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AWESOME (Anonymous)

3 Squirts and it works!!!

Very good (Anonymous)

It is perfect, if it is used correctly. Don't come and complain, if you don't know how to use it.

This is great (dennis)

I've used this with my lover and we really enjoy the longer sex sessions!

Product description

One of the top selling male enhancement products on the market, original Stud 100 is an incredibly effective spray praised by my men and their mates for it's ultra long lasting stamina potential.

Petite and discreet, the pre-measured spray bottle dispenses a perfect amount of the specially created formula- intended to dramatically increase erection strength and longevity, Stud 100 also delays ejaculation notably. Containing 9.6% lidocaine, a well known, medically used local anesthetic, Stud  reduces sensation at surface level, gently numbing the sensitive head of the penis.

The recommended dosage is 3 to 8 sprays 5 to 15 minutes before sex- be sure to wait until the spray has completely dried before making contact with a partner. Stud 100 contains a light lubricant as well as enhancement ingredients, it's colorless, odorless, non-toxic and latex condom safe. Contains 12g. DIN#01901532

SKU: ZZ-888 | UPC: 677613004505 | MPN: 450 (262)

SKU: ZZ-888 | UPC: 677613004505 | MPN: 450 (262)

Ratings / Reviews

Works (lee)

This stuff works great. It is the second order. Highly recommend this product.

Stud 100 (Mike L)

The product does desensitize the area and performs as expected but was noticed that it left a numbing sensation when performing oral.

Will continue to test quantity used and time between acts.

Works great (Anonymous)

Works great highly recommend it. It is the second time I have purchased this product.

Awesome (Anonymous)

This product is the best that I have used a couple sprays and it helps a lot with pe. I would recommend this to anyone needing a desensitizing spray and even if you don’t this product will turn it into an all nighter

decent stuff (justme)

Does what its supposed to do.Numbs the dick dumb.Adds some extra sex time if your going in for a pounding.
Disclaimer dont fresh shave and spray it on your willy..oouuch.

Good Item (Anonymous)

Very good product must buy. You will enjoy your fun for longer time

Stud 100 (Anonymous)

Great product works in minutes.

works well (Anonymous)

this stuff really works. spray it on and let it air dry, it takes about 10 min, and you could slam your dick in a door and not feel it, but the warming keeps you hard. great stuff

Dud to Stud! (Chris)

My wife hates that I say "dud", but I was just sick of always "ending" just short of when she could have. Now, with a little help from this spray, I can last just that much longer so the ending is more "mutual". Love this product.

Amazing (Alex)

I was'nt expect this to work but it really does numb. Made me last a lot longer in bed.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Works great.

Awsome (Rio)

the best ever,

Awesome (Joe)

I'm a true believer of this product.
I spray on 30 minutes before play then take a shower and wash it off, I stay numb and it won't transfer to my wife.

it works (Anonymous)

this stuff works great. my wife and i have a really healthy sex life, and she can take quite some time to cum, where as im always fighting it. this desensitize allows me to go hard and fast for about half an hour without having to slow down. if your looking for a desensitizer this stuff works!!!

The little engine that could (Eric Lavoie)

This stuff does exactly what it says ! Make sure to put it on 5 minutes before sex and buckle up to give your partner a ride she will never forget choooooo chooooooo !

Comfortably Numb (Jill)

Does exactly what it's supposed to. Very easy to use, have to find out exactly how many sprays is right for you, everyone of different. My husband definitely lasts longer, he said he numbs just enough that he doesn't go too soon but finds it comfortable not like other products he has tried that made him feel nothing. This is our second purchase

It works… (Anonymous)

The product works as indicated. I sprayed it on the head and shaft and waited 15 mins. I think I'll just spray my shaft and not the head next time I use it as it reduced feeling and I had to really lay into my wife to cum. I think less is more with this product


I'm literally a "minute man" so I decided to try this out for the first time the other day. Instructions say to spray 3 to 8 times so I sprayed 3 shots on my head and after about 10 minutes I was completely numb! This stuff really works almost too good that it made things even worse!! I Couldn't feel anything. So my advice, try one spray only. Also, this stuff tastes bad!! At least that's what the wife says. When it takes effect wash up with soap and water. Water only is not good enough, tried that already and the wife gagged again, lol.

Hard (Anonymous)

This is great! You won't be disappointed.


I last long when I dont work too late from work. I tried this product for the first time. I couldn't believe how long I lasted.

works wonders! (Anonymous)

This product works perfectly. Didn't know what to expect at first but thought I'd try it. Definitely last alot longer! Only need a few sprays!

Hope it will be around for a long time (Peter)

I've written several reviews on this product and i've spent over $5000 alone here cause this thing really works and does what the product is suppose to do. Could i please be the winner of $100 gift card i'll just buy more stud any ways.

Saved my marriage (Anonymous)

The first time I used the stud 100 I lasted longer than my wife. It was the first time she came faster than me. The next week,I tried it again with the same results . Best thing ever I feel like a MAN..,

last long.. all night (bryan)

It's amazing..

Really Works (Anonymous)

Just a few spray will make you last all night long.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Works great! Does what it's supposed to do without numbing your member.

Yessssss (Kevin)

It works good she likes it I can go for hours

Great Product (Anonymous)

I would say it has been the best product for prelonging ejaculation and i will continue to buy. I just hope i'll get picked one of these days and win the gift certificate cause i would just by more of this product.

Awesome (Impressed)

Let's me get my wife off two or three times instead of once or a maybe, love it, an so does she!

Great! (Anonymous)

Works wonderfully!! Careful how much you use as a little goes a long way!!