Ripple Large Plug in Midnight Purple

Based On 12 Reviews

Ripple Large Plug in Midnight Purple

Based On 12 Reviews

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Feel every Ripple. (Clandestine)

The Ripple Large is a unique combination of dildo, probe and anal beads that delivers plenty of stimulation on a number of fronts. As versatile as it is well-designed, it works well as a warm-up toy or on its own. Made of an excellent material and well-priced for the quality, it is a great addition to anyone's collection. If you're a beginner, though, the smaller Ripple may be a better choice.

Wow! (Michael)

Wow this toy will take some getting used to. I can't quite get past that last bump, but it's fun to try.

Purple Popper Pleasure Master (Anonymous)

This was my first time using an attachment of this length with different size balls as you go in with my new strap-on but let me say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences for the both of us. My partner (male) loved the sensations from the tip all the way to the end of the shaft of the attachment and it gave me (female) the ability to control with my hands and fingers how hard or soft I wanted to thrust those purple balls in. Highly recommended but not for beginners.

Product description

The Ripple Large by Tantus is a great pleasure tool for anal lovers, however it can be used vaginally as well. A smooth shape with 4 graduating pleasure beads starts out fairly small at just under one inch wide, and ends up at a stimulating 1 1/2 inches of width at the bottom. In between the beads is a slim body, this and the bumps themselves adds lots of pleasurable sensation during insertion and withdrawal. The base is large and wide so the Ripple stays put with no worries about it being 'swallowed', and making it perfect for solo exploration, as well as use with a partner. The flat base has a small amount of suction for limited hands free use, and is also compatible with an O-ring type harness. The larger size of the Ripple large makes it more suitable to the anal novice and expert, beginners should have a look at the Ripple Small. The medical grade platinum silicone material is extremely hygienic; you can boil or bleach your plug for total sterilization, and it's completely odor free and tasteless. Always use a water based lubricant with the Little Flirt, do not use silicone lube with this or any silicone toy, it will break down the material and leave your toy permanently tacky. Explore the science of sensation with Tantus and PinkCherry.

  • Length: 7"
  • Insertable Length: 6.75"
  • Girth: 5" at largest point
  • Width: 1" at largest point
  • Color: Purple

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Cant be scared all your life (Joseph)

I thought, why not go big right off the bat?
Glad I did, lubed up you start off small, but when you get to the third finally went. ; )
Great toy for anal play, takes you to another level

Good warm up toy or starter toy (Chubby)

High quality silicone toy. Great warm up for bigger toys, or for the the novice. The only thing I don't like is that it is a bit too long for my taste, but just barely, during maximum insertion. As someone else stated "a bit pokey", haha. Otherwise it's great, the size of the beads are prefect to get my sphincter used to the sensations of being penetrated. I've also found that the shape of this toy is great to for making sure I'm clean for my play session , I use it in the shower prior to dislodge any matter that might be there, putting my mind at ease knowing there wont be any unexpected messes.
Once this baby slides in and out with ease , I'm ready for more! :)

Great combo (Anonymous)

This toy has the features of multiple toys in one it's an awesome addition to any anal lovers collection

Seems enjoyable for sure! (Pans)

I bought this (and a few others from Tantus) as a gift for my boyfriend so I couldn't tell you how it feels, but I can tell you it works well with a harness and my boyfriend sure seem to love the feeling of it. Not quite for beginners, unless you don't insert the lasts "beads". I went with this brand because I was looking for quality, body safe materials and I wasn't disappointed. This is great.

Almost perfect (Anonymous)

All this needs is a better suction cup and it is perfect

Scaled by ripple (Vane)

This toy is amazing for me as for beginner. I can use as many ripples as I want and we can control it with my wife. We use it for play not only for her but for me too and it is perfect for both of us. And one more thing I would like to tell about material of this toy, it is very soft and it makes additional pleasure for us.

Just right (WooWoo)

This is a great butt toy, it is just large enough that she can take it all with a little time and lube. Leave in place for full feeling, slide it in and out for more pleasure or tap on the end for surprises. Feels great inside her too from my point of view and the flat end doesn't get in the way during doggie-style action.

Not for ass virgins! (VanillaKinks)

The large Ripple is an amazing toy for those experienced in anal play.  It may be just too overwhelming for new ass virgins! With that said, this is another high quality product from Tantus thats guaranteed to bring both men and women lots of ass pleasure!

Not for ass virgins! (VanillaKinks)

The large Ripple is an amazing toy for those experienced in anal play.  It may be just too overwhelming for new ass virgins! With that said, this is another high quality product from Tantus thats guaranteed to bring both men and women lots of ass pleasure!