Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment

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Product Description

An incredibly unique way to enjoy the almost infinite pleasure possibilities of the Neon Wand electro stimulator, the Power Tripper literally transforms the wearer into a human electrode, electrifying touch for an unforgettable tactile experience.

To use, you'll need to attach the Tripper to the Neon Wand (which is sold separately), and then place the wide, comfortably curved metal pad against the skin. Once it's secured, either by holding in place or positioning inside a waistband, sports-band or otherwise, your fingertips and other body parts will be capable of creating a gentle (or intense, depending) tingly sensation against another body. Bringing yet another pleasure possibility to the table, any metal object you may be holding will also become a conductor of stimulating electricity, opening up an entire world of sensory play using metal toys and objects.

As with any electro stimulation tool, you'll want to be sure to read the very detailed instruction manual before use, as safety is, of course, the number one priority.

SKU: SR-091438 | UPC: 844915091438 | MPN: KL946 (0)


SKU: SR-091438 | UPC: 844915091438 | MPN: KL946 (0)

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Based On 6 Reviews
Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment

Fantastic accessory a must have

The Power Tripper really makes the Neon Wand complete it's just not near the fun without this amazing accessory, we really enjoyed playing with the Power Tripper and my lady loves me stimulating her everywhere while wearing the Power Tripper. She climaxed by me just holding my hand a few millimetres away from her clitoris now how hot is that!!!

Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment


Partner loves it, really fun when combined with metal toys like a wartenberg wheel or metal claws.

Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment


Talk about a power trip, the sensation is crazy. Start with it on low, but if you have a neon wand, definitely try this out, it is unlike anything else you will feel.

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