Fetish Fantasy Series 35 Foot Japanese Silk Rope in Red

Based On 54 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Series 35 Foot Japanese Silk Rope in Red

4.48 Based On 54 Reviews

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Good quality (Anonymous)

Nice and sweet. The rope are just perfect :-)

great (Am)

These ropes are great, I now have 4 of varying lengths. they feel good and are well made. the only thing with them is that the ends are capped with very cheap material. easy solution though; just get some electrical tape and as soon as you get them, cap the ends yourself. after doing this, i've had 0 problems with them. enjoy!

Dayum (Quartz)

These ropes are amazing, really durable, and cute too!

Product description

Bind your lover in any way you can think of with 35 feet (10.5 meters) of soft, luxurious Japanese Silk Rope. It's perfect for couples starting out in bondage, but is also long and durable enough to make it ideal for creating elaborate restraints and body harnesses, too.

The super soft, exceedingly sturdy material won't chafe or irritate even the most sensitive skin. An included blindfold mask makes things even more mysterious and exciting as you play. Polyester blend.

SKU: PD-3869-15 | UPC: 603912273779 | MPN: 3869-15 (231)

SKU: PD-3869-15 | UPC: 603912273779 | MPN: 3869-15 (231)

Ratings / Reviews

Time for fun with ROPE (Melove)

I really enjoy this rope. It feel so nice against my skin. The color looks so beautiful against any skin color! This rope is amazing!

Soft, ideal length and great color (bunny)

my Mistress totally relishes securing me firmly to administer my punishments, so She can deliver whatever level of pain She decides, without my being able to resist in any way. These ropes are soft, even fitted tightly, and an ideal length to give my Mistress options on how to restrain me. She uses red and black rope together, during BDSM events.

Works well (Anonymous)

This rope is a good length and quite soft and pliable. Love it!

Good Quality!!!!! (Tas)

Its strong and the length is perfect.

Knotty fun (Anonymous)

Learning to tie the rope was fun. Being tied up was even better. Heightened the senses. Definitely worth it.

rope dujour (dmon)

works great. soft. holds well. adds to the atmosphere when playing.

Hanging from the ceiling (Craig)

Good quality starter rope. Strong enough to hang for her from the ceiling. Easy to clean when she makes a mess. Soft and firm. Get several lengths of you're looking to get carried away.

Quite suitable (Ian)

Soft ropes, easy to work with, makes a sexy fun time!

Soft but reinforce the ends (Anonymous)

The rope is fairly soft, although not quite as nice as hemp rope. The ends are secured by a tapey material, so you need to reinforce it yourself to prevent ruining it. Otherwise, is seems sturdy enough for shibari

very good quality (Anonymous)

Very good quality rope, smooth on skin and good length.

Great for Starter (MJ)

The rope is soft on the skin and holds knots fairly well. I've picked up two so far.

Great basic rope (Anonymous)

It softer than hemp rope but the end should have a better finish. Good cost/quality ratio

Great! (William)

Exactly as described. Great quality for the price. The tips are foiled pretty bad, but a little electrical tape solved the issue(I do it to all my rope anyway). Always purchase this rope, and the color options are great for color coding lengths!

nice (Anonymous)

Really soft and great for beginners.

Knotty play (Anonymous)

I wasn't really sure what we would use such a long rope for but given the opportunity we found some great positions. It's perfect for pretty much everything. I was able to wrap it around my body as a harness. Looks super sexy and isn't itchy at all.

Could of been 5 stars (Crystal)

Only issue was some part were fraying. Other than that very soft and long enough to do different ties.

Great (Zach)

Great for rope play, nice and soft...

sweet deal (Anonymous)

It was on sale (yay, bonus!), it's soft and feels pretty good in hand, but the ends were finished with really cheesy silver tape which was quickly removed. I'm excited to play with this more :)

Decent quality (Kaity)

Soft, easy to use and decent quality. I will have to fix the ends though.

Was better than I expected! (Jason)

i was a little skeptical about this just because I've never used rope before and i wasn't sure if it'd meet my expectations. Boy was I wrong it certainly did surpass my expectations. It really does feel quite nice on my skin although i was a little confused about what to do with 35 ft, but after some searching I found some knots I could tie without having to use up all of the rope at once which was ideal for me. I'm still new to tying knots haven't figured out how to tie to use up all 35 ft yet. Would recommend for someone else I found it to be very comfortable.

So soft (Anonymous)

Such comfortable rope no rope burns makes for a fun night would recommend to anyone

Great soft rope for intro to rope bondage (Anonymous)

Not the type of rope you buy for suspension play, but it's quite soft to the touch and is very comfortable when tightened. Long enough to tie her up quite well. Definitely recommended.

Amazing (Anonymous)

It's perfect for beginners or Advanced it's soft and easy to work with

Great Qaulity (Ross)

This is great quality rope and in a great length for the price! It also works great in combination with restraint systems.

Great for price (Ice)

Rope is very soft and long enough to do most ties. There were a couple broken strands (comes from the way the package it) but still very usable. For this price get two and cut out the damage.

Great Starter (Anonymous)

Exactly as advertised. Great for starters. Looks great. Feels good.

Awesome Rope (salt)

Was very pleased with the quality and strength of this rope. Its an amazing price point for such a product!

Test review (Anonymous)

Rope meet all our expectation s will definatly be ordering more

Knot bad at all (Anonymous)

Ordered two lengths, and they're great. Very soft and hold knots well. As others have stated, the ends aren't bound well at all. I pulled off the cheesy tape and whipped them properly and they're good to go. Not a huge deal overall.

Parfait (Martin)

Qualité prix excellente. Corde très douce et ne marque pas facilement. Un peu longue, mais on à juste à la couper. je vous la recommande