Fetish Fantasy Swing in Black

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Everyone has too have one

The swing is the best thing I ever brought into the bedroom!!!!! Great quality very safe and spices up your sex life 110 %!!!!! It is a have too have!!


Gotta Get One!

title says it all people! i bought this for my girl and i kinda as a novelty..... Ha-we use it all the time! everyone needs one! should be mandatory if you are intimate with someone else!
Best money i've ever spent!


Swinging paradise!

We had always wondered about swings...finally took the plunge and don't regret the decision one bit. It is simply amazing, it is comfortable to use, and it allows so many options for play. Thoroughly enjoy using this product, lots of laughs and good times....and amazing sex lol.

Product description

Most lovers have probably become a little bored at one time or another with the same old sex positions. The Fetish Fantasy Swing from Pipedream is just the spicy tool you need to get into some of the more adventurous positions and get satisfied like never before.

The Swing comes fully assembled, and installation is quick and easy, requiring only common tools. You can hang your swing either from a doorway, or from the ceiling, make sure to read the hanging instructions and follow them carefully so your swing gets properly and safely installed. This great lovers tool is fully adjustable, with all supports, pads, straps and stirrups able to be customized to suit your comfort and positioning needs, and the hardware itself can be adjusted to hang the swing any distance from the floor or other surface. The suggested weight maximum is 350 lbs. Safe installation and use are your responsibility. Enjoy!

SKU: PD-2128-23 | UPC: 603912184426 | MPN: PD212823 (7)

SKU: PD-2128-23 | UPC: 603912184426 | MPN: PD212823 (7)

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Once we purchased the swing, we needed a suspension device. We looked at the various frames and stands and they're quite expensive and not very adjustable. We settled on an unusual solution that is much cheaper than any of the other suspension options. Check out the 1 ton shop crane at Harbor Freight. They are often on-sale in the 100-150 dollar range. You can easily hook the swing's chain into the shop crane's hook and your partner can then easily raise or lower you into that perfect position using the crane's hyraulic pump! My wife and I both loved it.


Get one

My wife and i talked about one of these for a while (too long )so i bought one all i can say is if your reading this your thinking about it NO MORE THINKING just do it you will have no regrets sooo much fun


Sex swing

We bought this swing it is exactly how the pictures show. We were excited to get to use it. & it lived up to our expectations!
One little hiccup. Getting the proper adjustments are not to be done in the heat of the moment make sure you do all adjustments prior & getting in & out needs practice! Other then that perfect addition to our love making!


Everyone should have one

This has been the best addition to our toy collection. So many possibilities and lots of fun trying new positions. The one we got was the bondage version with two sets of cuffs, which really add to the fun.



We have been wanting to try a sex swing for some time. This came on sale and was in our price range so gave it a shot. Install was easy and everything was included in the box. We played with adjustments for a bit before trying it out. The straps could use more padding for women that are not a size two. However once in use concentration is not on the comfort of the straps ;). It was the most incredible thing and had to believe we waited so long to experience a swing. Must have item!!!!!!!!!!


Laugh and love

Fantastic swing for getting intimate outside of the bed. Hefty and solid hardware. Installation calls for a couple basic tools, hammer, stud finder and drill. Makes it very easy to set up unless you have stuccoed ceiling making the stud finder unreliable. I just stuck my head through the nearby attic access.

Once installed, the swing needs adjusting to you and your partners height and maybe a helping hand getting in the first few times. Once you know you trust it with your weight, you will have too much fun. Top bar allows for cuffs or restraints, and to steady yourself getting in or out.

Can get into all sorts of positions with practice. Add small pillows if the straps get too uncomfortable.



Takes away a lot of the stress so you can effortlessly try any position and keep going without tiring out! great product!


Lots of fun!

Definitely a way to spice up your love life! Can do different positions on it and my wife says it's really comfortable!



We both love this product. Gets us into perfect positions.


So much fun!

Such a great product! My partner and I are having so much fun on our newly acquired swing. The quality of all the cushioned straps and adjustments are 10/10. Very easy to hang or mount just need a drill and maybe a stud finder! The only problem for myself being a taller male is when using the spring that comes with the swing from an 8 foot high ceiling it tends to hang too low to the ground so I find myself bending my knees in a bit of discomfort. My partner and I have decided to settle for using the swing without the spring to raise the swing from the ground it tends to make things a little bit rougher but we don't mind that


Lots of practice lots of laughs

Using a sex swing requires a willingness to learn and a good sense of humour. If you can handle laughing at yourself then I definately recommend it.

Once you figure it out there is almost limitless joy and positions to discover.

Only downside the straps can start to dig in. We put a small blanket or towel on them to add some extra cushion


A must have

This swing has brought our sex life to a new dimension. So many more things that we can do now. Allows for freedom from some prior limitations due to age and previous injuries that caused restrictions before.
Highly recommend this to couples wanting to broaden their sexual experiences.


Still waiting to hang it up

What I thought would be a no brainer turned into a bit of a concern for my hubby...."How do you explain the big hook in the middle of my bedroom ceiling?" is the first response I got.
It is not like you can hang a plant there when not in use LOL



Lots of fun definitely worth the purchase. I was leering of the included mounting hardware so I assembled my own.


Love it!

Everyone should own one of those! We absolutely love it. The only downside is you do need to hook it up properly on the ceiling, I mean figuring out the stud which took us a while but now that it is set up, it is awesome!


It will do in a pinch

The response to my order and the speedy delivery of the item was beyond my expectation. I am very impressed. With regard to the swing, the straps are fairly narrow and the seat strap has a tendency to pinch and squeeze the buttocks together. Perhaps a wider stiffer bottom strap and or a longer spreader bar would help to distribute weight more comfortably.
It is still fun, it is just not as comfortable as I was anticipating.


Hang in there

Hang in there, literally. The sex swing is very relaxing and fun to bring into the bedroom or living room, YES HANG IT ANYWHERE, see tip bellow. It allows your body to really relax while sitting in it and just allows your body to open up, the swing supports you in a variety of positions and lets you enjoy the pleasure of entering her instead of trying to hold her legs up or support her hips so you can enter in different position. For anal sex it allowed her to relax more and take it deeper than ever.
Tip: to hang it anywhere, once you have found a good joist to anchor the I-bolt into screw it in. Now hollow out a smoke detector so the bolt can sit inside, mount the plate over the hook and cover. No one will know you have a sex swing ready to go, just take the cover off.