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It takes your breath away

This wand is the ultimate in satisfaction my wife has almost declared me redundant in bed as she finds the wand gives her so much pleasure, and I must admit that this wand gives myself a lot of pleasure. Now we have one each and we can give each other so much fun and good feelings also the price was right as well.



nice size very arousing toy



This is a very powerful massager, and I loooove that it's rechargeable.

Product description

1 million soldGiving some of the favorites a run for their money, the rechargeable Body Wand is an extra powerful massager with a soft, flexible head that easily reaches all the spots you seek to please.

The sleek wand style shape fits smoothly in hand, letting you comfortably and easily direct the Velvet Touch head over, around and against sore muscles or more intimate areas; a little dial starts up and switches the strong, quiet vibrations with multiple speeds. If you're familiar with electric massagers, you'll know how powerful they can be, but the Body Wand easily matches the deep down intensity without any cord of wires to get in the way. It was specifically engineered for strong, continuous stimulation that won't quit until you're satisfied and sated.

You'll also appreciate the subdued sound levels, which, considering the power, are impressive. It's not the quietest vibrator you'll come across, but it's much less intrusive than most electric models. In case you need more reasons to adore the Body Wand, it's made from high quality, body safe materials, plus, it's completely rechargeable, so it'll always be ready when you are.

When it's time to charge, a green LED light glows while your Wand is powering up, and turns off once it's done. A 30 minute charge will give you one hour of fun with your BodyWand. If you'll be using a lubricant, choose a good water or silicone based formula to keep your Wand in tip top shape.

  • Length: 10.25"
  • Girth: 5.6" at largest point
  • Width: 1.6" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Power Source: Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Flexible, Multi-Speed, Phthalate Free, Rechargeable
  • Color: Black

SKU: BW-974661 | UPC: 726633974661 | MPN: BW109 (48)

SKU: BW-974661 | UPC: 726633974661 | MPN: BW109 (48)

Ratings / Reviews

Won't recharge

The product was perfect; good powerful vibes and light to carry.


Love this wand but....

This is the best wand, when you first get it. The only problem is it stops working well after awhile. I've had 3 maybe 4 of these. Their customer service is wonderful but now I'm embarrassed to keep trying to ask them to replace it because where it plugs in the contact stops the ability to charge. If there was a way to make it more reliable long term it would be 5+ stars. I'm hoping the company will work on this. In the meantime, I guess I have no choice but to keep shelling out $100 bucks because it's the best vibrations for head spinning orgasms!


good but stopped being reliable

I have had my body wand for over 6 months. I used it everyday and figured that, for the price, it would last a long time. The battery power fully charged and even plugged in has not been reliable. I still think this is the best I have ever had so I will be buying another one.


love it

replaced my hitachi lol. best wand i ever got. love the pulsing button! i love placing it on my clit while my man takes my other holes.


Easier to handle

Having been a HUGE fan of another brands corded, personal massager, I was very pleased with the power and stamina that this cordless wand delivers but I really enjoy that it is easier and lighter to handle than my old faithful.
My arm and hands don't even get tired anymore!


Great toy for both of us

Great toy... works great. We are on our third one because the previous two stopped working after less than a year


Is there an option for 6 stars??

Wow this machine is incredible. This is my first wand and I don't think I'll be able to ever have sex without it again. Tried it on myself and loved all the different speeds.

If you are to get one wand and only one, let it be this one


Awesome, almost...

This is an awesome product, we love it, when it works... The first time was awesome and the second time we wanted to use it, it's just didn't work. i've charged it, the light is blue, but won't start, tried to charge it again, no success... the thing is already broken... :(


What a ride

I had high hopes for this vibe and it did not disappoint! From the sleek design to the different pulse options to the speed options, this vibe offers a completely customizable experience.
I love that its rechargeable and that it lasts for a few days on a single charge - based on my usage. It makes me feel better about sparing the lives of so many batteries.
I highly, highly recommend this vibe to anyone, no matter what your experience level is.



