Nen-Wa Magnetic Hematite Balls in Black

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Jun 16, 2022

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Nen-Wa Magnetic Hematite Balls

An advanced version of the classic ben wa ball straightening tool, these ultra slick, deliciously weighty numbers were created from seamless, wonderfully temperature sensitive hematite boasting some serious magnetic attraction.

Used throughout the ages for both vaginal strengthening and pleasure purposes, the act of wearing ben-wa balls also has the effect of increasing sexual awareness and enhancing desire. The weighted balls help exercise keymuscles in the pelvic floor responsible for sexual pleasure, while keeping the vaginal walls elastic and responsive to stimulation and pleasure. This set is heavier than average, weighing in at 4.6 oz (130g) combined- thanks to the extremely strong pull of the magnetic iron, the balls stay put extraordinary well, maximizing sensation and workout effectiveness.

If you're a fan of temperature play, these are definitely for you, iron is very sensitive to temperature, aside from naturally warming with body heat, and retaining that heat for long periods of time, you'll be able to heat or cool the Balls more dramatically, just pop them in the fridge or freezer before using, or place in warm or cool water. The nonporous surface cleans easily and can be completely sterilized, if need be, soap and water or a good toy cleaner works just fine for everyday cleaning.

There's very little maintenance required with the Nen-Wa Balls,  care should be taken not to scratch them on abrasive surfaces or cleaners, but that's about all you'll need to worry about. In terms of lubricants, anything goes, you'll be able to use your favorite oil, water or silicone based formulas, and as a bonus, you'll find that a little lube goes a very long way.

The Magnetic Hematite Balls are 1.18 inches (30mm) in diameter, with a combined weight of 4.6oz (130g)- 2.2oz (62g) each.

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Nen-Wa Magnetic Hematite Balls


These things are awesome. I don't have any problems with the muscles there, but I wanted to try something new. Definitely worth it! These things keep me aroused the whole time I am using them. The only problem is removing them takes a little extra work, they don't want to leave ;)

Nen-Wa Magnetic Hematite Balls

Haha wow

The weight of them is definitely good. I'm suddenly more aware of my Vaginal Posture & I like it ;D
It gives a slight tickle when there's movement inside and clenching down to keep them in is (to me) a bit arousing. I don't want to take them out

Nen-Wa Magnetic Hematite Balls

Girlfriend loves them.

Bought these for my girlfriend after trying some of a smaller size, she love these. they are heavy and hard to lose since they are both connected to each others. great quality for the price.