Venus Penis Wearable Vibe

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Very nice!

I love it!!



I just bought this LOVELY strap-on and it has been my best purchase yet! It does the trick every time- in no time!! I will STRONGLY recommend this to anyone! This will be a hard product to beat- I go everyday looking for opportunities to use this! LOVE IT!!!



i love this product, i wish it would go a little faster.

Product description

Perfect for those wanting to expand their toy to include wearable vibrators! The Venus Penis is a strap on vibrating probe with a satisfying 6 inches of insertable length. Designed out of a soft, pliable, yet gently firm Crystalessence material, the tapered tip is a perfect 2 1/2 inches for easy insertion, and then flares to 4 inches at the base. This vibe really does it all, with powerful clitoral stimulation, a vibrating and rotating shaft, and an anal stimulator. Other features that rank high on our list: the Venus Penis is hands free with comfortable, adjustable thigh and waist straps, and the easy to use power pack has an LED display that lets you customize to your perfect amount of stimulation. Not recommended for use in water, but you can put it to all sorts of use on dry land.

  • Length: 5"
  • Insertable Length: 3.5"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Battery: 3 x AA Batteries
  • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Remote Control, Rotates
  • Color: Pink

SKU: CE-0590-01-3 | UPC: 716770027481 | MPN: SE-0590-01-3 (0)

SKU: CE-0590-01-3 | UPC: 716770027481 | MPN: SE-0590-01-3 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

A must have!

This toy is the absolute best toy I have ever experienced - wow!


Better than expected

When I saw it online and received it I was sceptical of how well it would work, but I would have to say that this product was just amazing. I can't believe how well it works and the sensation it gives yo. It vibrates so intensely even on the lowest setting, and the rotation was so suttle but completely effective. I thought the penis was going too small in length and girth at first, but when the vibrations and rotation are working together... watch out!
The straps work great but I did have to position it or sit on it to get it on "the spot". But I still give it a 5 star.
It is noisy as the other reviews say, but well worth the buy.



I must say this is my bff..i can never regret purchasing this toy. Ive been addicted to the venus butterfly over the years but this little dick made me graduate from the butterfly clit stimulator ive been purchasing all along. Its the sweetest feeling ever. After a stressfull day or just a day to pamper yourself. A cum that make my pussy soaked is sure to be experienced. My only problem is the remote is too big and its not silent enough. But living alone its no big deal!!!


Favorite wearable!

Great for driving!! Traffic jams are a little more bearable !!


Ms M

Excellent wearable toy! Works every time! And it actually does rotate, many claim so and fail. I Excellent product! I highly recommend adding it, and enjoying the results for yourself!


Not bad

The straps are not long enough and don't hold well. Otherwise this product is pretty good. Like the rotation option.


OMG it rotates!!

This is my favourite toy by far! It straps on nicely, the vibrations are strong, and the rotation... WOW. It gets me multiple times and I have a few other wearable vibrators that just don't do it... BUY THIS you won't regret it!! I would pay twice this. I wish I could get this toy with a smaller remote, or with a wireless remote.


Great motion

The straps could be longer - I find the snaps don't hold well if you're moving, and it's hard to keep in place. But the rotational movement is phenomenal.



This is probably my favourite toy thus far, the vibrations are so powerful it never fails to make me orgasm several times!! Only downside is that it's a little noisy in comparison to other vibrators so you can't really wear it out in public. Would 100% recommend!


Fun, Fairly Loud Toy

Like other Venus vibes, this one slides around a bit on me. It's not super easy to keep in nestled against my clit, but a cute pair on panties help a lot. The vibe is stronger than other single AAA powered Venus vibes and the options on the remote are great. Big downside for me is the size of the remote. It seems huge! Definitely makes it harder to wear out of sneaky, sexy trips with a little vibe, too hard to hide it. Overall a fun toy. Definitely worth the $ it costs.


Luv on venus

Absolutely adore this one- great as a foreplay piece and also solo enjoyment- the head really does rotate too


Super Duper

This is the greatest wearable vibe since sliced bread. The rotating head and mind blowing vibrations will put you over the top every time. Straps are adjustable and comfortable.



If you've always wanted a hands free vibe this is your best friend! It not only vibrates but moves in a circular motion at the same time. The feeling is unbelievalble! Of all my toys this is the one i use most often