Head Honcho Masturbator

Based On 56 Reviews

Head Honcho Masturbator

Based On 56 Reviews

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Good! (Anonymous)

soft and stretchy, pleasant odor this would fit most male as it stretch, the feeling is good 3 chambers with tiny nubs stimulating the whole member I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good yet affordable hole.

Relly good (Jim)

Fast delivery. Good quality. If you are a first time purchase you don't need to worry about anything.

great value for the price (Anonymous)

I've tried numerous masturbators but I keep coming back to this one. Feels great, holds up under severe use, easy to clean and never fails to get me off.

Product description

A top seller since day one, the Head Honcho, aside from an ultra pleasurable triple suction design and easy handling, also boasts an endorsement from hailed sex educator Sue Johanson.

Designed for incredible solo sessions and hand-job help, the Head Honcho's petite portable shape fits comfortably in any sized hand. Front and center of the exterior, there's a playfully detailed little opening complete with soft lips. Gripping snugly right from the start, a triple noded interior sucks and massages all the way through to an open end. Increase inner suction by covering up the back hole with a finger, or simply squeeze the plushy material.

In body safe TPR, the Head Honcho cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Rinse the inner cavity by running water through. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant.

  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Length: 5"
  • Special Features: Open Ended

SKU: CE-9573-00-3 | UPC: 716770044105 | MPN: SE-9573-00-3 (22)

SKU: CE-9573-00-3 | UPC: 716770044105 | MPN: SE-9573-00-3 (22)

Ratings / Reviews

Best feeling (Kay)

My husband loves it

Great (Anonymous)

I originally bought this to get over the minimum requirement for free shipping but actually ended up using this more often the the "big ticket" item I got to begin with. This thing creates great suction as you stroke. The jelly material it's made out of feels great and entering each chamber as you stroke is amazing. This is probably the easiest toy to maintain too as it can be turned completely inside out when it's time to clean up, just be sure its completely dry before putting away. If you have some money left at the end of the month and don't mind paying for shipping I'd say go for it.

Oh M Gee (Chelsea)

I bought this as a toy for my long distance boyfriend. He'd never used one of these before and was a little skeptical. The reviews I've received include the following statements:
I had to stop because I felt funny being ready to explode less than 30 seconds in;
Holy s***t, with lube its incredible;
I have found myself hanging onto the shower wall because its amazing ;
It makes my toes curl and gives me sensation all up and down my spine;
I come so hard;
I love how easy it is to clean and the fact that I have no mess.

Needless to say, she has her own name now and the girl has been putting in the work! We would definitely recommend.

Great (Anonymous)

It works great me and the wife love it

Above Average (SingleGuy)

The concept of this toy gets 5 stars, but the actual product only gets 3...hence, averaged to my review total of 4 stars. Reasons I like it: 1) it is large enough to actually fit in your hand. I like the bulk of the tapered opening following down the girthy shaft. 2) The entry has a ring of tension that hugs your penis and creates a kind of built-in cock-ring. 3) The material is soft and supple. NOW, what I don't like about it: A) It is fragile! I use a water-based TokoAqua lube to be as careful as possible, yet, The Honcho has torn in 3 places at the entry. I have resorted to placing a large rubberband around the outside of the tapered end to provide the constriction I used to enjoy when the product was new. B) The bumps and ridges inside are very soft and too subtle - just a bit more "solid" feel, or more rigid bumps, would be more to my liking.

All-in-all, I love it and I make it work for me. So far, it is the best 'mate' I have found. I remain single and have little chance of a real human sexual partner, so I am happy to have found something I can turn to in those moments of 'need'.

Great tool for self hand job! (Anonymous)

It is very comfortable and right size, works very well squeezing it most of time while using it and using plenty of lube.

Gets the job done (B T)

The Mrs loves using it on me when she's "too tired" or "has a headache". And I sneak it away during my wife's monthly reign of terror. Great texture and the closed end keeps the mess at bay. I've tried the Super Head Honcho, and the open end was my biggest complaint. It's held up pretty well over 4 months of occasional use. I can tell it's starting to tear a bit, but for the price I expected it to do so. Store it in a clean dry place, as it's a bit tacky when dry and stuff will stick to it. Make sure you use plenty lube; your pecker won't slide without it. I'll probably buy a new one whenever this one finally breaks.

Amazing! (Manlove)

First sleeve and got lucky, this is close ended creating lot of suction action
soft and warming material feels incredible because the inner chambers and ribs...
I think it delivers a great blowjob more than penetration feeling to be honest!
Its an A+ for sure !!!

