Fetish Fantasy Textured Rubber Paddle in Black

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Fetish Fantasy Textured Rubber Paddle in Black

4.61 Based On 18 Reviews

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does the trick (Lucky XIII)

Bought this to disipline my naughty little pet :> paid $20 for it at a local sex shop (too much after seeing it for $10 here)

So pleased with it. Firm but has some flex. Honestly the flat smooth side stings more according to my pet. She feels the impact from the nubby side more though. Comes with high recommendations from both of us :) worth the 20 I paid. Definitely worth the 10 you will pay here

Ouch (Sparrow)

Perfect if you're looking for a stinging feel and to leave some marks. Definitely wouldn't recommend this for a beginner as its more on the firm side, rather than the flexible side. Its out to cause some pain.

Lasting Pointed Marks (Brittany)

my Mistress has lots of fun using the spiked side of this impact paddle to inflict numerous pin marks on me, when She administers severe punishment for my more egregious atrocities. The marks remain for days, as a constant reminder of my indiscretions.

Product description

A slick, firm paddle boasting sensational texturing on either side, the Rubber Paddle from Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series is a manageable tool for playful lovers. The body and handle are both made from a firm rubber material that has enough 'give' for perfect handling, but it's certainly firm enough for precise whacks, or more gentle teasing, whatever you're in the mood to dish out (or receive). Each side boasts a unique texture, one is covered in evenly spaced triple nubs that are excitingly raised, and will definitely be felt on the receiving end, the other packs a slightly lower key sensation with smooth rounded bumps. The handle is covered in extra raised nubs, providing a superior grip that's only made better by a sturdy wrist cord. Get ready for some serious fantasy fulfillment.

SKU: PD-3747-23 | UPC: 603912299502 | MPN: PD 3747-23 (96)

SKU: PD-3747-23 | UPC: 603912299502 | MPN: PD 3747-23 (96)

Ratings / Reviews

Hurt so good. (Anonymous)

Oh this is such a nice toy! Loved the sting from the nubs. The feeling of it is nice and light but ithe definitely gives a good sting

Packs a punch (Patrick)

For such a small paddle, packs a punch. If you're looking for a rough durable one, this'll do the trick Has a good and a bad side, depending on how your partner is :)

Deceiving! (Nodb)

When I opened the package I was weary of the quality as t was extremely flexible and I was expecting firm. But WOW! It’s a stinger:)

Love this paddle! (Anonymous)

This paddle is wonderful. Great quality, leaves nice marks and has quite a sting. This is my new favorite spanking toy.

Perfect (Anonymous)

This is my first paddle and its perfect! I love that this one can leave a mark :D

Pretty good (Melissa)

This was definitely fun, the spikier side left a mark for a week

Perfect little number! (Markie88)

Perfect paddle for both couple OR solo play. The firm paddle yet somewhat flexible handle makes it perfect for self spankings in various positions. Ranging in severity from playful to serious discipline... it really gets the job done for every mood I'm in. I highly recommend this budget friendly multi use toy for any spanko!

Ouch (Anonymous)

Made my husband jump, defiantly to be used when he has misbehaved.

Oooh (Anonymous)

Yes, this little paddle can definitely leave a mark. It all depends on whose holding the paddle. It can be a soft comfortable whack, or a red inducing spank. If you like to have control of the intensity of your lash, this short paddle is for you. Easy to clean and looks badass.

great for something new (Anonymous)

great new toy

Perfect little paddle (Becky)

This is a mean little paddle but once your warmed up it does feel good. Very easy to make someone squirm. Great value for the price and happy to add it to our collection.

Wow! (Matt)

I DEFINITELY recommend this one!

I've had one for a few years now. We bought it as a cheap beginner's toy, but after years of being into the BDSM scene this toy is still going strong and is one of our go-to paddles for spanking!

The rubber has a different texture on each side of the paddle, depending on how rough you want it to be. The paddle is fairly heavy for its size and delivers a solid hit, but has a fair amount of give to it, which prevents newer users from overdoing it.

Great toy! If you're looking to add a budget-friendly paddle to your collection, or you're just starting out, seriously consider this one.

Love/Hate Relationship (Menarae)

I'm torn over this paddle.

It's small, lightweight, and carries a wallop. It has a mean side, and a nasty side. It will easily leave marks, and it's very stingy. Difficult to break, too, as it flexes (just nnmot enough to soften the blow.)

A sadist pushed me to tears with the nasty side of this one in only nine strikes.

I leave mine hanging in a well-ventilated room, and that seems to help with the usual PVC stink. Cleans up easily, too.

little (Anonymous)

Its definitely not as big and intimidating as I thought it would be, but it is pretty damn sturdy. Its a heavy lil bugger and doesn't flex much so its good for a little wollop. Good for all levels of play. It has a smooth side and a nubby-er side for a bit of extra sting. Also discovered that the sides are textured for people that enjoy a little bit more ouch.

Stingy! (BD)

Definitely on the stingy/painful side for such a small paddle. The nubby side hurts more than the flatter side. The only complaint is that the rubber is particularly smelly. Let it air out after a soapy wash.