man love these will be getting more for him .

Product description

For an unforgettable oral sex experience, fill your mouth with BJ Blast before heading down, it's a fizzy, popping, bursting treat with a deliciously sweet taste. If you've eaten pop rocks candy as a child, you'll recognize the sensation on your tongue; it does, however, have a much subtler result for an exciting, uniquely stimulating addition to a classic sex act. Package contains 18 grams (.035oz).

SKU: PD-7432-65 | UPC: 603912262674 | MPN: PD743265 (527)

SKU: PD-7432-65 | UPC: 603912262674 | MPN: PD743265 (527)

Ratings / Reviews

The best! (DirtyBbw)

These are amazeing makes any penis so delightful I love useing this product they taste AWESOME!!

Blast it was (Anonymous)

He love it!! That's all that mattered..

Good not great (mdoh)

lots of fun at a girls reunion weekend but not as flavorful as you would think.

Poprocks (Anonymous)

Pop rocks were my favourite candy as a kid so of course I had to try this. It tasted yummy and was playful and fun. My hubby enjoyed it and could feel the candy popping. Will definatly order again.

Spice up your oral (KF)

Not as appealing as the cherry (which is my fave out of the two choices) but fun nonetheless.

Tasty (Kaitlyn)

Fun and good tasting! Feels great for my. Boyfriend

Fun (Anonymous)

Fun Birthday party novelty

Works ok (Anonymous)

My husband liked it

Le goût tombe sur le coeur. (Anonymous)

C'est le fun au début et mon partenaire aime la sensation,mais pas plus. Le goût tombe sur le coeur, j'aime mieux une autre sorte que j'avais essayer

BJ Blast (Marie)

my experience with the pop rock was great my partner loved the sensation that it was making the little pop and tickle
but i prefer the strawberry one well personal opinion!

Silly Pop Rocks - Nothing more. (Meghan)

As I suspected they could be, these really are, by far, the best tasting yet most expensive 'pop rocks' I've ever eaten...
My lover, the good sport that he is, allowed me to attempt a demonstration of the intended use of this product. An exciting idea became an underwhelming interruption to our usual fun times when he's like, "So are they supposed to pop or something?" I thought they were popping. I'm like, "They are..."
Then things got sticky, quickly. Boo... Everybody hates that.
Anyway, we simply decided to eat 'em and make immature noises as the candy popped and fizzed like no other poppy candy does. 'Lots of laughs. Once that was out of the way, it was down to business that we got... without the candy.

The experience was funny, but not very sexy. It was worth a try, I guess.
They taste REALLY good though. They don't just pop, they fizz!
I have the other flavors. they're not opened. We'll probably just eat 'em while watching T.V.