Yes! Pheromone Cologne - 1 oz.

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Yes yes yes

It really works went to my doctor's appointment had this on the nurse was acting more friendly than usual


Fux yea!!!!!

It is important to apply the stuff to pulse points. If there is not already a degree of attraction present, then it is nothing but a good scent.... With an underlying attraction already there, it does act to intensify the feelings of the lady. My friend D was visiting and she was with her boyfriend. She said, and I quote, "I dont know why I feel like this". And she made rather obvious signals that she wanted to get tagged. I have noticed other situations as well when girls get worked up ...this is a fantastic product....


oh yes. yes. yeaaassssssss...

I think this stuff is even better than the invention of sliced bread.... Shit yea....

Product description

Attract your object of desire with the power of pheremones. Spray some Yes! on and see what happens next. The compact, travel friendly little container holds 1 oz (29.57 mL).

SKU: DJ-4510-00-BU | UPC: 782421234607 | MPN: 4510-00-BU (33)

SKU: DJ-4510-00-BU | UPC: 782421234607 | MPN: 4510-00-BU (33)

Doc Johnson
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Yes indeed

this stuff is great. It smells wonderful and the ladies like it too.


Yes indeed. In

I have always liked this stuff. It smells nice but not too stinky. Groovy...


smells great

I'm not sure about the whole pheromones thing but the girlfriend loves the smell.


Nice stuff

Seems to work. lots of compliments. Love the smell


oh yes. yes. yeaaassssssss...

GET SOME MOrE YA ALL....this stuff rules!!!! I want more!!!!


Good product

Don't know if it works, but theorize likes it.



Its good ....smells nice. Yes. It does something to girls as well. This friend was over and she expressed that she didn't know why she felt the way she did....


Very good

Smells good and definitely gets attention, no ladies throwing themselves at you though :*(


Works every time

This product is really good. I used it in the past and it attracts women every time I put it on. Some are shy, the others would come up to me from across the room to see if it's me who smells this good. It gives out this fresh out of the shower smell. The only bad part about it is that it's used up too fast so, this time I ordered three bottles instead.


Smells good

scents good, but no significant signs or changes.


yes! indeed

I have to say, this cologne smells amazing. My husband got it on a whim, and now, whenever he wears it I just get riled up.
I definitely recommend it.


Pas fait pour tout le monde

L odeur ne me plais pas.. j ai 26 et je n ai pas l impression que ce parfum est fait pour les gens de mon age ... Par contre je compare l odeur a un polo avec la bouteille classique verte alors pour les gens qui aime ce parfum il est fait pour vous ... Je n ai pas pu essayer son effet face au sexe oppos du a mes gouts personels


Great Scent & Woman Love it!

Guys, this scent works! It's unique, distinct and never overpowering, Girls agree it's interesting and worth a conversation! Pick some up and Try it! For this price, can you really pass this up?