Revolutionize Your Look With Stockings!

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Stockings to transform your outfit from ordinary to spectacular


Revolutionize Your Look With Stockings!

Did you know that homosapians used strips of animal skin as stockings? I use the term homosapians because, thankfully, we’ve come a long, long way from there. Thank goodness for that! I’m sure there were a lot of ups and downs until the 1500’s when a revolutionary machine that wove stockings from pretty much any fabric was invented. It wasn’t that useful until Queen Elizabeth I was gifted the unique silk stockings and BAM! She fell in love with them, and like any royal, courtiers imitated her fashion making stockings a prominent piece that travelled around the world.

Here’s another fact you may not have known. (We’re all about teaching you weird things you can use when stuck in an awkward conversation lull. You’re welcome.)

Did you know that Nylon was the first ever synthetic fiber? I didn’t! That’s when hosiery really took off as it was more affordable for the every-woman, but when World World II came, the shortage of them caused riots. Literal riots. Women started painting the backseam on their legs to mimic them because they were a sign of wealth at that point. It’s the little things right?


Sock style stockings with plaid shirt and workboots create a unique style


Then, (thankfully) the 70’s came. Keep in mind this is after the Stepford Wife era, so women took their silk and nylon stockings and shoved it. Lycra was in. Bright colours and lycra were a match made in heaven. Think Blondie. Punk. Mini skirts. Go go boots! Orange plaid hahahahaha. Oh boy. Ripped fishnets were an obvious sign of rebellion and part of the counterculture giving authority a big middle finger without saying a word. Troublemakers, the lot of them! Within the next decade and a half, stockings came full circle and once more became a sign of femininity.

Nowadays, hosiery is as popular as ever if not moreso. Runways, red carpets, streetwear and office appropriate styles are all the rage. Sheer will always, always, always be a staple. I have an extra pair of sheer black stockings at the ready just in case ‘cause they go with pretty much everything. So many more designs have come up too. Like herringbone, honeycomb, stripes, dots, hearts, skulls, oh my! All of which are perfect for displaying your individual personality in a more subtle way. ‘Cause us ladies are tricky like that. The most popular trend of the season is fishnets under ripped jeans. We LOVE this look. Sultry with some attitude! But enough small talk, let’s break down how you can take the beloved hosiery style into your Fall into Winter looks, shall we?


Classic Sheer Stockings

Let’s start with the classic black sheer stockings shall we. This is easy because quite frankly you can throw these bad boys on with ANYTHING! You can wear a classic sheer stocking with your skirts, dresses, and even shorts. The extra layer will bring your summer staples into the colder weather and clearly go seamlessly with any outfit whilst making you look effortlessly chic, so yeah ... you’re welcome. Again. 

Sheer stockings with high heels with thigh high garters for a classic but sexy look


Fishnet Stockings

Fishnets have been a fan favourite for quite some time and can be worn in a hundred and one different ways. A popular way to rock your fishnets in the upcoming months is by wearing them underneath your favourite distressed denim for a chic and sexy peek-a-boo vibe. Rocking black or white, or even coloured fishnets underneath your distressed denim gives your outfit a cool edge and is a fun little spin on your casual day look. You can also wear fishnets with dresses and skirts with a thigh or knee high boot or layer it with a pair of socks (oh my gosh I’m excited!) and a sexy heel for a layered and chic look. There really are so many fun possibilities for this type!

Various styles of fishnet stockings in red, white and black


Argyle Stockings

There is nothing like a fun print to bring out your inner child, am I right? Argyle pantyhose brings back a few unfortunate flashbacks of slightly embarrassing outfit mistakes from childhood, but now it’s time to right those wrongs and style argyle in a cool yet fun way and turn them into a more sophisticated look for your respective adult years. My favourite way to wear argyle print hosiery is in a super trendy monochromatic way. If you are wearing a grey sweater dress with a cute boot or bootie, pair that outfit with a grey argyle pantyhose. If you are rocking a black skirt and a chic turtleneck, I would rock it with black argyle pantyhose. Get the picture? The reason why I recommend to be matchy with your argyle is because this pattern can often come across as tacky or loud especially when there are a lot of colours involved, but if that’s your style, wear it with confidence!

Argyle styled stockings create a unique look


Colourful Stockings

Bright colours are as super fun but can be tricky to wear but it just wouldn’t be fair if we left it to the Blair Waldorf’s of the world. A pop of colour, especially in unexpected ways, can and will make you stand apart from the crowd. Add minimal bursts of bright colours to your outfit using hosiery. A small amount of big colour peeking through is always a sexy look! Primary coloured hosiery in a monochromatic scheme looks put-together and elegant. I just got a green and navy striped dress and can’t wait to wear it with some plum stockings. 

Two examples of thigh high stockings - as lingerie with matching panties, and pink thigh highs with black mini-skirt