Clone-A-Willy Vibe Kit in Hot Pink

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Clone-A-Willy Vibe Kit in Hot Pink

4.29 Based On 17 Reviews

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absolutely awesome. (T)

I bought this because my hubby is military and is gone for long periods of time. It's awesome, it can be a little difficult and very messy, especially when trying to stay hard and getting his junk into the centre of the tube. In my opinion it's very worth it if you want an exact replica for your own pleasure. The details are awesome. The vibrator is awesome. I think I'm going to be making others in the future. :)

Clone a willy (Anonymous)

Is a great product overall. I mean it’s pretty good idea, great for couples projects, cause I tried by myself and it didn’t turn out so great. The moulding went hard to fast. I used the directions that came with it, but seemed to not be that great if directions.
Overall great product still in my eyes and would be nice to win so I can order another one, have a second go at it.

Fiancè loves it (Anonymous)

Fun to make and Fiancè loved it !

Product description

Often imitated but never with as much crowd-pleasing success as the original, the fantastically unique Clone-A-Willy Kit allows playmates to create a vibrating silicone replica of his penis as back-up for business trips, lonely nights or to pinch hit for the real thing during marathon pleasure sessions.

Full instructions are included, but the basic process is simple, mix up the molding powder and water in a bowl, and pour into the tube that doubles as packaging until you're ready to use it. Since the penis needs to be fully erect - the harder, the better - use your favorite means to that end (a cock ring will help), and then have him insert himself into the natural algae-based molding powder mix and hold the tube steady for a minute or two until it has set. Once he's out, you can start creating your vibe right away, or maybe you'll want to make use of the real thing first; either way, when you're ready, completely pour the combined contents of both jars of silicone mix into the mold. Next, position the vibe in the center of the filled mold and let it all set.

What you'll be left with is an exact copy of your favorite cock with all details intact AND vibration that will make the whole thing buzz for your perfect pleasure. Make sure to follow the very detailed instructions for best results. The appearance of your Clone-A-Willy will vary, deeding on the size and shape of your man. Phthalate and latex free. Vibe requires 1 AA battery, which is sold separately.


  • Molding tube
  • Molding powder
  • Silicone mix
  • Vibrator unit
  • Thermometer
  • Stir stick

SKU: EMP-802050 | UPC: 763290802050 | MPN: CLONE-A-WILLY HOT PINK (49)

SKU: EMP-802050 | UPC: 763290802050 | MPN: CLONE-A-WILLY HOT PINK (49)

Ratings / Reviews

Clone a willy (Dillion)

I was very impressed by this product. It cloned my penis to the very last detail! Now that we know it works and have experience using it we will be buying another!!

Hard to do (Anonymous)

I bought this while visiting my boyfriend (in a long distance relationship) and I wanted to have a piece of him when I got back home. First off, buy either a pill or some type of cock ring to keep the blood in the shaft because if you don't, you'll end up like me. Very disappointed. When the shaft is inserted, the goo that molds the shaft creates a pressure and the man may lose his hardness and go soft (like mine did). Also, the rubber smell is very strong when the mold is complete and can be a bit rough. Just thought I would inform first timers to using this product

facile et bon :P (Anonymous)

facile a faire et donne un produit d'une bonne qualité et ressemble beaucoup a l'original :P

Perfect (Anonymous)

Turned out awesome and now I have a friend for when I'm lonely :)

Very happy (Anonymous)

Very fun for some dp play wife enjoys very much

FUN (Anonymous)

A fun "couple" project to last a lifetime :)

Thumbs up (Anonymous)

Product is awesome.. it arrived very fast .. easy instructions and great quality

So much fun!!! (Anonymous)

I bought this because of the lonely nights when my husband is out of town for work. Best investment ever! I didn't want my husband feeling any uncertainty about buying a dildo so we made one of him! it was sooo entertaining to make

Could be good if you can get it right (Lorgaraurellian)

We ordered this for my wife at her birthday so she could have a copy of me for long nights when I'm working
When we tried to make it I must have had performance anxiety combined with waiting too long on the Alginate.
Mold Failure
So we went to our local Art supply store and got alginate as it was a better deal than the empire labs refil and didn't require waiting. This alginate was different and took longer to harden/different ratio of water so the second mold failed but the bag was big enough for at least 5 attempts.
3rd time We sort of succeeded with the mold
but rather than throw it away and try again my wife said screw it and we filled it with the Silicone.
The result was less than perfect like the mold and we had issues removing the bubbles from it so we ended up with a poor quality clone.
Maybe sometime down the road we will buy more silicone (a refil from empire perhapse) and try again.
The process is easy once you get it down but the fact the kit leaves no room for error is a downside.
I give it 3 stars because every problem we had with it was not the fault of the kit itself but the fault of our inexperience with molding/casting
For now we're not sure if we will try again or if so when.
If we do and it works out I will report back with another review citing our success.

Works as described (Ceph)

This is a great product but perhaps a bit costly. As others have said this is best used as couples project. Otherwise, you'll have to be very coordinated to make it all work.

Good but dont expect à professional result (Simon)

The clone a Willy product is very good for a GF/Bf night but it is a little bit messy an kind of hard to do if you want a good result ! First time we try it we spill a lot of the molding product in the bath, after we rebuy the molding product we have been able to mold the winny but the end was touching the tube so it make à flat end

Conclusion : I will have to buy à another one to try it à différent way

Maybe buy two? (R)

I was looking forward to buying this product for a long time... so was my wife. The main thing to know is that the process is very tricky, and you should have a helper for sure! There is a very small window to mix and apply the casting. Be sure not to rush though, or it will get wrecked. Making this as a couple would be a good bonding experience, and the end product is very exciting to see. I 110% recommend this! We are both very happy with it. Maybe think about buying two though...

Simple if you've done it before. (Don)

Make sure you have a cock ring so it's rock hard. Fun project for couples.

Difficult, but great (Chris)

It was a lot of fun to make. Read a lot of reviews before so I knew what to expect, but 2 minutes goes by very quickly. I got a ring beforehand and it was a GREAT idea. I never have trouble staying Hard but if nothing else it made my girlfriend's roommate even more jealous..
It isn't easy to do and ours was almost ruined. Make sure to create a tight seal between tube and body, otherwise you'll lose some of the moulding stuff. Get your girl involved and have her keep you 'entertained' while you mix the powder and water quickly. Turned out great, wouldn't mind another!