Fetish Fantasy Official Handcuffs

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Fetish Fantasy Official Handcuffs

4.76 Based On 25 Reviews

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Awesome. (Kira)

These are better quality than you would think by the price. The sizes range nicely to accommodate your wrists. They're not so thick, but definitely heavy and have a distinctly real feel to them if you're not overly familiar with handcuffs. Quick release option is a life saver and a deal breaker in my opinion. Would recommend to anyone!

Keys (Anonymous)

While they do come with keys, they also have the little tabs that will allow you to get them off. If you’re looking for ones that only work with keys, try another pair. Other wise they’re well made and really solid

Love the quick release! (Anonymous)

The quick release is great for adjusting the cuffs without having to get the key each time. Cuffs are decent quality too. Had them for years.

Product description

A classic set of cuffs built to hold a submissive mate securely in any obedient position that suits the scenario, Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Metal Cuffs adjust easily to the perfect fit, preventing escape and unwanted movement. In sturdy silvery metal, the Cuffs stand up to all sorts of rough and tough play situations- they lock quickly with one of two included keys and feature a quick release clasp, just in case.

SKU: PD-3805-00 | UPC: 603912105254 | MPN: PD380500 (115)

SKU: PD-3805-00 | UPC: 603912105254 | MPN: PD380500 (115)

Ratings / Reviews

cuffs (Anonymous)

They worked great. Love them. They were sturdy and love the quick release.

Nice quality (Jada)

Nice heavy metal cuffs. Great price.

In love! (Jasmine)

I am absolutely, in love with these handcuffs! They are sturdy, work really well, and I love the quick release. These are the first pair of cuffs I've bought myself and I am so happy with them thus far. I doubt I will ever need a new pair.

just buy it (Anonymous)

best quality . best quality

Good for price (Martha)

Good for BDSM beginners as they are relatively easy to get out of but still are sturdy. Nice price point too!

Love it!! (Anonymous)

Great! Sturdy and fun.

Excellent Bang for your Buck (Mirai)

Hurts the wrists a bit after but totally worth it. Sturdy and lots of fun

Does what it says (Richard)

Perfect for first cuffs. Good weight. Quick release is a plus!

Good quality for the price (A)

Decent cheap handcuffs, nothing fancy but they do the job

Exactly what I was looking for (Anonymous)

This cuffs are exactly what I was looking for. They're well made and durable.

Awesome cuffs! (Ari)

I've been wanting a pair of cuffs for a long time and these were on sale so I decided to give them a shot. Wow! Definitely a great purchase, I love everything about them. They're affordable, they are good quality, and they have a bit of weight to them which I was very pleased with. The quick release is a great feature and the keys are nice for the whole roleplaying experience.

Highly recommended. I'm actually considering buying another pair so I can do some bed cuffing.

Fantastic quality! (Anonymous)

I love these handcuffs! They definitely spice things up in the bedroom. They come with 2 keys, but I love how there is also a quick release function just in case. Very sturdy build, would recommend!

Thick and Strong! (Dan)

I already had a pair of handcuff bought many years ago so I purchased these so i could handcuff each arm individually to my bed's metal side rails. Like most of the others here, I found myself quite surprised to see the thickness of the metal links and cuffs. these cuffs are heavier in weight, the keys are nice 3D keys, not the flat things you get with most beginner cuffs. As someone's who's been a Dom for 10 years, I can honestly say these can hold up to serious play if closed tight around the wrists. They thick links work well for clipping leather cuff to the links or tie rope around the links to further restrain. very versatile, everyone should have a set!

Good quality starter cuffs (Anonymous)

First time ever using handcuffs and love them!!! Really good quality for a great price !!!

Well priced (Anonymous)

Opted to go for these instead of the cheapest handcuffs offered here. Glad we did. Felt very robust for a cuffs at this price. Not the toughest cuffs but they don't feel like they're going to break.

First 'cuffs and I'm so glad I went with these! (TH)

I've always had a thing for light bondage, especially handcuffs. I figured this was the right time to take things to another level and actually add a pair to the fun. I surprised the husband with a few things from here; first item on the list was these 'cuffs. Best. Eight. Bucks. Ever. Spent.

These are surprisingly well made (previous reviews have helped with the purchase decision, and they indeed are true)! The 'cuffs have a very nice weight to them. I like the keys too, plus the quick release option is great. We tried them out a bit. Snugly fit both of us, despite the size differences of our wrists. No way anyone can wiggle out! Can't wait to start having some full-time fun. These will be around a while for sure. Definitely not flimsy!

Starter (Anonymous)

These are great to start trying BDSM but with the easy release they aren't great for over all restraint.

good quality (Anonymous)

Awesome quality for price, and the quick release is such a good feature when you are in the moment.

Very sturdy good quality handcuffs (Anonymous)

We were worried these wouldnt be very good quality but they turned out to be great. Also dont dig into the skin very much. I recommend highly

Amazing Quality (Angelica)

These are your top of the line quality handcuffs. They are super strong and easily adjustable so they can fit around any size wrist. They do have a quick release system so that you dont need the keys to use them, which may not be to your liking depending on how hardcore you are. But if you are prone to misplacing keys, this function is VERY SMART. Overall, lots of fun.

Surprisingly good cuffs! (Paul)

I've always wanted to buy a set of handcuffs but didn't want to get something cheaply made. I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of these cuffs and would recommend them to anybody starting in bondage-play.

Just What I Wanted! (Anonymous)

These cuffs are durable enough to play forever without leaving a million marks. The quick release comes in handy for quick stop situations and in case somebody can't be bothered with the key. Nothing better than the sound of these babies closing around your wrists.