Toko Aqua Water Based Lubricant 5.5oz/163ml

Based On 44 Reviews

Toko Aqua Water Based Lubricant 5.5oz/163ml

Based On 44 Reviews

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moveslikeswagger (Anonymous)

always my go to - great price and quality

Great stuff! (Anonymous)

Water-based, much better (and safer) than silicone-based. Very smooth and not sticky at all. Doesn't stain sheets. Since it is water-based, the lube will dry out quicker but you can just apply some more. Only wish they made a bigger bottle!

The very best of all (Greedy)

I have been using this lubricant for years. I tried all flavors and they all taste so good - none of them feels sticky. With only a few drops you can last long so it doesn't take much to enjoy a slippy penetration, even with a dildo. A bottle last so long! It's really worth the price.

Product description

Exclusively created to feel just like natural lubrication, Aqua's high end water based formula effortlessly relieves dryness, alleviates friction and adds lots of pleasurable slipperiness to playtime.

Aqua's clear, odorless water based formula is ultra silky and long lasting, completely safe for use with latex condoms and gear as well as all just about any toy material. Non-staining.

  • Size: 5.5 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Paraben Free, Unscented

SKU: SH-062008 | UPC: 697309062008 | MPN: 6200 TOKO AQUA LUBRICANT (8)

SKU: SH-062008 | UPC: 697309062008 | MPN: 6200 TOKO AQUA LUBRICANT (8)

Ratings / Reviews

Awesome (Anonymous)

This is by far the best lube I've ever used before I'll keep buying it cause it's so good. It's clean smooth makes it super glidey

loved this product (Anonymous)

me and my boyfriend both really loved this lube i will be buying more once the bottle is gone super easy to clean and not messy just a pain trying to open it in the mood haha

Best Lube Ever! (Anonymous)

Perfect lube. Water soluble. No scent. Love it!

slippery when wet (dmon)

product works great, water based, slip n slide, no ticket needed to ride. excellent stuff, would buy again.

Good ! (Anonymous)

Good for fingering and toys. Last long !

Great feeling (Anonymous)

Love water based lube, feels great

Great product (Anonymous)

Best water based lube, is perfect to use with toy

Best (Eric)

Probably the best lube I've come in contact with. Silky smooth, doesn't require much, and takes a lot longer to dry out. Toko does it right

Slippery (Anonymous)

This product is excellent. We use it all the time and then I just get slipperier.

Feels great (Anonymous)

This lube is very good, silky and smooth.

Always a good buy (Anonymous)

We buy this stuff whenever we can, feels nice, not sticky, and lasts as long a you need it to.

Best lube ever (Anonymous)

I have tried a few kinds but for me this is the best lube for edging and other solo sexual activities. A little goes a long way and the texture isn't sticky but nice and slippery which feels amazing.

Great lube (Anonymous)

Good value for the money and better than most lubes out in the market. Lasts a long time and easy to clean.

Best lube ever (Anonymous)

It's the best! Long lasting, great glide, easily recharged with a bit of warm wTer or saliva. Doesn't taste bad either.

Great feeling (Anonymous)

Slick and smooth and tastes good too.
Great product.

Best! (Anonymous)

An AMAZING lubricant! I've tried many different kinds of lube and this one is by far the best. I exclusively purchace this brand of lubricant.

Fantastic (Mike)

This is by far the best lube I have ever purchased. The price range is bang on for what I'm looking for and you don't even need to use that much to get the satisfaction you need. I will continue to only buy this lube from here on out!

Good (C)


Simply the best (T.)

This lube is amazing! Stylish package, nice texture, natural feeling, it has it all! Also, TOKO is a great company and the price on this site can't be beat.

Highly recommended product!

very good (Anonymous)

This is a very high quality lube can be a bit messy do cause its quite runny.

fantastic (marco)

Toko lubes in general are top of the line, but this stuff is simply the best. It isnt sticky at all and stays super slick for a long time. Highly recommended.

Best lube (Anonymous)

This is by far the best water based lube I've ever used.

smooth (Anonymous)

I like the water based lube. It is light

Best lube I've ever used!! (Sexy Lexy)

Me and my BF love this stuff. It's very slick and very long-lasting. I've ordered this lube twice from here as it's the best deal on this product I can find. I recommend this lube!!

Great (Anonymous)

Great lube. Does the trick and isn't sticky

Great stuff (Kait)

I had bought a different brand of lube from here and found that it smelled a bit to strong and was too sticky. This is a great alternative. I am a huge fan of limited smell and how slick it really is. Definitely works for me and makes play time more enjoyable.

Excellent product (Anonymous)

Best water-based I've tried. Stays slippery as long as needed, Cleans up easily. Price is very agreeable.

A bit more watery than expected (B)

The only complaint I really have with this lube, is that it is kind of watery. You don't really need to squeeze the bottle per-say to get anything out. It will just dribble out.
Otherwise, this is a pretty good lube, and I would consider buying it again.

Loyal to this product (Anonymous)

Of all the lubes we've tried, nothing compares to this one. We've used it for PIV, anal, with toys, with condoms and without. It lasts a long time and you don't need to apply much of it at a time. It isn't sticky either. Last time I ordered about 8 bottles and I'm about to buy 10 more.

AMAZING!!!!! (Jason)

This lube feels amazing it glides in nicely i buy a new shipment every 6 months it's awesoe