nipple play Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

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nipple play Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

4.27 Based On 22 Reviews

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The best (K)

I am loving this product. So much fun, it’s great that you can adjust the pressure. I am new to using any clamps and I really really enjoyed it!

Love it (Anonymous)

They look and feel great! I have another pair that i cant adjust i love that i can with these!

Great adjustable Sqeezin! (David)

Very adjustable to whatever tightness you prefer. Great for long term wearing. Can be used in conjunction with collars or other types of restraints!
Love the feel.

Product description

A thrillingly stimulating set of chained clamps from California Exotic's Nipple Play collection, the fetish-centric Bull Nose clamps represent a complete classic, deserving a place of honor in any adventurous-minded player's collection.

Ultra secure and thrillingly (yet manageably) weighty, the clamps themselves can be tightened to the perfect amount of pinch, just twist the screws to adjust tension between soft PVC coated tips. Tug the connector chain to exert some playful dominance or let it swing freely with the rhythm of playtime.

SKU: CE-2590-00-2 | UPC: 716770013088 | MPN: SE-2590-00-2 (14)

SKU: CE-2590-00-2 | UPC: 716770013088 | MPN: SE-2590-00-2 (14)

Ratings / Reviews

Impressed (Jamie)

I thought this product was great! It took me a little getting used to in order to figure out how to decrease the tension... Once i did that it was smooth sailing. This is great for beginners who are testing the waters and my husband thought the chain looked double plus!

Stinging delight (Katrina)

I was nervous the chain wasn't going to be long enough, but there was ample room between the two clips. The rubber part of the pincers stays on, but the part you squeeze with your fingers, slides off. I'm planning to put some crazy glue inside.
I really like how the tightness can be adjusted! I still want to have nipples after the fun is done

Wake up the Nips! (xoEmCDxo)

Wow, these are my first nipple clamps. Love them. Adjustments are great to change the tension and once dialed in to a firm grip without pain its like, WOW, my nipples have never felt so alive!! Definitely recommend these.

Great for Beginners (Alexandra)

First pair of nipple clamps, and I’ve only tried them in myself so far to get a feel for them - they’re very easy to work with. My pair seems a bit flimsy, but I still am confident that so long as I’m mindful, I’ll get plenty of good use out of these - I highly recommend!

Great For Beginners (E)

I found these were great. My only complaint was that the rubber grip on one side of the grasp (the other side is all metal) keeps slipping off on both pieces. We don't find them necessary though, so wasn't really a big deal. The rubber grip thankfully stays put on both sides of the pincher. :) They feel good on, and it is so easy to adjust the pressure. Very pleased with this set. I would say this is for lighter play, you'll want something with more of a bite for rougher play.

Great Starter :) (E)

These are good for starting out with. If you're looking for more pain, I'd try something else. My only complaint is that the rubber grip where you pinch, it keeps coming off every time we try them. We're thinking of gluing them on, or tossing them. Otherwise, very good product. :)

Great buy (Anonymous)

These are my first pair of nipple clamps i really like them they feel great!

Great for Beginners! (Laika)

these clamps are great for anyone curious about clamps. for more experienced folk, they might not be able to get as tight as you like, but they're definitely still awesome.

Ok (R M)

As described. Good quality chain.

OK, not great (Travis Keller)

These clamps can be tricky to get just right. There is an adjustment but it can he hard to dial in exactly right. They were a little too tight for my little nipples and they hurt for a few days.

First time with nipple clamps (Anonymous)

Enjoyed these but found it hard to get the right amount of pressure.

Okay (Anonymous)

Good clamps for beginners. A little hard to grip and unfortunately the threads on the adjusters stripped withing a few uses. But while they worked they were quite nice.

Pleasure &.....but not much pain (Karessa Star)

We are not into much pain so we found a lot of clamps we tried before where just too much pain. But we like the look and gentle pressure that these adjustable Nipple clamps provide. If you are new to nipple play and want to explore more with how much pressure you like then give these a go. The gentle rubber tips press and hold firm, adjust the set screw to apply the right amount of pressure no matter what size nipples you may have and the weight of the chain is just right to give a constant pull on your nipples.

Pleasurable (LM)

As my first pair of nipple clamps I'm pleased with the results I have received from using them. When removed the intensity of feeling in my nipples when stimulated is amazing.

Only for the daringest nipple person (Ramjet)

Take the protectors off of the jaws and give your nipples a real work out. It hurts like hell but gives you a real hard on.

Quite Pleased! (Sparrow)

I wasn't sure what to expect so I bought these as my first pair of nipple clamps and I like them a lot. Although the chain doesn't stand for much tugging (AT ALL), the pinching sensation is easily adjustable for what I'm in the mood for. I'd recommend them to other beginners looking to see what the feeling of nipple clamps are like. They have definitely come in handy!

pretty fun (Anonymous)

I liked that they were adjustable! It took a couple uses to get them so that they were tight enough I enjoyed them, but not too loose that they fell off when I moved or the chain was tugged. They are very hard though and can hurt quite a bit while you adjust them so they might not be best for a beginner. Once I finally got them adjusted to my comfort level I enjoyed them quite a bit!

Interesting (Noune)

The chain is too short to use it with a partner. The adjustable side of it is perfect! Good product for a solo masturbation.

Kinky but doesnt grip on without alot of pain (Justin)

My wife has huge nipples and loves them teased so I bought this. She finds they hurt quite a bit and her nipples can handle a good bit of slapping and other play. I find if they are put on and dont hurt they will fall off as soon as you grab the chain and lightly tug.  More of a dress up kinky thing.