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Amazing Feels

Love how it feels against my skin, it's gorgeous and packs a nice sting, plus the bruises are so worth it, a must have!!!


Bedroom Jewelry

It's so pretty, I don't even know where to start, my friend got it first and used it on me since than I waited for it to come back into stock so I could get one, it's a bit heavier than the other one I have so it feels sturdy, it can be used to taunt your partner dragging it slowly across their skin before giving a nice firm hit. Add a blindfold and you're set. It's worth it to add this little gem to your toys plus who can resist the price! <3


His new favourite

My partners new fav of all of our spanking toys! This sounds more impressive than it feels. This does not have much of a snap. Its more fun than anything else.

Product description

A dark, definitely sexy take on a classic playtime accessory from Sex & Mischief, this bdsm staple fashioned from supple black PVC and no-nonsense metal studs can go from naughty to nice with a flick of the wrist, teasingly slapping or smacking bitingly, depending on how it's handled.

A wonderful choice for beginners, the Studded is pleasantly lightweight, excitingly rigid and extremely easy to maneuver with precision control- a soft looped cord at the base can be slipped through the fingers to keep a firm grip. This paddle is 12 inches (30.5cm) long and about 2 1/4 inches (5.7cm) at the widest point

SKU: SS-099046 | UPC: 646709099046 | MPN: SS09904 (33)

SKU: SS-099046 | UPC: 646709099046 | MPN: SS09904 (33)

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Impact Toys

My Mistress very much enjoys using this impact toy to punish me when she s in the mood to mark me.


Hot hot hot

Love this paddle it's one of the best ones I got yet. Put in freezer for 10 mins to really spice things up


So Amazing!

I bought this paddle for my boyfriend - he absolutely loves the marks it makes on his thighs (and elsewhere!!)... definitely recommend if you are not scarred of a marks and bruising.


LOVE the bruises

I am obsessed with the bruises this leaves, they're soooooo pretty. It doesn't pack too much of a thud but if your top knows what they're doing it can pack a mean sting.


Love it

Packs a little sting to it if that's what you're looking for


The best

The best crop I have ever used


New sucker for punishment

Got this paddle almost on a whim. Boy, I didn't know that I would enjoy having my bottom whacked so!



Great for beginners, it gives off a very satisfying sound but doesn't hurt too bad. Leaves nice sexy marks


Great little piece

Loved this one - small enough for the hand and to not create a lot of wind resistance! She loved it



Love the reaction I get when I smack his ass or balls with this. Makes me wet with pleasure at his discomfort. Makes him jump and squeal


Beautiful markings

I absolutely love this paddle. You have the option to use the leather side if it gets much but the studs are lovely. I had beautiful redness and bruising for days to follow. A definite must for your collection