Strict Spreader Bar

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As great as cuffs are (they're really great!), sometimes, they're just not enough when it comes to some of the more creative bound-up situations. Solo, they'll hold your/your partner's wrists or ankles up, down and out of the way, but what happens if you don't have a bedpost, strap, or sturdy piece of gear to hitch your wrist or ankle cuffs to? Enter the Strict Spreader Bar!

In vegan leather-coated metal, the Spreader Bar comes complete with four built-in cuffs, all padded, all super-secure, and all optionally lock-able. You'll need your own lock(s), if you feel like playing prisoner, though. To position your partner any way you see (consensually, of course) fit, just buckle the cuffs around their wrists or ankles, or wrists AND ankles. 

Once they (or you) are locked to the bar, things get really interesting! The bar, aside from acting as a simple spreader, can also be used as a position aid - it's something to hang onto when legs are up in the air, for example. 

In low maintenance PU, the Strict Spreader Bar can be easily spot cleaned as needed.

* Bar measures 16"/40.6cm long and 2"/5.08cm wide. Cuffs adjust to fit most

SKU: XR-024220 | UPC: 848518024220 | MPN: AE919 (4)

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SKU: XR-024220 | UPC: 848518024220 | MPN: AE919 (4)

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