WOW Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel in .5oz/15ml

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The name says


Wow is Wow!!

This is the second tube of this I have purchased. I put it on my clit and it heats things up fast. Helps make you cum fast. Don't hesitate to buy this product. Ok for sensitive skin.



The name says it all.

Product description

A thrilling, stimulating, orgasm-inducing gel that exponentially intensifies clitoral sensation, Wet's Max version of WOW works by naturally increasing blood flow to the vaginal area, triggering nerve endings and sensory receptors in the skin. Simply apply a small amount to the clitoris and gently massage- either yourself or your playmate can do the honors. You'll feel a warm or cool tingling sensation after about 3-5 minutes, which can last up to 25 minutes, intensifying with touch and friction. It's best to start with a small amount to monitor the effect to your preference, you can re-apply if needed. This is a silicone based gel that will stay put even in splashy, wet situations. Adding to your pleasure, a sample pack of Wet's Synergy water based lube is included, along with a guide to best enjoying both products. Condom safe. Tube contains enough gel for approximately 75 applications.

  • Paraben free
  • Hormone free
  • Doctor recommended
  • L-Arginine free
  • Intense sensation

  • Size: 0.5 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Cooling, Masturbation Lube, Paraben Free, Unscented, Warming

SKU: W-456005 | UPC: 716222456005 | MPN: 45600 (93)

SKU: W-456005 | UPC: 716222456005 | MPN: 45600 (93)

Ratings / Reviews

Most powerful stimulation gel I've been able to find!

I've tried several different types, but always return to this one. Even though it may be a little more costly than other similar products, this is one of those examples of the saying - you get what you pay for. You only need a minimal amount for great results. The gel provides an excellent cooling sensation, with a little bit of a tingle. Highly recommend!



Better than most


I mean WOW

My wife usually really picky for this type of product and rarely find things that she will be willing to use on her own. This one is an exception. I used it on her once, had a good time, next night, she chose to do it again herself. that really tells me how much she loves this product.



My wife has used Wow for a few years now. it never fails to prepare her for the explosion to come (so to speak)!



I'm glad I had the chance to try this, I'd give it 10 stars if I could.


Great product

It definitely works as advertised! My wife commented on it right away and I never told her what is was supposed to do. It tastes good too!


Wow is as Wow does!

My wife loves this product. It sets the mood well for everything that follows....


Best product ever!

I've always had a real hard time orgasiming but with this gel it takes no time at all! I've tryed pretty much every cream out there but this tops them all by far! Totally worth the money! A must have!


Powerful and love it!

Really powerful! After using it for like 30 seconds, it starts to feel very cool and stimulating. Really enjoyable. Definitely will buy again and highly recommend it.