Best Masturbator Ever (JR)

I have my head Honcho for a while now and would use weekly. The wife first got it for me when she was not in the mood for sex and I got addicted to it. She has now taken it away from me because I used to often. My wife only lets me have my Masturbator when I travel. I love the feel and makes me orgasm quickly.

Must have !!! (Anonymous)

Shipping was on time and product feels nice and stretchy. I would categorize the head honcho as a “must have” in the bedroom. Once lubed up, the ribs feel great a long the whole shaft and tip. A+

Head Honcho (Anonymous)

This is really amazing!!!
This head honcho feels so good.

Feels Fantastic (Anonymous)

The material is a little on the flimsy side and feels like friction will treat it very unkindly over the coming weeks but the first impression is great. It's a perfect mix of smooth but textured. I actually can't stand Sue Johansen so I had an automatic desire to dislike this product but I really can't. It feels so good. Cleaning is only slightly annoying as it is actually CLOSED ENDED despite the site listing it as open ended.

Great surprise (Anonymous)

Didn't tell my husband about this purchase and surprised him in bed with it. We both really enjoyed it. I have MS so was looking for something to help me use less energy when I was having a bad day. This was a big hit and made him cum quick.

Great product! (Anonymous)

We love this product! It gives great sensations, and kinda easy to wash with hot water.

Man loved it (Anonymous)

Works well for its intended purpose. A little difficult to get clean. Not a big deal, just takes a little more effort. Man loves it.

Does its job. (Anonymous)

Not entirely impressed. I've used other masturbators with other materials. Currently it's not my go to. I use it if I feel lazy. It's tight around the cock, the suction isn't the best though.

No control (Anonymous)

You want to take it slow... you are still only lasting like 3 min lol but it is great if you want to bang one out cause you will not last. Also no chaffing.

Simple (Anonymous)

Does the job well. Good starter toy.

Good for the price (JC guy)

Good little masturbator for the price, but I prefer the Fleshlight by far.
The ridges and bumps inside of the Head Honcho are great for the first couple thrusts but my penis quickly becomes overstimulated by it and can't feel the textures anymore.
Also fairly noisy with the suction.
Definitely don't regret the purchase but mostly stick to my FL these days.

Feels Amazing, but Loud (Misti Wright)

It felt great, my husband loved it, but the noises that it made were a little distracting to me.

Awesome (Anonymous)

This product is great I love it and my wife love use it on me go slow an go fast an blow your load

Awesome (Jessica)

My husband loved this. I used it on him the first night it came and he said it felt so very good. We love it!

Different (Anonymous)

Not as nice as synthetic skin sleeves. The chambered design inside is nice. Interestingly enough it's more noticeable when you feel with fingers than with... The sleeve is closed ended. So that combined with the chambers does create a suction and is enjoyable. I've found it's nicest for slow play, not so much faster. It truly does "try" to simulate a bj. As for durability, I haven't found that to be a problem. Mine hasn't ripped, but maybe that's because I'm using as intended, slow deep throat action. Anyway, I definitely like it. Not the best though because of the non real feel material, but would recommend if you're looking for something different than the average masterbation sleeve. Easy to clean btw. Except that you sort of have to turn it inside out, which might hurt it's integrity in the long run.

good masturbator (gb)

this is a good mastubator and feel real good, the only thing I don't like about it is the opening is a little to small.

Just bought my third (Anonymous)

Love so many things about the head honcho. The 3 chambers feel great. The closed end makes for greay suction and also keeps the toy from making a mess both during use and after orgasm. The ridges on the inside feel great an make for very good stimulation. It's is a little fragile and does tear after a lot of use. As I've said, I have bought 3 of them, because of it being fragile over time, but also because this toys feels amazing. I will buy a fourth when the time comes just to continue feeling the pleasure it brings

Great but not durable (Anonymous)

Prefer the fit and closed end. Great sensation. But it will start to split at the opening. The more you use it, the shorter it lasts.

Speechless! (Anonymous)

Worth every penny!

Great product (Alex)

This product feels amazing! We're so happy that we got this. Well worth it.

husband loved it! (Anonymous)

Bought this for my husband because we had lots of toys for me and none for him :( he absolutley loved it! Said he would recommend it to anyone

Works great (Anonymous)

bought it for my husband for our anniversary. It's his first masturbator, and he really likes it. He says it feels great.