Heart Beat Crop

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'I rounded the sofa and stopped, changed direction and tried to catch her going the other way. She's quick but I'm about to win this game of cat and mouse. Squealing and giggling, she tried crawling over the furniture, clad only in her bra and panties. I reach out with my crop and with a quick snap, leave a perfect little heart impression on her butt. "Score! That's two for me!" I say with an air of victory. This has to be the best toy, ever!'

A truly beautiful, playfully designed spank tool from Sex & Mischief, the lovely gem-embellished Heart Beat Crop teases, taps and smacks with perfect precision. Manageably lengthy and extremely lightweight, the Heart Beat's namesake tip offers two possible spank surfaces- the laced side provides just a touch of cushioning thanks to its corset-style ribbons while the smooth side lands with stinging authority.

Approximately 14.75 inches (37.5cm) long. PU fabric, ABS plastic, polyester, vinyl, nickle free hardware, cubic zirconia. Spot clean.

SKU: SS-770181 | UPC: 646709770181 | MPN: SS77018 (0)


SKU: SS-770181 | UPC: 646709770181 | MPN: SS77018 (0)

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Based On 8 Reviews
Heart Beat Crop


Cute. Perfect size. Makes a nice slapping sound. Gives a pleasant tingle or slight sting but not painful.

Heart Beat Crop


Very nice. Gives a nice sting but not painful.

Heart Beat Crop

Feels great!

This was my first ever purchase of any kind of spanking aid and it feels great! The design is super cute and the wrist strap helps keep the crop in close reach for my partner. I really enjoy the feel of this crop and my partner loves seeing a cute heart shape on my butt. It's a win/win!

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