Lube Tube Applicator 2 Pack in Clear

Based On 54 Reviews

Lube Tube Applicator 2 Pack in Clear

Based On 54 Reviews

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Very useful (Anonymous)

Great for anal sex just fill with baby oil, put in ass and push handle down and the oil is in your ass, good buy.

Wife (Anonymous)

Best way to lube up!

A must for anal play (Anonymous)

A wonderful way to get lube where you need it to be. Decent quality for the money and cheap enough to replace should you need to.

Product description

For mess-free, easy application of lube exactly where you want it, the Lube Tube is just what you need. With a slim and sturdy shape, the syringe style design is user friendly no matter what your experience level. This set contains 2 identical applicators, perfect for lubing up two people at once with no need to wash in between. Just insert the soft rubber tipped head into your lube and pull up on the handle to fill. The Lube Tube could also be used for quick clean up before anal play. Total length is 5 1/2 inches, with a maximum thickness of 1 3/4 inches at the tip.

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Girth: 1.75" at largest point
  • Color: Clear

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Ratings / Reviews

Lube where it needed. (Anonymous)

Finally ! A tool that delivers a premeasured amount of lube inside you so no more stop and go sex when your getting pegged by your wife ,so cumming is never delayed !

Lube Tube (Stephanie Peterson)

Not much required for this product tp work, and it does, quite well. Try it you will like it.

Easy! (Susie)

Great, inexpensive way to insert lube! Super easy to use and no mess!

Good deal (Dean)

Great for getting lube right where you want it.

never waste lube again (Anonymous)

Best tool to lube for deep extended anal sex. No more stop and start while losing the moment ! We use half as much lube because it in you not on you !

Good (Anonymous)

Does what it is supposed to do without a fuss

Better Than The Others (Anonymous)

We love these shooters. Competing products have two tubes but just one plunger - this product has a plunger for each tube. Makes sense right - but surprisingly rare. We use them to ease deep anal penetration - and they deliver enough lube to make the penetration comfortable - an A+ for this product.

Easy Peasy (Anonymous)

Not only is it easy to use it gets the lube in further avoiding any friction pain. Strongly suggest this for anal you won't regret that extra glide straight from the get go.

Right where you want it (Anonymous)

Does exactly that, puts it where you want it ; )

Good for the price (Anonymous)

works fine

Worth every penny (Anonymous)

Works exactly as you'd expect from the description, and clean up is super easy. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Love!! (Elle)

These were great, inexpensive ways to make anal sex better. I use one with water to wash up, and one with lube to get things ready. A great buy. Highly recommend!

Great for Beginners (Happy Customer)

If you are just introducing anal play, this is the perfect size, and does the trick so well. Easy to clean. Love that it comes with two tubes. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Does a great job (Carmen)

Used them both in the front and rear and made play excellent. Even easier than I thought to clean.

Exactly as described (Polly)

Easy to use and easy to clean.

Stay Slippery My Friends (Matt M)

When combined with the right lube, these bad boys will help make sure that you are lubed up inside and out. Simple products that work great. Sure beats the old lube on the finger trick.

Remember to take off the cap (Anonymous)

Does exactly what is on the box. Haven't spilled any lube except by my own error and is small enough to be used solo

This puts it where you want it (Anonymous)

This is a great product to install the lube into where you want it to be. This help us along with the lubing for our new toy to be inserted. Thanks

Perfect (Anonymous)

Works incredibly well and the wife and I utilize these quite frequently. Would highly recommend.

Excellent! (Lucky)

Very easy to use, small enough that no pain when inserting. Good and easy to clean.

Just perfect (J)

These things are great and work just perfect. They're easy to clean and are pretty strong so theres never any thought of the plastic breaking. Always able to get lube exactly where you want it.

Easy to use (Katlynn)

Easy to use, and does the job of delivering your favorite lubricant up the vagina or anal canal. Easy to clean.

Lubricator (Lori)

Love, love, love these syringes. They work with oils, creams and Vaseline. Allows you to lubricate once, allowing for a night of extreme pleasure. The two pack is perfect, one for you and one for your partner...

Handy (Anonymous)

It does a pretty good job getting lube where you want it, makes things much easier

Perfect (M)

This is exactly what you need for extended plug sessions! Get a good amount of lube up there so you dont have to reapply as often!

Works as described! (Nathan)

Not much to say, it does the job as needed. Would definitely recommend.


Great product. Helps make anal play very enjoyable!

Bijou (Anonymous)

So much easier to apply lube this.

great for anal (Anonymous)

So much easier to apply lube this.

Perfect! (Anonymous)

It's absolutely great you will find your self using it all the time and you can use water for cleaning