Love this toy!


All in all satisfied

Finally bought a wand, and glad I got this one. A great toy to have! It definitely does the trick!
I like that there are 8 settings (changed by the side button) and that you can adjust the power using the roller on the front. Lightweight, and comfortable to hold. My only issue is that you can't use it while it's plugged in to charge (so basically, make sure it is fully charged so that it doesn't shut off while you're in the middle of using it). Having said that, it carries the charge for a long time!



Best ever love it ,expect it as always


The Stamina of a virgin

Runs quiet, real quiet - if only it would hold a charge!
Right from the box this item would only recharge if you had it turned on.
once it was recharged you could only get 15min of use before you have to recharge again. If you fully charged it today, and didn't use it, the charge would be completely gone by the next day.


Powerful and sleek. Love all the vibe options

Gotta love a vibe that has SO many options to choose from and then each speek takes it to another level. LOVE this vibrator


Makes me scream with Pleasure

This vibrator is powerful and gives me the best orgasm. I am screaming with pleasure every time my partner and I use it. I even get little clit tingles afterwards. Would recommend this to everyone.


My Go To Toy

As the title says, it's my go to toy! If I have extra time before work it's definitely my go to. It gives me absolute orgasm fast! Definitely worth every penny. It's also rechargeable, no more cord hassles!


Quality that lasts

I have had this product for almost a year now, and I still choose this over any new shiny toy. Delivers powerful orgasms every time for both my boyfriend and I.


Worth it's price

Very good wand here- it is very powerful and does get me off on the lowest setting, even as a power queen. I always go back to this one- even if I own over a hundred different toys. The vibrations are rumbly and feels amazing to me. I definetely recommend it to any girls who like clitoral stimulation - it really is a must have, and does wonder for sore muscles too!



product is great. well worth the money and quality product.



Love this toy, makes her squirt and orgasm again and again.


Does the job ;-)

First, the delivery was fast and product was well boxed and anonymous, wich I really like.

It handles right, light weight and has a good vibration. The pulsing button is not well placed and can be activate accidently. The rechargeable feature is really great, no need to seach for new batteries or be tangled with a cord.

It's a nice toy!


Guaranteed orgasms!

This is my favorite toy by far! It gives me orgasms everytime and never fails me! I love it! Alone and with partners... There's so many games to play with it. ;)
But as Jess said earlier in the reviews, I have had it for most than six months (and use it almost's probably the reason why, haha) and it seems like it is dying... It has almost no charge, and it just started making strong noises...
4 stars anyway, because I love it and it has been perfect for so many times! :)

I'll probably go with the one non-rechargeable and see if it last longer.


Happy Customer

It's nice when you purchase a product and it actually lives up to the product description.


Great Wand!

I bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it. The intensity of the vibration is adjustable and it has been a great addition. Would definitely recommend.


Nice device.

Good construction, head doesn't feel like it'll snap if you put too much pressure on it. Has nice power, the only down side is there are only two settings, and the second setting is a more of a solid thump than I can imagine being enjoyable. All around excellent device, holds a charge for quite a while (more than an hour so far, still haven't needed to charge it yet.).



This is an awesome toy, nice and powerful



This is great I bought this and the attachment for my boyfriend and we love it


Not the best

This wand is ok, it does what it says but doesn't compare to the amazingness of the hitachi.

The rechargeable feature is really awesome as is the dial to control. However, I HATE the pulse feature, well not exactly the pulse feature but the location of the button. I'd end up accidentally hitting the pulse over and over again to the point where I gave up and went to my broken hitachi instead!

This wand is also smaller than the hitachi and lighter which is nice, but also less powerful.



unbelievable. Love this toy. It is effective and makes for hours of fun.


not sure if i can say this , but better than Hitachi wand

I love, love , love this , Orgams everytime, and its so much quieter than the hitachi wand , love the smaller head too