Triple Ripple Medium Butt Plug in Black

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Amazing for the prize

I bought this toy on a small anal plug haul and oh boy, it was a clear winner.

I consider myself a novice and the medium size was a great transition to the bigger side of things. The different sized bumps make it a treat to reach the bottom. Personally the material its made out of is perfect for me, not too hard that my colon protests and not soft enough to cause handling issues. Its got kind of a fruity factory smell but It doesnt bother me.

My only protest is that you cant just leave the whole thing in you because theres not enough space between the last bump and the stand, so youve got to hold it if you want that final big stretch, but for the price its fantastic!


Ribbed for extacy!

This is the Meduim TrippleRipple Butt Plug... And what a treat it really is!
This plug has great girth and length, the stretching then relaxing of the sphincters as the ripples pass buy send shivers up the spine of the "receiver" and when a soft toy is added to the vagina while this plug is in the ripples continue to have strong pleasure responses as the vaginal toy encounters the ripples through the anal/vaginal wall

5 stars all the way!



Great plug!! Not for beginners, butt very nice for intermediate ass play!

Product description

Satisfy your need for anal adventure with the Triple Ripple butt plug. This nice thick plug has a unique, exciting shape that starts off small at the head, and then gradually widens and tapers into 3 big bumps for tons of sensation during insertion and removal. The wide base make it safe and secure, and also makes it compatible with an O ring type harness. A mid sized size and thickness makes this plug a good choice for anal novices, beginners may want to have a look at some of the smaller plugs available. As with any anal toy, you'll want to use lots of lube, a water based, rubber friendly formula is the best choice for this toy. Enjoy!

  • Length: 5"
  • Insertable Length: 4.5"
  • Girth: 5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.6" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-0247-03-CD | UPC: 782421113605 | MPN: 0247-03-CD (12)

SKU: DJ-0247-03-CD | UPC: 782421113605 | MPN: 0247-03-CD (12)

Doc Johnson
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fun for both of us

Both my partner and myself have loads of fun with it. Probably ordering a second


Feels Amazing.

Great girth and length, feels amazing. Love the ease of using it. Only wish it had more of a flare base or even a suction cup so it doesn't slip out so easily.



Not for beginners! Underestimated the size of this one!


Needs a bigger flaired end.

I liked this product when I first inserted it, but walking around with it in it fell out.. This may be good for a intermediate, but I found it not worth using unless I am planning on only sitting on it... On the plus side the three ripples sliding in feel awesome just don't stand up..


Perfect midsize butt plug

Out of 20 different butt plugs my girlfriend and I use this is one of the better ones and especially for the price. It feels great and goes in very nicely. It does its job well and enhances everything.


Nice and all...but...

I like the graduated sizes and the fit is really nice, but the base doesn't flare in enough to keep it in or wear it around. If this had a better base to it it would definitely be 5 stars!


Not for a newbie

Wow! Not for a newbie!


Good size

A good size for us beginners and experienced users alike.


Nice plug, not flared enough

Great product, but it doesn't hold at all


Base insufficent; overall good product

THis plug isn't that bad. But you have to understand, with such a small base and no flare or almost, it doesnt hold at all. If you do want it to hold, you'd have to go with minimal lubrication to ensure it doesnt slip right back out. As for the rest, size is good and ripples are great!


Nice fit

Have had this plug for several years and still love it. Love the three ripples for gradually getting bigger as it goes inside me. As mentioned, the base is not large, but I have never had a problem with it slipping inside me. I find it the perfect size and always use it when stretching myself open for my well hung boyfriend.


Nice plug, bad base and bottom flare

I really enjoy the triple ripple medium, so much so that I purchased the large version of it recently. The three graduations is great when trying to work your way up to taking larger sizes, however, the base is not flared in enough to close tight and help keep it in for extended periods. Nor is the base very comfortable to keep in-then again you're starting to get up a bit in size, so what base that doesn't get sucked is comfortable? This feels great not only in, but also to insert, as well as being useful for stretching for larger objects. Just make sure you don't have much to do if you plan to keep it in for extended periods of time, because it will pop out.