Butt Plug Medium in Black

Based On 56 Reviews

Butt Plug Medium in Black

4.57 Based On 56 Reviews

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Perfect Size! (Excited Southerner)

This is a great product, 10/10. If you get it, I'd also recommend getting the Colt Anal Trainer Kit. That kit contains 3 plugs. This plug is the perfect size between the Colt medium and large plug. Owners of the Colt kit most likely know what I'm talking about. Highly recommend!

Good toy (Anonymous)

Well Im certainly glad I didn't buy the large, this one is bigger than your average plug. It does have some give and I think it makes it feel that much better, it also stays right in place!

Great Butt Plug (Jonathan)

Doc Johnson product is always good and this one is a classic.
Not for beginners but if a small plug fits like a glove you should try a medium.
Pink Cherry is also very good ,fast shipping and always good deals.

Product description

If you've mastered butt plug basics, move on the Medium. The Classic Butt Plug is a satisfying 4 1/2 inches of insertable length, in a very smooth and flexible PVC jelly rubber that moves with you. The tapered tip starts off at 1 inch for easy and comfortable insertion, then flares to 3 inches at the widest point. The widely flared base means that you don't have to worry about it going anywhere while in use. This is a great toy for novices, and if you're an expert, check out our other products for something larger. Enjoy!

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Insertable Length: 4.5"
  • Girth: 5" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-0244-05-CD | UPC: 782421110604 | MPN: 0244-05-CD (127)

SKU: DJ-0244-05-CD | UPC: 782421110604 | MPN: 0244-05-CD (127)

Ratings / Reviews

plug (Anonymous)

Good plug. Avg size

Great first butt plug! (Stan)

I got this as my first plug and love it! Prior to I had only used anal dildos, so not sure if I'd be consider a beginner or not. Either way, I was able I get this in upon first try and left in for a good 3 hours or so. The sensation was amazing and unlike anything else I had experienced anally! Once you have it inserted to the neck, you are free to do anything without fear of it moving or falling it.

As others have said, it is not too big, not too small, but the pleasure you get is well worth the spend! I have since advanced to the platinum super big end, but still prefer this for regular use and times when I want to be plugged for most of the day!

Good (Anonymous)

It’s a nice size for someone in between intermediate and beginner. It goes in nicely and feels good once it’s in. Easy to clean.

A bit big for a medium (K)

Seems too big for a medium, but the material is nice and it has a good shape.

just right (Anonymous)

Fits well. Enjoying this product.

Bethany (Anonymous)

This is definitely NOT for beginners!!! I went off of everyone else's review saying it was good for beginners HOWEVER it's much bigger than I was expecting. I only got about half way before it started hurting.

The shape is nice, and I feel like maybe with a lot more practice it may be more worth it, but if you're REALLY a beginner or are just venturing into butt plugs definitely go with the smaller size!

YES (Anonymous)

Perfect size,perfect texture,perfect toy! I enjoy it a lot !!!

Love (Melissa)

Love it

Bit long but so filling (Anonymous)

Bought this after I got too excited and got a large. While that fit after days of trying, it was intense to keep in. This went in the first try and the width is perfect for me. I just wish it was at least half an inch shorter. sitting down with it isn't easy at first.

good toy (t)

Decently large toy that's nice and soft to make it easier to use.

Feels comfortable while fully inside.

Perfect size (L)

Perfect size for leaving in for a long time. Great for the price

Awsome product! (Anonymous)

Ordered this item as I needed a butt plug in the Medium range. I had bought an Anal Trainer Kit, that went from small, medium to a very large. so I needed one that was between there M and there very large, this was perfect.

good size (Anonymous)

I like the size and shape of this one, feels just right for a buttplug. The wider part feels great as it pops in and out of your anus.

Material helps it slip in with little lube but is porous so needs to be cleaned well before and after each use.

Just Right (BlissStation)

Perfect size for both of us, perfect for warming up with, Very comfortable to wear long term.

Awesome (Anonymous)

This butt plug is so nice fits perfect great shape to it and very comfortable to wear all day

A plug for all seasons (Jeff)

Nice fit; delightful to wear as I practice the piano, read a book. I may even wear it to church.

Fantastic (Anonymous)

So comfortable

For a somewhat experienced beginner. (Anonymous)

Not something I would suggest for a beginner and I would highly suggest going slowly enjoyed this however the first few times I went too fast! Not impossible but not for someone new!

Solid Beginner-ish Plug (Anonymous)

Might be a little big for those who havent played with other plugs before but can still fit comfortably as a beginner. Feel and size were great for both of us. Once its in its extremely comfortable. I would recommend going for it if youre a little more adventurous

Plug (Anonymous)

Great fit and goes in easy stays in place really good

Excellent training toy (Anonymous)

Found this toy excellent for training new bottoms looking to experience anal pleasures. It gives you a full sensation yet allows one to have it inside for hours with out discomfort or pain.

Wow Factor!!! (Allison)

OMG this plug was big, but not the biggest in this series. I was afraid to buy the larger size, thank God I went with the medium. It took a couple of days of working it into finally be able to insert it comfortably . Definitely a great product very durable. Use lots of lube with this product!!.

Anal plug. (Anonymous)

Feels great. Like how it's not really hard. Love to leave it in when doing stuff around the house. Easy to put in. Only had it for a week. hopefully the smell of rubber goes away soon

Perfect size (Carl)

Perfect size plug, shape makes it easy to slide in and once it is in it stays there. Feels so good and makes me feel filled...

A little bigger than anticipated (Anonymous)

I ordered two different buttplugs from different brands, but both were medium size...this is much MUCH bigger than anticipated and honestly, still a little nervous to try it out (beginner here...)

Awesome (Anonymous)

Perfect for anyone with even a little anal experience, looks intimidating at first and is a little difficult to insert at the widest portion, but once it's in it feels amazing during sex and stays secure the whole time. An awesome toy for a little variety

Base (Anonymous)

I love the shape, size and feel of this plug. And the price is right too. My only minor complaint is the size of the base; I wish it was more narrow, as I think it would be more comfortable for wearing around the house. Otherwise, this feels amazing and I LOVE IT. I was intimidated by the size at first, but I love love love it.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Well made, good size

Big! lol (Anonymous)

I would definitely recommend pulling out a tape measure and seeing just how BIG this is haha it was a bit bigger than I was anticipating! But still love it. It's about as long as my hand...

first time (Anonymous)

This is the very first butt plug i have ever used,it went in ok,but i had to work on that.it hurt a little bit,i left in in for a hour or so it stayed put.when i sat on the couch or chair i could really feel it.i am sure in time i will get more used to it.