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Pipedream Extreme Motobator Auto Male Stroker

There’s masturbating and then there’s
motobating. Okay, maybe “motobating” isn’t in Urban Dictionary just yet (brb) but once the word gets out about Pipedream’s exclusive line of PDX Elite, automatic male masturbators, aka: Moto Bators, male identified dudes everywhere will be lining up to get their hands on, and put their penises in, one of the PDX strokers. The Elite Moto Bator 2 is already receiving a ton of buzz. Reviewers and industry insiders alike are predicting that the Elite Moto Bator 2 may soon be known as “the rabbit of man’s sex toys.”

Before we venture all the way out to the cutting edge of male mastubators, let’s review the basics.

Ways to Wank It

There are so many cool ways to describe male masturbation, some of the best include: beating off, spanking the money, jerkin’ the gerkin, playing pinball, and badgering the witness to name a few of the hundreds of euphemisms for dallying oneself. Honestly, you could probably say any crazy amalgamation of words and with the right inflection, people would know you were referring to handy shandy action. 

With all these innuendos, you’d think that by now we’d have a wider understanding of the fact that male masturbation is not always a few yanks in the shower or while watching porn, ejaculation, and lights out. Not only can men manually masturbate with a variety of techniques and/or incorporate additional elements (think anal exploration and panty sniffing), but guys can also get down with male sex toys

One of the most popular types of male masturbators are the male strokers. Originating from the Fleshlight brand, today there are literally hundreds of self contained Fleshlight stroker style alternatives. Some feature interchangeable sleeves, including anatomically accurate molds of popular female and male adult film stars to make them even more realistic.  

Other stroker styles include the pocket pussy, which is basically a scaled down stroker, i.e. no hard shell surrounding the material, which is pliable for the user to enjoy the squeeze and pressure of their own hand. All strokers feature different types of openings outside - i.e. vaginas, anuses, and mouths, or just a circular opening. Advanced texture designs inside are used to mimic the real thing (or a creative variation of it), and  sleeve material used can include silicone, cyberskin, ultraskyn and others. 

In more recent years, male sex toys began to get even more exciting with technilogical and aesthetic improvements in their designs. Men’s sex toys include full size anatomical renderings which are incorporated into full size super realistic sex dolls. Toys for men of all orientations can now come in sleek styles with features like vibrating and suction capabilities. Prostate toys designed for sexual gratification are now recommended for men’s sexual wellness because some studies have found that regular stimulation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. There’s a whole world of possibilities to explore when it comes self-gratification for the fellas. 

Advanced Sex Toys for Men

In any field where technological advancements are accelerating at a rapid rate, consumers may find it overwhelming to try and learn what the latest and greatest things on the market really are. Fortunately, when it comes to masturbators, one line of products stands out for being truly innovative and unique. We’re referring to the PDX Elite male masturbators mentioned earlier in this article. 

If you haven’t heard of the PDX or PDX Elite product lines, that's likely because they're still relatively new to the market, having launched in 2017. However, you're probably familiar with their parent company, Pipedream, one of the most prominent manufacturers of adult sex toys. In fact, if you’ve enjoyed any type of sex toy between 1973 to now, there’s a very good chance it came from Pipedream! So even though the PDX Elite line of thrusting, rotating, sucking and vibrating men’s sex toys is the hot new thing for penile pleasure - the creators behind it definitely know what’s up. Out of the impressive 20-piece line, PinkCherry has honed in on the top five products for men that will blow your… mind.  


PDX Elite F**K-O-Matic Auto Suction Stroker

This vibrating, suction-pulsing Ferrari for your penis is the hero of the collection. The lifelike details of a vaginal opening, combined with the enticingly clear and incredibly supple material, make going in an already amazing experience. It includes a sample of lubricant but stocking up on a water based lube is a good idea because you always want to use some lubricant with any male stroker. It doesn’t just feel good, the lube also works to keep the integrity of the product, as does a good quality sex toy cleaner. 

