Jelly Chocolate Dream Vibe

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Jelly Chocolate Dream Vibe

4.64 Based On 39 Reviews

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Great fetish toy (Andrew)

My wife is in love with this chocolate dream the vains on the pleasure machine and color are perfect for role playing and fantasies if you've ever thought about watching your wife with a black cock this is the toy for you

Looks great (Anonymous)

Got it today. Cant wait to try it. It looks amazing!


I was very excited for this veiny friend, but I haven't yet been able to fit it inside…. They are not kidding around, this toy is LARGE! Absolutely a good buy!

Product description

A big, satisfying cock in a mouthwatering chocolate shade, the Jelly Chocolate Dream is a powerful multi-speed vibrator with a super-lifelike look and thick, plushy feel. It's subtly curved to naturally hit your sweet spots easily, and the gently tapered realistic head is smooth easy to insert before graduating to a thicker, intensely veined texture that stimulates perfectly.

The flexible feel is thanks to a firm yet forgivingly soft jelly core that can bend and move to conform to your curves, while remaining precise enough to hit the right spots and stay put once in place. The powerful multi speeds are controlled easily with dial at the base, which is also ribbed, allowing you to grip it firmly and maneuver just right.

You'll want to use a good water based lube if needed with the Chocolate Dream to keep the material strong, and like all toys, wash it well before and after use. Takes 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Not recommended for use in water.

  • Length: 9"
  • Insertable Length: 8.25"
  • Girth: 5.75" at largest point
  • Width: 1.6" at largest point
  • Materials: Jelly Rubber (TPR)
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Battery: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Special Features: Flexible, Multi-Speed, Textured Surface
  • Color: Brown

SKU: PD-1203-02 | UPC: 603912111385 | MPN: PD 1203-02 (20)

SKU: PD-1203-02 | UPC: 603912111385 | MPN: PD 1203-02 (20)

Ratings / Reviews

great toy (cheryl)

Was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Mmmm good (Cookie)

I love the size of this!!! I haven't had sex in a loooooong time, so starting out it was kind of hard
However, once it got in, it was amazing. The veins make it feel so realistic. The vibration is powerful but quiet enough to take care of yourself silently lol. I really wanted to go again after my first use. I'd highly recommend this for all of the BBC lovers out there or anyone who is looking for something large and exciting.

Big black Daddy (Anonymous)

He is chiseled with a slow steady vibe, but slap the clit for some squirting!

OBSESSED (Anonymous)

I literally love this thing !!! can make me happy n less then 5 mins !!!!!!!!! its perfection! perfect size , perfect vibration speeds ect...especially if you like black guys then deff go for thisssss

Great (Anonymous)

True to size and works well

just right (Anonymous)

Just the right size made her feel filled up

Perfect (Anonymous)

It is the perfect size and shape!! It feeld great, and makes you cum within moments. By far the best one I've used

WOW (Anonymous)

My husband is I decided I would look to find the next best thing when he is unavailable. This is a perfect fit,nice,long,and recommend this to anyone who loves it thick!

MMM (Anonymous)

Love this vibrator! Reminds me of my hot chocolate lover! Feels so life like and comfortable. Glad I bought it!

Okay Product (Anonymous)

If you are tight down there I wouldn't recommend this product. Way too big to fit the vibrations are pretty good though.

Loved it! (Erica)

I loved everything I ordered . Usually I don't like to order on line due to can't actually what the shape and actuall size they are but it was more than I expected! Loved it all!! ❤️

Just like the real thing (Anonymous)

This Jelly Dream is almost like having the real thing. It’s comfortable and smooth to insert. The ripples make it feel real. The multi speeds are great. Makes me not miss my ex lol


This thing is HUGE. I was not expecting its size and found it intimidating. But once the power was on it was the deepest, most powerful, amazing orgasm i have ever had. I would buy 8 of them in case it ever breaks. I never ever want to be without this toy ever in my entire life.

Couldn’t get enough (Emery)

Would have given 5 stars because it’s a bit big but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself over and over and over! I especially love using it with my partner. Highly recommend!

Love on top (Shuns toy)

Jelly Chocolate Dream Vibe is one of the best items to by for an orgasm Everytime. I fell in love with the shape and the feel of it years ago when I purchased my first one which I laid it to rest after 15 years. Thanks to the maker of the Jelly Chocolate Dream Vibe.

I'm a newbie but it's perfect! (A ;))

Just came today (3 days regular shipping) and I ripped open the box and took him for a spin! I've been celibate for a long time but his length and girth are EXACTLY what I'm used to!
Pulsations are strongest nearest the base and I haven't gotten that far (yet) but I'm sure I soon will. I haven't really practiced a lot of RL anal and I'm going to but my suggestion is to get one a with a little less girth as his head is THICK. Material is soft and fleshy with a rigid centre, perfect for thrusting yet still feeling realistic. Too large for me for any deep throating but again I will work into that too for practice. I will be back on your site tonight to shop for a waterproof vibe dildo with balls and suction and a little less length so I can have some shower fun too and possible fullfill my dream of double pen. Need to feel those balls on my clit soon!
Not sure how my FA will react (we are long distance atm) but I hope I can incorporate this into our video sessions. My mirror fun was great today but it's something he HAS to see!!! Thanks PinkCherry!!!!

Worn Out (Anonymous)

I love my chocolate friend. It's so big and feels so good it gets me extremely wet and I can go for hours. It was so good I killed the vibration on the second use. I could not get off it. It is a great buy. I will be purchasing another one or two as a backup.

The Big O (Laurie)

This toy is one of my favorites. Feels very real, is very powerful, and it makes me squirt. Awesome price for such a great toy.I would definitely recommend.

Awesome. (Anonymous)

Price and size, perfect!! I thought it was going to he a harder is definitely silicone and a perfect for a lonely night!

Hits all the right spots! (Anonymous)

Loving this one! Was intimidated by the size at first, but the vibrations are just right. Hits all the right spots and gets the job done.

Love it (Anonymous)

Love this toy, best one I have bought so far.

Great Toy! (loopyinloops)

My gf loves this toy. She loves the thickness of it and how it feels with the vibe.

She likes it! (TeamPlayer)

Part of a Valentines Day basket I put together for my wife, this was last on the menu during a hot 69. She loved how flexible yet firm it was and the size was just on the cusp of being too much...but it wasn't ;)

SO BIG (Cathy)

Try try try again, eventually I will fit it in. So Big

Mmm (Anonymous)

I do so enjoy this. A bit big but still very enjoyable

Excellent (R)

This is perfect if you like being " filled up" nice big realistic feel vibrator, only down side it for me was the vibration stopped working after using it twice.

Huge :) (Huge :))

This big boy is massive...Love it!! I haven't gotten to use it to its full potential yet because of its size but I'm determined lol..Perfect buy

Real feeling (Barb)

Wow this is definitely big. I love the real life veins and how they make you feel. I love the natural feel and how flexible it was to fit how far I wanted it to go. It naturally bends when needed to go how far I want it to go.


Such a good bargain for this! It's quite powerful, I had trouble getting it inside in the beginning but if you are into big and veiny this is definitely worth the small price!

Good One Great Value (EmilyD)

AWESOME for the price. Would give it 5 stars except I personally found it a little too textured/hard. But I'm sure some people would love that the most about this one!