Contain Yourself: Top Male Strokers and How to Use Them

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Top Male Strokers and How to Use Them

 Men and their erections are so much more special and amazing than society gives them credit for. Media depictions of male sexuality can sometimes be as toxic as the dangerous versions of masculinity it aims to call out. Not because the message is wrong (it’s not) but because the bombardment of a singular narrative in any space can be detrimental- especially when it enables stereotypes. Don’t worry, this blog is definitely about masturbation and not a thesis on masculinity, class, power or privilege. But before explaining what men’s super stroker masturbator toys are and why you or your partner might want to get your hands and junk on one - it felt important to clarify that men are sensual beings deserving of pleasure. Maybe we don’t hear that often enough? The formidable hard-on of anatomical males contain nerve endings that respond to changes in texture, temperature, and tempo. They are sensitive to the waves of pleasure from iconic self-contained strokers such as the Autoblow 2 (basically feels like a blow job) and men can be just as nervous or curious about sex toys as their female counterparts. 

At PinkCherry we love to celebrate adult sexuality across all genders and orientations, alone or with another! That’s why we are so excited to stroke the male ego with some words of affirmation and lots of suggestions on sex toys for men, strokers, and penis sleeves.

When it comes to masturbation, it’s no secret that many women require direct clitoral stimulation (often enhanced via the use of sex toys such as clitoral vibrators). However, men are sometimes regulated by the assumption that their own hand is more than enough to ensure orgasm. And yes- most men can and do bring themselves to climax by manual means, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the world of male sex toys.! Especially male strokers and porn star strokers. Products like a “pocket pussy” and other self-contained toys are incredibly erotic ways to enhance male masturbation alone or with a partner. 

Now, let’s hear it for the boys! 

To better understand how using a male stroker can heighten sensation and satisfaction, it’s important to first get to know what these masturbators are in the first place. As with most things in life - it’s always good to learn as much as you can, before putting your penis in it.


What is a Stroker Masturbation Toy? 

In this context, the name “stroker masturbation toy” might seem pretty self-explanatory, but the devices are often referred to in shorthand (no pun intended) and are sometimes referred to as “strokers” or “sleeves.” These sex toys for men can come in the form of pliable materials with an entry point that looks like a vagina, mouth, anal, or small circular opening. Those are the most basic elements that most strokers include. They are a line of products that anatomically male dudes can penetrate. Strokers are then differentiated by the material used, internal textures, size, shape, container, and user-friendly features like easy maintenance and clean up. The entrances can also vary quite a bit, meaning the vaginal or anal openings are all unique depending on the product manufacturer as well as the model or “mold” used to create the aforementioned orifices. For example, The MainSqueeze Remy Lacroix Ultraskyn Stroker is a direct mold of Bailey Rayne’s vagina so every detail is anatomically accurate. Side note- her details are really pretty, as are all of the strokers based on your favorite adult film stars.



There are also lots of strokers that don’t have any anatomical traits at all, like the Pocket Pool Sure Shot Stroker. This one-time use stroker is compact and sleek… so it’s a good idea to stash one in your or your partner’s glove compartment if you want to go that extra mile on a long, hard drive. Just be careful where you pull over to use it or be mindful of other drivers on the open road. And even though this supple sleeve is made to lay waste of, after you’ve had your way with it, be sure to throw it in a proper trash receptacle. Littering is NEVER sexy!

Pocket Pool Travel Stroker Male Masturbator

Different Strokes 

The reason male strokers come in so many shapes, sizes and designs is actually the very reason masturbators are so cool - they offer variety. There’s a common misconception that men who use strokers “need” them and often the naysayers will boast about how they can “get real pussy.” Which is great you guys… real pussy is lovely. But when men say this, they’re missing the whole point of a stroker. It’s not an either/or situation.

According to Dr. Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First and Passionista, there are three types of male erections. Not one- three! A reflex erection from physical contact, which he refers to as a “body erection,” the classic nocturnal erection (brought on during REM sleep and hopefully leading to amazing morning sex), and the third type- a psychogenic or “brain erection.” These brain erections are evoked via erotic stimuli and sexy thoughts. Variety and plush, warm, lubricated male strokers are a great way to get those raging brain erections. 

Men of all orientations are usually drawn to various types of novelty. Heck - most people are in general. This is true outside of the bedroom, but for now let’s focus on an innate desire for sexual diversification. From panties, to partners to sexual positions, everyone enjoys switching it up a bit. Knowing there’s an innate interest in variety is often a pillar of a great sex life, even in a monogamous union. Coming up with ways to keep things exciting is healthy for all partners because as we think of ways to titillate our lovers, we often find ourselves aroused by the new prospects as well. Integrating strokers into partner play is an easy and totally hot way to introduce a broad range of new experiences. Here are a few ways men’s strokers can be incorporated into partner play…

Mutual Masturbation: The classics never get old, so even as you try a new toy or two with your partner, literally stepping back and watching the action will always be erotic. Amp up the voyeuristic aspect by selecting a sleeve that celebrates the spectacle like clear masturbator. Play show and tell by also describing how good the stroker feels or how amazing he looks sliding in and out of it. If you are a partner with a clitoris, don’t hesitate to put on your own show. She can watch and admire you while also bringing herself to climax with a powerful bullet vibrator. Added roleplay bonus - accidentally, on purpose, walk in on each other. You don’t even have to say anything, the opening of the door is erotically charged no matter which side of it you’re on. 

Sexy Stranger Games: There are so many ways to turn using a male stroker into taboo, sexy stranger games - it’s crazy. But here’s a little bit to get you started and ways to make it your own. Jump onto alone or with your partner and pick out “the one.” A porn star stroker is great for building a sexy story around, watching his or her videos together, or discussing fantasies about. You can also look for a stroker with features you and your partner find particularly similar or dissimilar to yours. Perhaps choose an anal entrance stroker if that’s an act you’ve yet to do togther? Try Terra White's Anal Stroker and get nasty. 


Edging Your Bits

Consider two of the biggest stigmas surrounding male sexuality - ejaculating prior to their partner’s readiness and using sex toys. Both are really unfair and limit the expression of sexual gratification in a way that causes suffering for all genders. When you or your partner puts a stopgap on enjoyment - sex and sensual play suffer. The good news is that if we de-stigmatize the use of male sex toys and strokers, then we open up the potential for fellas to last a little longer during intercourse. Win win!

Simply stated - male masturbators, particularly those with added suction and/or sensation that feels extremely realistic, are excellent sex toys to help men build stamina and practice edging. Edging being the fine art of coming close to orgasm but ceasing stimulation in order to prolong ejaculation. Using a water based lube and any favorite pussy, mouth, anal or non-anatomic stroker to the brink of orgasm, stopping and repeating, is the easiest and most pleasurable way to learn how to edge. Slowing down and diversifying sensation is what strokers are made for. Or going fast, aggressively, or a mix of both fast and slow. 

Ultimately, masturbator stroker toys of all shapes and sizes put the choices for pleasure in your hands. And getting the best new stroker for you and your partner is at your fingertips when you shop to find the perfect fit!


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