Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Love Cuffs in Red

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Great fun

Very comfortable to use. Left no marks. Lots of fun.


Love the length

Love this product, love the length not to short and I can still be comfortable with the silk material


Great Product, Better Price

Good quality for a great price. They aren't uncomfortable to wear after using for a while, and for the price, you can't go wrong! I highly suggest these for anyone looking for a good set of cuffs. They're long enough to hold your hands back but not under you so you don't get as uncomfortable as if they were under you. I bought one but will definitely be getting more. They're adjustable enough to fit wrists, ankles.... The combinations are endless!

Product description

A gentle yet definitely effective means of keeping your playmate right where you want them most, Silk Rope Love Cuffs by the always exciting Fetish Fantasy line are the perfect way for any level of bondage dabbler to indulge. Do some quick research on Japanese rope bondage, and you'll see that it's an ancient art, thought to heighten pleasure enormously through restraint- which can heighten and tune the other senses, making every touch, sound, taste and smell more intense. These soft, silky cuffs don't require any previous experience, they're incredibly simple to use and fully adjustable to fit almost everyone thanks to friction free plastic cinches that won't fray or damage the cuffs. Whether you're in the mood to truss up your playmates wrists or ankles, these super soft, very effective Love Cuffs will definitely do the trick.

SKU: PD-3867-15 | UPC: 603912298253 | MPN: PD 3867-15 (28)

SKU: PD-3867-15 | UPC: 603912298253 | MPN: PD 3867-15 (28)

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Really very comfortable, don't scratch or pinch.



This is one of my favorite Fetish fantasy series products. It holds your partner in place which is great for all levels of bondage. This is a great product because it is adjustable and you don't have to tie it to a bed.


Very nice

My partner is into restraints, but his handcuffs totally kill my wrists and leave marks on me. So i ordered this. Now he still gets to restrain me without having to listen to me whine the whole time. win-win!



Well finally a set of handcuffs that are Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrect, their super soft, easy too get on, don't slip off, sexy red, very durable, great value for the price & FUN FUN FUN!!!


Decent Beginner Handcuffs

Very soft material, but unfortunately are slightly difficult for changing positions because of the way that they tighten and loosen. Durable, lovely color, and will not hurt your wrists.


really good for the price

these are one of the cheapest pairs of cuffs but also very good quality - the rope is thick enough that it doesn't look or feel like it will fray any time soon.

It is also fairly soft and doesn't irritate my partner who has sensitive skin.
bonus: the cuffs get tighter the more you pull on them! very nice for those who are into the kinkiness factor.
bought 2 pairs!


Soft and sturdy

Love the cuffs. They are very sturdy while not hurting the wrists. :)


Better than expected!

These are easy to use and easy on the wrists while getting all that kinky action you want.



Lots of fun! Sexy color!



i really like them because my husband couldn't just slip them off. and they don't cut into your wrists.



The material isn't quite as soft as I had imagined, although they're still comfortable. The length is just right as some one mentioned to keep someone's hands secured behind them, but not crushed underneath them, pretty sexy.
only detractor is there's a piece of off color heatshrink around the rope joint, but not a huge deal.


silky soft

These are soft, wont rub too hard, and will fit your man or your woman. They are fun and sexy and go nice with some black or red lingerie for a fun time!