Crystal Jellies Medium Butt Plug in Purple

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Worth it

This butt plug to the job.
It is soft, just a little bit flexible but not too much. It stay in position.
The appearance is cute too.
Doesn't smell.
Easy to clean.


so naughty

Loved working this soft yet firm toy into my ass, clenching, and going on a walk through town. Just makes you feel so wrong... but right at the same time.

Its a challenge to get in there (butt virgin) but once it gets in there... oh god its amazing.



I have to admit, I was seriously intimidated by anal play at first but this plug was very smooth going in and stayed in place. This little plug has made me an anal convert much to my hubby's delight.

Product description

Perfect for solo play, and equally perfect with a partner, the Medium Butt Plug is a traditionally shaped toy with a tapered head, wider body, and dramatically tapered neck. Like all good anal toys, the base is nice and wide, giving you a good grip, and making sure that the plug doesn't travel as you enjoy. The Crystal Jellies material is firm and smooth on top with a filling of flexible SilAgel, which lends it some 'give' while staying precise to keep you satisfied. This plug is mid-sized, making it great for a fairly advanced anal enthusiast, beginners should have a look at out other anal treats in smaller, more manageable sizes. You'll want to use lots of lube with this and any anal toy, be sure to use a good water or silicone based rubber compatible formula with this one.

  • Length: 6"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 5.6" at largest point
  • Width: 1.75" at largest point
  • Color: Purple

SKU: DJ-0289-06-CD | UPC: 782421931612 | MPN: 0289-06-CD (38)

SKU: DJ-0289-06-CD | UPC: 782421931612 | MPN: 0289-06-CD (38)

Doc Johnson
Ratings / Reviews

My Very First

This is the very first plug I ever purchased. This being my first, the 1.5 inch width was a challenge. Once I worked it in though... Its a lovely feeling. The base is a bit large for someone with a small bum, but tolerable. I love having sex with my fiance with this plug in, although we've found certain positions cause dilemmas for him. I wish DocJohnson made this same plug in 1.75 inch width & 2 inch width.


Works wonders

Perfect size to move up to! Helps you get comfortable and a good prep for anal sex


Super nice plug

We just love it to warm up mama!!!


A bit bigger than I thought

I tried to measure things out beforehand, but this is way bigger than my small plug, and I was hoping to work my way up more slowly.



Makes you feel full and stays in! Fun to do things around the house or out of the house with it inside you. The size is perfect even for a beginner. Tons of fun!


Fills you up

Was a decent size bigger than my small plug but feels excellent. Can keep it in for hours and it makes you feel full.



This is a great plug. The shape is excellent for gradual stretching and it's a fun process. I have had some issues in the past with round plugs popping out during sex but this one does not budge. The only complaint is that the bottom is quite lengthy and does tend to get in the way during sex.



it was so perfect and it felt amazing


Smells good?

A lot bigger than I expected but very pleasant, I love the material. Very firm but squishy. and surprisingly has a sweet smell.



I love this toy! It's still a bit of a challenge for me to fully insert, but I'm working my way up. The texture is fantastic and I love the way it looks.



My favourite anal toy. It is the perfect size, perfect amount of flex/hardness to it, cleans easily. I love when my partner puts it in when we're amazing sex. feels amazing!


Have some fun with your Butt!

I had tried an Aneros previously but wanted something a little bigger, this plug really did the trick. It was a strange feeling to me because of the different distribution of girth. The plug is easy to clean which is a big plus and lubes up really nicely; it was also pretty comfortable to wear for decently long periods, I've had it in for about 2 hour sessions and still felt great. I would recommend it to anyone with a decent amount of anal play experience.


butt plug

Works great priced well easy cleanup


perfect for normal activity

I like huge plug but this one is perfect for use when normal activity.


Perfect plug

Awesome plug! Perfect size to stay in place. feels great.


Great smell!

This was the first anal toy I'd ever bought, however I have a lot of anal sex experience so insertion was no problem for me. It's used primarily as a filler and honestly feels so great, I feel so full with both him and the plug inside me. He says when we use it he can feel it rubbing him and filling me while he's inside me. We've had the toy for a few months now and it still smells as good as the day we got it, unfortunately though the outter shell is now detaching from the inside creating a space for water to hide after cleaning.


Good session starter

While I have a decent amount of anal experience (masturbation only) This was my first butt plug. It is definitely a medium sized. I enjoy starting out my sessions with it, then moving to a bigger plug, or I penetrate my self with a dildo.
I gave it a 4 because, the outer shell isnt water proof and a little water gets trapped inside the 2 layers after washing.


The standard

To me this is the most clasically shaped an sized butt plug available. It fits great while still giving some pressure. I love it for holding in while I jerk it, wearing for a slow and steady arousal or as step 2 or 3 when I wanna stretch myself. Its a classic for a reason, every collection should have one! That being said I wouldn't want this is I didn't already have something smaller to warm up with.



This plug is everything they say it is and more. I've had it quite some time now and have nothing bad to say about it. For the amount of use it gets I'm surprised I still smells just as new as the day I got it. Its user friendly and great for use with yourself or with a partner. Its softer then some I've used in the past and I would recommend this plug to any one with experience.


soooo good

perfect size for great price.


Great for starting out.

I was brand new to butt plugs when I bought this here. It was a bit intimidating at first, but it was particularly easy entry. It is really smooth and easy to use, and once its in, it stays right in place.
The material that it is made out of also smells very good, and I felt that even after multiple uses it didn't lose that smell.
Highly recommended for anybody wanting to get into butt play without going too large.