Master Series ODAX Sensation Wheel

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Very effective

So glad I bought this...I think lol. It feels great when he uses it to tease with pain...but it's also a brat deterrent! When I'm not behaving he just has to shake it a little and I know what he's holding so I stop misbehaving ...sometimes. ;)


Love this thing!

I love this pinwheel, glad I made the purchase!



This is probably one of the most extreme purchases we made for our master/slave role play.

It is very painful and you just be extra careful as to not press it too hard onto your partner's skin. Best to touch the sharp ends to get an idea of how sharp they really are.
It can also leave a trail of temporary dotted marks on sensitive skin. Make sure you don't use these before going out in public. Or at least, not on a publicly visible part of the body.

Very kinky purchase. Love it.

Product description

A prickly fetish-geared tool from the Master Series, the ODAX is a sensory treat for couples that crave a little pain along with their pleasure. Perfect for all kinds of bondage and dominance scenarios, the Wheel is meant to be lightly rolled over the skin, creating an exhilarating, endorphin-releasing sensation that's completely unique and entirely unforgettable.

Weighty and ergonomically shaped, the sharp, spiky wheel rolls smoothly on a slim handle that's comfortable and secure in hand, allowing for perfect placement and easy maneuvering. Smooth contouring makes the immeasurably pleasurable shape exciting and stimulating, and thanks to the temperature sensitivity of steel, the ODAX can be warmed or cooled before play. Stainless steel is amazingly hygienic, able to be easily sterilized via boiling or bleaching, it's also immensely hardy and can stand up to a whole lot of enthusiastic handling. Simply avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.

SKU: XR-000682 | UPC: 848518000682 | MPN: NS100-BX (19)

SKU: XR-000682 | UPC: 848518000682 | MPN: NS100-BX (19)

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First decent one I've found!

I've bought some from amazon and other places and they have awful burrs and manufacturers defects. I didn't have to file this one at all It was great right out of the box :)


Tease and please

Be careful with this toy and try it lightly on your arm before using with your partner. You have to be in control and to trust the person who uses the wheel on you, but when done right and gently, it offers a good rush. Recommended.


Buy it!

A wonderful tool. The teeth are sharp and you have to be careful but with the right touch and knowing the body of your partner you can tickle or create slight pain/pleasure. A must have


Sensation Wheel

High quality materials, well machined. And as always, quick delivery.


Must buy

Feels good in the hand, and on her body



Super sharp and gives off a great sensation if you're into a little bit of pain. Careful though, don't press too hard! It can leave little red marks on the skin if you do. Great for sensation play. Would buy it again!


Best reaction ever!

I ran it down her back once. Thick white cream trickled own her thighs. Worth every penny. Great quality, just the right sharpness. We both loved it.



No way was he going to let me use it on him I said, then use it on me. It was the most exciting slightly painful feeling. You don't need a lot of pressure as the tips could hurt more than you want. I want to use it over and over again. Its like having pain but in a good way. Highly recommended.


Oh so fantastic

He about died when I pulled this out during some intense sensation play. With the right use of pressure (use on yourself first to gauge pain level) you can make your partner hurt and feel incredible all at once. A great way to join the quest to sub space. A+