SpectraGels Anal Stuffer

Based On 30 Reviews

SpectraGels Anal Stuffer

Based On 30 Reviews

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Oh My God (Random412)

Where to start.
It is with out a doubt the best plug ive ever owned.
Combine this with a powerful vibrator once its in.
Trust me. You will never take it out once you pair it with a vibrator.

Favorite anal toy of all time (icarus)

This is definitely my favorite toy, its soft easy to clean, very flexible and when its completely in you can walk around and no one would no the better.  Pros Definitely fills you up and feels great Cons  its not the longest or thickest of toys. Experienced users will want more after.

awesome (Anonymous)

Fills you up nicely went from the medium plug in Crystal jellies anal starter kit directly to this wish I would have done it sooner

Product description

Uniquely shaped for maximum stretch and stimulation, Doc's SpectraGels Anal Stuffer delves deep for a full sensation while targeting sweets spots along the way.

Petite at the tip, the Stuffer's rounded entry point pops smoothly into place. Using lots of a favorite lube, gently insert three more dramatic swells to reach a sleek neck. A nice wide rectangular base helps prevent too-deep penetration.

In a soft supple PVC rubber along with Doc's signature SilAGel, the Stuffer cleans easily using simple soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lubricant.

  • Length: 6"
  • Insertable Length: 5.5"
  • Girth: 5.1" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Color: Purple

SKU: DJ-0290-08-CD | UPC: 782421511807 | MPN: 0290-08-CD (17)

SKU: DJ-0290-08-CD | UPC: 782421511807 | MPN: 0290-08-CD (17)

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This will leave you feeling full but comfortable. It's very soft but stable enough to use in motion. When you finally suck in the middle bump... WHOA. Great product.

Amazing (Anonymous)

This is a great toy for anyone. I’m a beginner to anal here and this was perfect for me. Gives such an amazing full feeling and gets me going really quick. Great product.

Love anal (Anonymous)

Love this plug!!! This is my favorite plug in my collection. I love wearing this plug for several hours at a time gets my ass ready to take my husband

love this plug!!! (love anal)

I love this plug for all day ware!!!! Just wish it was a little wider 1.7 or 1.75 not new to anal still one of my favorite toys!!!!

Get stuffed ! (Gordon)

This toy does what it is supposed to do with very little fuss or bother. Works well on either end. The only negative is that sometimes it is hard to keep in place if moving around

Fulfilling (Anonymous)

This is an awesome toy. Very "full"filling. The perfect butt plug!

Perfect (Anonymous)

The best butt plug of all time. Hands down.

Awesome! (Leslye)

Great product!

A Must Buy! (Twink-ie)

If your into anal play, you NEED this toy. Not only does it hold in place perfectly and fits comfortably, but its the perfect size for both beginners and intermediate. A must buy!

Its a lot to take in! (Tash)

This little soldier is definitely on the larger side of things. Anyone looking to enjoy anal play that will expand / stretch / push things to the limit would be interested in this toy. Get some lube, grit your teeth and go for it.

My favorite toy (Sassy)

My favorite butt plug for sure. It gives a nice full feeling and isn't too firm or too soft. Great for dp.

Amazing (Courtney)

I LOVED using this! Alone and with my hubby. Its so jelly and soft, and makes me feel so full (I use it anally and vaginally) its one of my new favorites. Definitely very happy

Amazing (Chelsea)

I bought this after purchasing a few other anal toys and this is the bees knees. Super comfortable and the best fit. Would definitely recommend .

Tushy time (David)

Great little plug, not too soft not too hard

Perfect (Anonymous)

This toy was bigger than I expected, but also softer than I thought as well which is good because it makes inserting it easier. The size and texture make this toy fit perfectly and it feels absolutely incredible. Very happy!!!

My fave toy! (laura)

I adore this plug, the shape and size are perfect and it feels great! !

Perfect size (el cochino)

Very nice toys, easy to insert, not too big, not too small and perfect length. Next step is to try it on harness.

This is the one! (Anonymous)

This is the one. I've tried a few plugs and anal vibes now and for me, this one is the perfect size and feel. It's the perfect sort of flexible and offers just the right amount of resistance exactly where it should. You can also stick it right to the shower wall and back into it for the best effect.
If you only stick one object up your ass this year, make it the anal stuffer. You wont be disappointed.
10/10, would plug my ass again.

Want to feel full? (Analgirl)

I'd say I'm an intermediate anal girl, and this baby is the most I've taken so far. The material is great - soft, but firm enough to slide in without trying to keep it straight. It takes some gentle ease, but I definitely feel full once it's inserted and can wear it for several hours. I'd give it 5 stars, but as some others noted, there is a strong scent to this toy. It's diminishing with washing, but taking its time. Regardless, intermediates, buy this plug! You'll be happy!

Lady Wu (Anonymous)

I love the feel of this toy! Girthy, for a full feeling, yet has enough give in its firmness as to not cause discomfort. I have given this toy 4 stars as the only drawback is that it has a very strong smell when first opening the package, but it does gets better with washing! Always wash new toys!

Great (Sweets)

This was just what I wanted flexible but firm too.

great product (Anonymous)

easy to insert, stays in place, and the soft gel is very comfortable. Best of all, it prepares me for better things

great for beginners (Anonymous)

I was really impressed with the full feeling it gave and once i got it going it made my knees shake

omg this is sso goood (Anonymous)

I'm new to anal but I've been exited about it for a while... I have an other but plug, a little smaller.
When I manage to put this one completely in my butt it nearly drove me crazy. This is so good, I'm almost cumming just by having it in... I love it, you need this!

Amazing Plug! (Anonymous)

Absolutley in the top favourites for toys. I dont care much for jelly/rubber toys but this one gets the exception! Its a nice size that even a novice will enjoy and want to take slow at first. The length and size combined with the shape and material make this a very comfortable and super enjoyable toy. Fav.

Delightful! (Jay)

Love this plug. gotta do a bit of a warm up first and get relaxed, but its so satisfying and comfortable once in. Would reccomend to everyone.

Love this plug! (Kitten)

I was initially intimidated by the size of this plug, but its firm yet pliable material made it very easy to insert. It creates a fantastic full feeling. I love the bubbles when my partner is using it on me. Its a fantastic prelude to anal sex. My partner and I have immensely enjoyed adding to our sex life! Ive also enjoyed it for solo use, wearing it around the house and even sticking it on the shower wall the base acts as a suction cup!.