Colt Expandable Butt Plug

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Performs perfectly.

This item does exactly what it claims. I'm no beginner but when my girlfriend fully inflated it inside my ass, I was gasping with pain. It also does great in her vagina.


Feels amazing!

This toy feels amazing and fills you nicely, it works well in both holes. The only downside to the toy, is it's not the easiest to pump with one hand.



in love with this! I'm a female and use this to get the rear ready for my man

Product description

A classically shaped plug designed to expand dramatically once in place, Colt presents the Expandable Butt Plug, a smooth anal penetration piece that inflates in exciting increments to a maximum thickness sure to please.

Traditionally tapered in shape, the vein-y Probe swells immediately to its largest point just past a smooth tapered tip. Once positioned, a few squeezes of a simple pump bulb begins filling the interior with air, firming up the texture and expanding the width to maximum thickness of approximately 2 inches (5cm) in diameter. A quick release valve lets the pressure off with just a twist.

In smooth latex along with ABS plastic, the Expandable cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lube. Measurements provided represent the Plug at default size (not inflated).

* This product contains latex rubber

  • Length: 4.6"
  • Insertable Length: 3.5"
  • Girth: 4.9" at largest point
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: CE-6870-00-3 | UPC: 716770030719 | MPN: SE-6870-00-3 (18)

SKU: CE-6870-00-3 | UPC: 716770030719 | MPN: SE-6870-00-3 (18)

Ratings / Reviews

Good product

I have had this in the past and it is nice. It pumps up fast and gets big in a hurry. One or two pumps and it is as big as my gapers plug gets in 6-7. Over all a good plug for getting a good gape.


great while watching tv

Curiosity got the better of me so I had to check this product out. It's quite nicely put together and works well. It's good for playing tv games with. You watch some tv, and every time there's a commercial, you pump it up a notch and continue watching. Warning, too many commercials can be a pain in the a$$.



Female, lets just say this is perfect for all involed


Works as advertised

Offers a nice full sensation, material not as nice as expected but gets the job done.


Good warm up toy

Quality is not bad, as another reviewer stated, the plug part of the toy is a bit hard, it would be nice if it was a pliable material.Would have given five stars otherwise. Great in preparation for bigger toys, I've found that the most comfortable way to insert this (due to the hard core) is to partially insert it an give a few pumps and it just pops itself right in.Removing it while inflated is a great way to prep for larger toys gradually, because the rubber "balloon" naturally sizes itself to your anatomy, it's a gradual method to relax your butt. I'll remove it slowly, and give a couple of extra pumps- when I feel the most stretched, Works great to loosen me up for the next round :) .


Inflatable indeed

Let s just say we were filled very nicely ;)


Strong smell, but good product

The plug has strong latex smell - it might be a necessary downside of the material, and not necessarily a fault of the product itself. We used it for vaginal sex only, and she loves it. It expands very comfortably, and gives her a feeling of "fullness" she desires.


My GF loves this

She likes the size; slides in with ease. She loves the way it expands inside her.
Not as durable as I'd like; but great for the price


A must for beginners

This product is a must for beginners. It helps you break into the anal world comfortably and at your own pace. Cleans very well. Recommend to any new anal fun seekers.


So Full

I am not one for the in and out motion of anal, at least not prolonged (or maybe the wife's strapon is just too big); however, I love the feeling of being filled up. The narrow part of this plug helps to hold the plug in my ass and it is narrow enough to wear it for a longer time. Pump this up and the feeling is awesome. I usually like to slide a vibrating egg in my ass first, then the plug.



Defiantly a must have for anal play and working my way up to Basix 12 inch cock, wish me luck


As expected

As others have noted - it fills the inside and is not meant as a gaping toy. Important to go slow!! Fun to pump and pull out - great feeling. Only complaint it is tough to pump, not impossible with one hand but difficult. I hope it will soften up over time.


Inflationary Economics

Great toy, especially for the price. Nice for anal beginners. Be patient and don't blow your chance.


very good

it was an interesting experience with this one.
very fun
i was afraid its going pop or something. but it is very solid and sturdy



This product is a must have for anyone curious about anal. Give it a try for the price you can't go wrong!


love it

This is a very intense little guy. Love it.


Great quality !

This product does what its suppose to very well and and is a great quality product! A must buy for anal lovers.


awesome stuff for cheap bucks

i have many toys , some pretty expensive and this one is my favorite. it does look fragile but i handle it with care. it makes me orgasm so easily and repeatedly.its a very good toy for the price, a must!!!


Nice 'full' feeling, good build quality

Inflates evenly, easy to insert, with a wide enough base to not worry about it popping in all the way. Seems to be of decent quality. I was initially concerned about how durable it was given how thin the outer material seems to be, but after using it, I'm not concerned anymore. When I use an expandable buttplug I get it pumped up inside then use it to gradually stretch myself until I can screw myself with it partially inflated. It stands up to this so I say it's quite durable.
Interestingly, appears to be from the exact same mold as the Doc Johnson Expando plug, just minus the vibrator motor...this is not a bad thing, since that's also a decent plug.


Not too bad...

I liked that the size was customizable.. the only thing I didn't like was how hard the inner plug is. it's made out of hard plastic and isn't really enjoyable. The other thing I didn't like was the if you're trying to stretch your hole, it doesn't really work... It's not strong enough to stretch your hole all that much and the air kinda just pumps INSIDE your ass...
not a bad toy though..for the price and such.


interesting toy

Now this was EXCITING! A little bit of bleeding at first but after 3 minutes you could pump it to the max and the best feeling is that it will not come out! quick release.