Easy Access - A Newbie's Guide to Crotchless Panties

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Guide To Crotchless Panties And Women's Lingerie


While they may not be entirely practical for everyday wear (unless you’re into public play… more on that later), crotchless panties are a naughty addition to your lingerie drawer that are sure to be enjoyed by all parties involved.


My first experience with crotchless panties was, admittedly, unusual. I wore them around the house at first just for fun to get used to the feeling of an exposed crotch before bringing them into the bedroom. They certainly aren’t something I would wear every day, but they were an absolute hit with my partner, and I am certain that I’ll be bringing them back into the bedroom for years and years to come.


But, hey - just because I don’t wear them on the daily doesn’t mean you can’t! Some women who have worn crotchless panties out and about while they go to work or run errands have described the feeling as “titillating”, or said they felt empowered from having a naughty little secret. Everybody’s different, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!


If you’re into public play, I’d totally suggest wearing a pair of crotchless panties under a skirt or dress. Not only does it add that element of “ooh, what if I get caught wearing these?”, but it’ll also give your partner easy access to the goods. 


Crotchless underwear comes in a variety of different styles, and varying levels of crotchless-ness to suit your preference and comfort level. Not every pair of crotchless panties are created equal! Some feature very thin holes in the crotch and rear that are practically unnoticeable unless you want them to be noticed. Other pairs leave less to the imagination and feature a fully exposed crotch (these pairs are typically less practical for wearing out and about, but more practical for keeping on during sex). 


Whatever your preference of exposure may be, there is a pair of crotchless panties out there for you to enjoy! Check out some of our many different affordable styles of panties below.


Crotchless Thongs


The Skirted Crotchless Thong & Garters is definitely one of the cutest of the crotchless panty spectrum, with fully ruffly design. This mesh thong features a split crotch, making for extremely easy access. Made out of 95% nylon and 5% spandex, these panties are sure to be comfortable as well as super sexy.


Skirted Crotchless Thong and Garters


Crotchless G-Strings

Out of all of our options, this one is my favourite. This strappy crotchless g-string is sexy and sophisticated, a rare combination that must be appreciated. The small hole in the front gives a little sneak peek without showing off everything.

Strappy crotchless g-string panty - crotchless panties


Crotchless Boyshorts

If you’re typically into more full-coverage panties but still want to get in on the crotchless fun, check out these adorable Side Tie Crotchless Boyshort Panties.


Side Tie Crotchless Boyshort panty - crotchless panties


The pink ribbon detailing gives these panties a hint of innocence, reminiscent of your old favourite pair of boyshorts. However, what’s underneath the pink ribbon is a naughty secret. If you’re apprehensive when it comes to trying out crotchless panties, these crotchless boyshorts may be the right fit for you!


And, speaking of right fit - the pink ribbon allows you to customize the fit to your hip size! We love adjustable lingerie. Since lingerie sizing can sometimes be a hit or miss, any opportunity to ensure a proper fit should be taken advantage of.


Crotchless Garter Panties


If you’re a fan of thigh high stockings, consider a pair of crotchless panties with garter clips! This pair of Skirted Crotchless Thong & Garters brings back the pink lace detailing of the crotchless boyshorts and adds adorable, yet sexy ruffles to the sides. The garter clips are complete with matching pink bows to top off the whole look. And, if you’re not a huge fan of lace panties, these nylon/spandex blend panties are definitely calling your name.


Skirted Crotchless Thong Panty & Garters - crotchless panties


If you’re looking for a less innocent and more bold look when it comes to garter panties, we’ve got you covered. The Lacy Bra and Open Crotch Garter Panty set is bold, sexy, and romantic all at once.


Lacy Bra and Open Crotch Garter Panty - crotchless panties


Who doesn’t love a good matching set? A girl can never have too many matching bra and panty sets!

Crotchless Bodystockings

Black fishnet bodystockings - crotchless panties


This finely weaved fishnet bodystocking can be layered with your favourite bra and panty set, or worn all on its own to add some edge to your playtime. And, of course, who doesn’t love fishnet bodystockings?


This particular bodystocking is plus-sized, and we carry a variety of other bodystockings in sizes ranging from small to 2XL. There’s something sexy for everybody out there!


Crotchless Teddies and Bodysuits


This teddy has to be my second favourite piece of crotchless lingerie. The Black Wave Cupless & Crotchless Teddy features adjustable straps, allowing it to fit just right. It is trimmed with lace ruffles, and decorated with a seductive red satin bow detail in front. Add hosiery for even sexier look. It shows off your sexy body, with a little crotchless surprise underneath. The crotchless opening goes all the way to the back, so you’ll be able to do as many of your favourite sex positions as you please. Add some sexy stockings for even sexier look. And trust me, you and your partner will be pleased!


Black Wave Cupless & Crotchless Teddy - crotchless panties


Now that we’ve covered several different types of crotchless panties and crotchless lingerie, what’s your favourite item? What do you want to try? Head on over to PinkCherry Lingerie and take a look at the variety of sexy crotchless panty styles we have to offer!

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