Feel the Magic of the Original Magic Wand Vibrator

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Feel the Magic of the Original Magic Wand Vibrator


As one of the most popular vibrators in the world, the Original Magic Wand is the go-to sex toy for a lot of people. Join us for a delightful dive in to what makes this sex toy so awesome!

When it comes to vibrators, there are few that are as iconic and popular as the Original Magic Wand. These fantastic sex toys have been tickling, teasing, and buzzing our favourite bits for many years now, and they do an amazingly good job of it! While Magic Wand vibrators are quite simple in their overall construction and design, it’s actually this simplistic design that makes them so easy to use, letting you hit all the right spots, delivering orgasm after orgasm.


History of the Magic Wand Vibrator

You may know that Magic Wand vibrators have been around for a long time, but did you know that they were first invented in the 1960’s? It’s true, but they weren’t originally marketed as a toy for sexy fun time. Japanese manufacturer Hitachi made them as a tool to relieve tension and soothe sore muscles, but it didn’t take long for users to realize that they were good at relieving and soothing other things, too!

In America in the 60’s, the sexual revolution was in full-swing, and when Hitachi brought their massagers to market, they rapidly gained a steamy reputation thanks to sex educators who helped spread the word to women all over the world. Of course, Hitachi’s official position was that these were made solely for ‘health care needs’, but by then the scintillating secret was well and truly out of the bag and there was no turning back. 

Magic Wand Hitachi Original Massager

When the year 2000 rolled around, sex toy distributor Vibratex signed a deal with Hitachi, and distribution across North America surged. People everywhere started buying Magic Wands to enjoy the exciting new sensations from this innovative sexy technology, and orgasms were had by all! 

Since then, Magic Wands have had plenty of hot exposure in movies and TV, such as appearances on the iconic series Sex and the City, for example. This mainstream visibility of the Magic Wand once again surged its popularity and supplies of the vibrators sold out fast. Everyone wanted a Magic Wand as part of their solo pleasure experiences, and they became an even more famous sex toy than before.

Magic Wands have earned many nicknames over the years because of their incredible ability to produce amazing orgasms. Satisfied customers have called them the ‘Cadillac’, ‘Rolls Royce’ or ‘Mother of all vibrators’, as well as the ‘greatest sex gadget of all time’, along with many other terms of endearment. Hey, it’s only natural to give pet names to things that make us happy, right? Well, in this case, people are apparently really, REALLY happy about Magic Wands! 


What Makes a Magic Wand so Magical?

 The Magic Wand itself is super simple in its design, and using it is even simpler. The massager vibrates at two different speeds so you can choose your intensity. The soft, rounded massager head feels fantastic on the clitoris or any other part of your body that might strike your fancy for a good buzzing. The vibrations of the Magic Wand are often described as ‘deep’ and ‘penetrating’, but you’ll probably think of them more as ‘OMG’ and ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’. Anyway, no matter what words enter your mind when you’re deep in the throes of pleasure, you can be sure that there will be an earth-shaking orgasm right behind them.

Of course, there’s much more to Magic Wands than just those delightful vibrations. There are attachments and accessories that you can get to turn your Magic Wand in to a personalized vibe that can hit the best and most intense spots inside and out. Magic Wands make for fantastic g-spot vibes, and are awesome at delivering sexy stimulation to the penis, too.

The Mini Bubble Stroker In Gray  and the Jackits Stroker Pad In Clear are super-fun accessories that will help deliver a wider range of pleasing sensations. Magic Wands are wonderful for solo play, as well as to have a lot of fun between couples. There’s really no limit to the sexual satisfaction that you can get from a Magic Wand! 

  Kink Cock Teaser Power Wand Attachment

Oh, and did we mention that Magic Wands come in a rechargeable version, too? Well, they sure do! The Magic Wand Rechargeable cuts the cord and gives you even more freedom to use it wherever and whenever you want an orgasm (or two or three or four, well, you get the point). Just in case the added bonus of having a cordless Magic Wand isn’t enough, this model even features four speeds instead of the usual two, and a pulsing mode for a total of EIGHT different erotic experimentation options. It’s like an orgasm variety pack! One for every day of the week, and two on Sundays.


Different Wands, Different Styles

With this type of vibrator being so popular, there are plenty of other makes and models that you can choose from to suit your own personal preference. Whether you want a funky colour, or a different shaped massager tip, you can definitely find the right wand vibrator for your personal playtime. No two wands will provide the exact same orgasm twice, so you can expect something fun and unique with each different shape, style, and speed. Who knows, you may just end up collecting them all! If you do, we’ll be EXTREMELY jealous.

PinkCherry offers a wide range of wand vibrator sex toys of all types and styles, including Bodywand's Original Massager or our Pinky's Power Wand. Either of these fantastic vibrators offers plenty of different speeds and adjustment settings and are sure to deliver mind-bending orgasms again and again.

For those looking for a different feel from the massager head, check out Bodywand's Mini Massager in Pink. It’s a compact, but powerful, wand vibrator detailed in glittery crystals with several dreamy intensities of steady vibration. Definitely worth a try!

There are waterproof models, too. That way, if you’re craving a sensual session in the shower, you can have your toy and use it too! The BodyWand Aqua Mini Rechargeable Vibe features a totally waterproof, rechargeable design with 8 different vibe modes and adjustable speed settings. It’s a great choice for anyone who prefers wet and wild vibe experiences. 


Benefits of the Magic Wand

 While you may think the benefits of Magic Wand vibrators don’t need much explanation, (hello, orgasms?) there are actually many other reasons that a wand vibrator may be the best addition ever to your sexy toolkit. For many women, it can be difficult or almost impossible to reach orgasm without some kind of direct stimulating action on the clit. It’s a very common thing, and can be a big cause of frustration for a lot of women and their partners. Introducing a sex toy like the Magic Wand in to your sexual playtime can deliver the necessary clit-pleasure-boost that will help you cross the border and arrive in orgasm territory.

Sex toys like the Magic Wand can also be a great incentive for couples to experiment and try new things with each other, bringing around stronger intimate bonds and more fun in the bedroom, on the couch, or anywhere else you choose to get frisky.

And let’s not forget their original intended use as a relaxation massager. Magic Wands feel great on any part of the body, so don’t be afraid to try it out on different places to help relieve tension and soothe your aches and pains. There are plenty of different erogenous zones on the body, and you’ll find that the right sensations in the right place can be an exciting new experience that you may never have had before. Take your time, and go exploring with your wand. Have fun with it! 


What do Magic Wand owners have to say?

 Well, the reviews are in and they are definitely consistent! It seems people can’t say enough good things about wand vibrators, and how they’ve brought them incredible pleasure and plenty of orgasmic experiences. Here’s just a few rave reviews from some of our most satisfied wand owners!

“This has to be one of the best additions to our bedroom so far, it is the solid go-to toy and great solo or with my partner. She loves it and it always makes for a good night.”

“This is the best vibrator ever!! It is worth the money! Don't think, just buy it, trust me :)” 

“AMAZING! Worth every penny, gets you off in like 10 seconds not even kidding! Amazing!”

Well, it’s pretty clear that there’s not a lot of grey area in those reviews. Wand vibrators are where it’s at for a lot of people, and we assure you that you are guaranteed to have an experience of your own that lines up with those satisfied users!

If you’re already sold on the idea of a Magic Wand or other style of wand vibrator, check out our huge selection of vibrator massagers and get ready to enter a world of intense sexual delights and wicked orgasms. Don’t wait, your wand is waiting!

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