Once inside the textured canal, you can play with 7 speeds or rotation, while it moans, groans and holds nothing back when it comes to filthy phrases courtesy of an embedded speaker. Each sensation can function solo or in a combination to cater to your individual needs. It’s USB rechargeable and includes all the accessories you need to get ready for a wild ride. All that’s missing is your penis entering this perfect product.


Sam Neo Interactive Suction & Vibration Masturbator  

With deep thrusting, vibrating and suction action that all feel eager for your orgasm, this portable pump will drive you wild. The textured plush design clings to your cock in all the right ways while still giving you plenty of room to grow. That’s right friends - it’s an elite men’s sex toy . As you thrust into the stroker, you’ll feel how its it working to give you a feeling of realistic suction. So hot. 


PDX Vibrating Mega Milker 


PDX Vibrating Mega Milker Fanta Flesh Stroker in Vanilla

Gentlemen, start your engines! The Milker Masturbator rotates, twists, squeezes with gyrating stimulation as it spins around your cock with lots of enthusiasm and tireless power. Just like a good little sex machine, this thing can get a little loud when you get rowdy. And we’re not talking about the robotic sounds of circutery… what you’ll hear is the breathy moans and encouraging gasps of a female voice in your ear. To listen to the climaxing cries like, “Please fuck me until you cum!” plug in the earbuds (included) and press the sound button. The multi-sensory enhancement creates a primordial triggering effect to give you a more full bodied orgasm, but is an optional feature so if you’re using it with a partner and only want their dirty words in your ear, it’s totally up to you.  

The Milker is especially easy to use because it also includes a swiveling suction cup that holds tight to most smooth non-porous surfaces once you lock it in place. It’s easy to remove after use for cleanup and storage, but while you enjoy your hands-free fantasy, the adjustable base holds firm.

The gorgeous pussy chamber offers ten different modes and five speeds.TPE snug sensation. Press the power button for three seconds to get started. You'll also reap the sexy benfits of sequential rotational compression, a comfortable grip and easy access to the controls. 


PDX Elite Moto Stroker

If you like blowjobs, then you’ll love Intermittent Suction Technology! The incredibly realistic sensation of the PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 milks your penis as it gets bigger and thicker inside the magnifying, clear stroker tube. You can thrust in fully for a deep throating experience or take a faster pace to optimize your climax.This blowjob toy has a removable TPR sleeve that's topped with a lush open pussy and supple full lips to enter and penetrateConveniently rechargeable via USB, you can power up this genius device and again, be sure to use a water based lube for that wet, juicy sucking you crave. 


PDX Elite Hydrobator Automatic Stroker 


PDX Hydrobator Male Shower Stroker Masturbator


With a dual opening design, this powerful stroker is unlike any other sexual sensation and was specifically designed to enjoy in the shower. While the other PDX Elite products are not water compatible, the Hydrobator makes up for it as the best shower stroker available. 

The t-shaped design looks a little like Thor’s hammer, if you held it upside down. The long handle grip is perfect for controlling your pleasure as you thrust into the silicone tunnel, via one of the two open ends. There are seven different vibration patterns and the suction technology you now know PDX is famous for. With an aquatic suction and sensation elements, this men’s sex toy stroker offers the warmest, wettest blowjob ever. You’ll love the feeling so much, you may have to remind yourself to cum before your hot water runs out. You can always get back in for a second round later in the day, you dirty boy!


Finishing Strong

Whatever type of masturbating you most enjoy, you can enhance the experience with one of the PDX Elite automatic strokers. Maybe you like tossing it during a long lunch break at home, jerking off as your partner watches, or making an evening of it with candles lit and music on? 

The point is that men masturbate in hundreds of unique ways and they’re all totally normal. It’s about time the tech going into men's sex toys reflect that! Level up to motobating and give any of the choice PDX Elite products a whirl! Or,  give them a gyrating, sucking, moaning, teasing and pleasing chance to make your penis feel big, hard, and awesome, you won’t regret it!

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