BodyWand Original Massager in Blue

Based On 97 Reviews

BodyWand Original Massager in Blue

4.78 Based On 97 Reviews

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Incredible (Anonymous)

Perfect! Can give her 8-10 orgasms every time we bring it out. Nothing but great things from this one! Powerful vibrations, constant power, she just keeps cumming and cumming. Also very nice under the teaticles while she's riding.


I have nothing to say other than: This is the BEST vibrator ever. I have purchased one for myself and after using it - purchased an additional 2 for a couple of friends. We have named our vibrators "Handy Manny". It is by far the best thing ever. I have orgasms in under 10 seconds!!


YES!! (DP)

As if this thing needs anymore 5 star reviews, but I had to add my own. My GF cums using this thing each and every time, often multiple times. It`s our go to toy for sure. Worth every penny!!

Product description

1 million soldA full sized, extra powerful massager that's very successfully giving some of the favorites a run for the money, the Body Wand Original features tons of intensity and a flexible head that easily reaches sweet spots.  

The sleek wand style shape fits smoothly in hand, letting you comfortably and easily direct the Soft Touch head over, around and against sore muscles or more intimate areas; a little dial requiring just one free fingertip starts up the vibrations and switches up the multiple speeds. The BodyWand was specifically engineered for strong, continuous stimulation that won't quit until you're satisfied and sated; you'll appreciate the subdued sound levels, which, considering the power, are impressive.

It's not the quietest vibrator you'll come across, but it's less intrusive than most electric models. In case you need more reasons to adore the Body Wand, it's made from high quality, body safe materials, plus, it's powered by good old electricity, so it'll always be ready when you are. If you'll be using a lubricant, choose a good water based formula; this type of lube is safe for any toy material, and will keep your Wand in tip top shape.

  • Length: 13"
  • Girth: 7.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.25" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Power Source: Power Cord
  • Special Features: Flexible, Multi-Speed, Phthalate Free
  • Color: Blue, White

SKU: BW-972438 | UPC: 726633972438 | MPN: BW103B (28)

SKU: BW-972438 | UPC: 726633972438 | MPN: BW103B (28)

Ratings / Reviews

Strong and hard (Mojo)

I really love this product because the vibrations are strong but the head of the vibrator the body wand . it turns hot pretty quickly all-in-all is a pretty good product I would recommend this to all my friends.

Body wand (Anonymous)

Very good and a strong vibration that isn’t too loud.

This is the wand you want. Period (Anonymous)

Let’s face it. Adult toys can be very disappointing. It’s far to often they don’t perform as expected or break way too easily. I can tell you definitively that if you’re re looking for the right wand massager, THIS IS IT!!! It is the best on the market and Pinkcherry’s price is half that found on many popular sites, including Amazon.

Excellent (Olivia)

This is my second wind and I can say that it lasted for years the very first time I bought the exact same one due to the fact of its durability and the fact that it does not include batteries are does not require batteries very strong but gets very hot

Amazing (Anonymous)

I purchased this for my partner. We've used several devices and they've all either been to weak or battery life sucks but this guy gets the job done everytime she plugs it in I love how much she loves it so if your reading wondering if you should get it get

Fantastic toy (Jess)

Great purchase, the vibrations are really strong and pleasing, so much so I can't even use it at full speed. It's a lot more quiet than I had expected which is pretty great as well. I am very happy with this toy, it does the job very well.

BodyWand (Anonymous)

Not the most quiet, but it's really powerful and the cord is plenty long enough. Price can't be beat. Amazing feeling wow.

Powerful toy (Caro)

Good quality but it was way bigger than I thought. Works great but like some people Already mentioned even the lowest speed is kind of very powerful. I didn't think it was that noisy and the long wire is awesome

pleased (Anonymous)

Very pleased with this product

Muy bien (Dizzle)

very, very powerful. my partner and I love it. the changing speed functionality is muy bien. I only wish there was a way for it to start at a lower setting to build up to the higher speeds.

Body wand (Anonymous)

This is a great addition to our toys!!! My girl has never cum so fast in her life with this, the best toy we have ever bought!!!

Good Lawdy!! (Anonymous)

BEST toy in the box!!! Not even close.

Fun Times (Wulf)

Bought this as a first mothers day gift for my gf, she'd been having less fun in bed since becoming a momma, kids ruin all the fun. This toy though, lets say multiple orgasms and loads of fun.
Definitely recommend it

Amazing! (Anonymous)

This is my first wand massager and I was blown away by it. I last used a small vibrator bought at a Wal-Mart. Constantly needed to replace the AAA battery in it. Great to have one without batteries. This massager does get hot, but I also use it at higher speeds. I also feel it is more quiet than some of the small vibrators I used in the past. So that is a plus

Life changing (Lia)

Best product I've ever purchased! Now I need one just as powerful but in a smaller, more discreet size!

Very effective! (Anonymous)

It works excellently. I love it!! I orgasm and squirt so hard and many times! I recommend this %100


It is perfect used for foreplay, or in combination with other toys! Finally a toy that can last forever, so you never have to worry about batteries dying on you!

Wow (Anonymous)

Believe the hype!!

28 seconds to cum (Dm)

Wow.. first try, with an sleeve attachment, takes me about 25-28 seconds to cum...
I will try it on my gf when she’s get back home! It’s a must!!

Awesome Product (Anonymous)

Love this massager as it gives great orgasms. I also love that it can plug in so it doesn't stop working. Also, I can use this as a regular massager on my neck and shoulders when I'm feeling stiff.

Wow! (Anonymous)

I have wanted one of these for a long time but didn't want to spend a ton of money. Well!!!!!....this wand is AMAZING & for the price, I couldn't not buy it! This is awesome. I like the variable speeds and it does the trick :) BUY it! You won't be disappointed ;-)

Soooo Good! (JP)

Gives very intense orgasms! The subtlety of the variable speeds is a true marvel! Best sex toy ever!

Awesome (Anonymous)

For all those that think their bullet does the trick, you won't go back to it. Vibes are very strong and send my wife over the top in no time and haven't even gone over half strength. the fully adjustable wheel/dial is much better then preset strengths.

Wand (Jennifer)

Worked great.

Pretty great (April)

This is great for mutual massage or mutual masturbation, he likes the vibes as much as I do. Not over the top, maybe if we got some attachments it could be mind blowing.

Cody (Anonymous)

Amazing product. Wife love it....

Excellent! (Anonymous)

Ordered this product late Friday night and received it Monday afternoon. Super fast shipping which i love! This product doesn't require batteries which is a plus and has good enough cord length for plug in.
It a bit noisy when turning up speed but beside that. OMG it got amazing power that anyone going to love. Love!Love! Love! Best Decision Ever

Perfect!!! (Anonymous)

This is my first purchase and im glad i went all in.....this perfect! Powerful, but incredibly quiet! Recommended for singles with roommates, couples with kids, etc. Cord is quite long, which is a plus too. It was awkward to get used to, as far as size, length and weight, when used by myself, but now i am completely loving it. As a woman who desires a bit more stimulation than smaller toys provide, this was a great investment!

Orgasmic (Nellie)

Since using this toy, the wife has orgasm each time (3 out of 3 - batting 1.000). Cord may be a bit cumbersome but the vibrating power makes up for it. Definitely worth the price. She will be clenching the bedsheets in no time. And supercharged for round 2.

Wonderful (Penny)

Well how can anyone not love this? Not anyone i know .Thank you