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Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz/118ml

Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz/118ml

  • Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz/118ml

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Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz/118ml

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Je l'adore!!! (Vini)

Je le recommande!!!!

Works (Anonymous)

Just as described! Re-news the Fleshlight. Takes away the stickiness!

Keeps it like new (Jonathan)

It is very useful and keeps it fresh and feels like new

Product Description

Keep your Fleshlight sleeve feeling good as new with Renewing Powder, a silky, light dust that restores the original soft, realistic feel that your sleeve might be naturally losing with all the use it's getting. After cleansing, just sprinkle the powder fully over the sleeve until thinly coated, and replace in the case. Made from 100% cornstarch, Renewing Powder is safe and natural. Bottle contains 4 oz (118ml).

Product Code: 600-24
UPC Code: 810476016005
ITEM: FL-016005


Customer Reviews

powder to renew (Jeron)

This is very useful when your fleshlight gets really sticky if you've been using it a lot. It reduces the stickiness and makes it feel new again.

Good with results (Anonymous)

The powder is good to make the fleshlights less sticky. The amount of powder is alright for the price of it. Requires quite a bit to completely make fleshlight's soft, I suggest powdering fleshlight's in a bag so less is wasted.

works good (Anonymous)

This powder does a great job of making your FL feel like new again. well mabey not "new".. but less sticky. Which helps out alot for when trying to put the sleeve back into the case! Good product. and it's cheap 8)

Fleshtastic! (Anonymous)

Very good product. Renews all types of materials: fleshlights, rubber, silicone, and jelly toys. Has a fresh scent! It does require a lot to be effective. Would recommend.

Makes your toy as good as new. (Anonymous)

Get it.. Your fleshlight will thank you for it. I generally add it about once for every couple of uses. so a little does go a long way.

Good! (Anonymous)


Waste of money (Anonymous)

Ah, yes, the awesome renewing powder of 100% corn starch. That's all it is. It's right on the bottle.

not really (Peter)

i am not sure it is a 100% corn starch or not... but i feel it that way. just bought it because it got a good review.... and its $10.00 ??

Powder (Anonymous)

Renews the product and makes feet like new

Works as advertised (M)

Not quite as new after, but really helps reduce the stickiness.

Does the job! (Anonymous)

Makes fleshlight not tacky and soft. Shaker bottle makes it very easy to apply powder.

Makes your fleshlight feel like new! (Anonymous)

The renewing powder makes the fleshlight feel like brand new again! Awesome product at a reasonable price!

Good As New (L)

This product is perfect!!! the Fleshlight was beginning to get a little tacky and the powder worked it's magic!
The Fleshlight is back to new and super silky soft.

Keeps it like new (Jonathan)

It is very useful and keeps it fresh and feels like new

Works (Anonymous)

Just as described! Re-news the Fleshlight. Takes away the stickiness!

Je l'adore!!! (Vini)

Je le recommande!!!!

Works (-)

It works, keeps the toy neat and fresh

A must (Anonymous)

a must have for any fleshlight (or any masturbator) user. Clean your toy, put some antibacterial and when dry sparkle some powder and you get a like new toy!

Works great (Sb)

Get this if u have any fleshlight toys makes it feel like new !

Its a must (Steven)

Need this to go with any fleshlight

Great quality! (Anonymous)

Great quality product! Brings your flashlight right bad to the 'real' feel

Good (Anonymous)

It takes away the stickyness.
I find that it sprinkles way to much out at a time I had the Doc johnson renewing powder witch is still corn startch and it sprinkles out alot less.
But it's also alot smaller bottle.

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