Big Man's Oversized Pump

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Product Description
An oversized pump designed for quick and comfortable enlargement, CalExotic's Big Man's Pump features a full 12 inches (30.5cm) of length, three soft coloured sleeves and simple hand pump ball activation.

The Big Man's crystal clear cylunder provides a perfect view of the pumping experience, graduated measurements running up the side allow for precision progress reports. Each of the three pink, blue and purple sleeves offers a distinct opening size, Medium (blue), Large (purple) and Xtra Large (pink). Slip one over the mouth of the pump cylinder to cushion and protect skin while keeping things aright and secure.

In body safe polystyrene, ABS plastic and TPE elastomer, the Big Man components clean easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water based lube.

SKU: CE-1009-00-3 | UPC: 716770021854 | MPN: SE-1009-00-3 (0)


SKU: CE-1009-00-3 | UPC: 716770021854 | MPN: SE-1009-00-3 (0)

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Based On 19 Reviews
Big Man's Oversized Pump

Great product

I love this product it is what I always wanted to buy. I was amazed by the cilinder when I got it it seems too long, but I'm getting there little by little.

Big Man's Oversized Pump

I'll tell you secrets

This pump is great. The silicone(or whatever they are) ends should have more padding to the pelvic area. But guys, if you want a hint, draw a hot bath. Take off the purple bulb that's used for suction. Fill the enlarger up with about 3/4 of nice hot bath water. Put it on your semi erect to fully erect cock and use your mouth for suction. The warm water in the tube relaxes everything. Your mouth gets way more suction then the bulb. Just make sure not to flick the whit piece or you will lose suction. Now, the method is. Twenty minutes at a comfortable suction in the warm bath. Then remove and jelque for 30 seconds or so. Grab the base, squeeze and pull to the tip. Then Release. Do not stroke. You want to force blood in and expand. Remember if its too uncomfortable to stop! Then repeat the suction and "milking" two times more.. Even after the first time you will notice a huge difference. The thing is if you don't make this a routine it will go back to the way it was. Also if you do this too much you will have to rely on devices or pills to keep it hard. Good luck gentlemen

Big Man's Oversized Pump


I had been looking for something this size for a long time works great suction seems to hold well recommended for all the other above average guys

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