Master Series OX Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

Master Series OX Bull Nose Nipple Clamps 4.65 31 4.65/5 Based On 31 Reviews

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Product Description
A sturdy, adjustable set of Bull Nose Clamps from the Master Series, the OX duo's design is completely classic, tried, tested, true, and definitely deserving of a place of honor in any well rounded clamp collection.

Ultra secure and nice and  weighty, the clamps themselves can be tightened to your or your partner's perfect pinch level - just twist the screws to adjust tension between the rubber coated tips. 

Adding some very sexy weightiness and giving you / your partner something to grab onto, a 12.5" 30.5cm silvery chain links the two clamps. If you'd like a little weight along with your pinch, no problem! There's plenty of room to attach a weight of choice.

In metal and rubber, the Master Series OX Bull Nose Nipple Clamps should be spot cleaned as needed.

* The Clamps measure about 16.5"/42cm end to end. Each clamp is approximately 1.9"/4.8cm and .4"/1cm wide

SKU: XR-012220 | UPC: 811847012220 | MPN: ST188 (86)

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SKU: XR-012220 | UPC: 811847012220 | MPN: ST188 (86)

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Based On 31 Reviews
Master Series OX Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

Painful but Great Quality

I was nervous about these at first, but once I figured out how to use them properly it was a much better experience. These are rather Inexpensive and very quality at the same time. The only thing that confused me was how to use them in the beginning ( the tighter the screw the looser the clamp, not the other way around) but once you figure that out, they are a great product that offer varying degrees of pinching.

Master Series OX Bull Nose Nipple Clamps


adjustable clamps, good design and high quality drove me to leave a review for everyone who has doubt about purchasing this toys.

Master Series OX Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

Pinching perfection

These clamps have great adjustment. Perfect for beginners, sensitive types, and those who share with their partner. The chain has a good length, great for a nip and tug when your hands are busy elsewhere, and is actually metal. Good weight to let you know it's there, but not enough to make you worry about having to tuck your nips into your belt when you're done playing.

The overall construction is solid, can endure some rough stuff, and super fantastic. Really really pleased with this item. I give this product two nips up.

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