Yours And Mine Vibrating Love Ring

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I was very skeptical of the whole 'fifty shades' line because I figured it was a gimmick, but boy was I wrong! This little guy is surprisingly powerful for the size and price and its very quiet. Highly recommend.


Total bang for the buck!

This little guy is way more powerful than we thought it would be. Glad it came with extra batteries too. It is great and fits very snug to not lose grip. Awesome purchase!


Perfect Fit

I was hesitant with the fifty shades collection. Not anymore, love this one. It is a great fit for most. Little bullet vibe is powerful, I didn't need to switch it out as I normally would. Comes with extra batteries, which is handy.

Product description

Fifty Shades of Grey Offical Pleasure Collection

"Feel it, baby," Christian whispers in my ear. I pant against him, wanting...needing. On cue, like the apprentice I am, I let go, and we find our release together.

A simple yet ultra pleasurable piece from the official, E.L James approved Fifty Shades of Grey collection, the silky silicone Yours and Mine is ultra plush, sensationally comfortable and styled absolutely perfectly for couples. Doing double duty as a wonderfully effective cock ring and vibrator shared equally between lovers, this ring helps maintain his erection while effortlessly stimulating the clitoris or otherwise, depending on placement.

Snug and secure, the ring portion fits over the base of the penis (and testicles, if desired), keeping a firm erection and sensation under control while the thick, curvy stimulator up top delivers pinpoint precise pleasure to the clitoris or other point of contact, massaging with natural movement and thrusts. The steady, unrelenting vibration is switched on with the touch of a button at the side of the stimulator- it's within easy reach of both partners and can be quickly stopped or started mid-play.

Silicone, as connoisseurs know, is one of the finest materials available toy-wise, it's completely body safe and hypoallergenic, ideal for even the most sensitive skin. It's also incredibly hygienic, being nonporous and easy to sterilize, you'll be able to clean the Yours and Mine using soap and water, a good toy cleaning fluid, even a bleach solution. Safely and hygiene aside, silicone just plain feels amazing, it's silky and smooth, offering a lifelike touch against the skin, plus, it warms quickly to match body temperature as you play. Use a good quality water based lube with this, and any silicone toy, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and gear. A silky Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag is included. Requires 4 G3-A microcell batteries, which are included, along with extras. Waterproof. Fits most.

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate Free, Temperature Sensitive, Waterproof
  • Color: Black

SKU: FIFTY-819848 | UPC: 5060108819848 | MPN: 40170 (181)

SKU: FIFTY-819848 | UPC: 5060108819848 | MPN: 40170 (181)

Fifty Shades of Grey
Ratings / Reviews

Gets the job done

I'll just say I'm pleased with the smile that was on my wife's face. If you need clitoral stimulation, this does what you want.


Thumbs up!!!

This product comes with batteries and extras as well! There is only one setting but it does serve its purpose. This is our first ring and he was comfortable and enjoyed as well. Would def recommend it!





COMPLETELY speechless

All I can say is WOW. This ring definitely went above and beyond my expectations and my partner and I both LOVE it!


love this!

My boyfriend and I really love this toy. It has a decent vibe for me and the cock ring helps him last longer.


Great for both partners

Amazing fit and wife truely loves the the extra stimulation


Oh Yes!

I was very pleased with this item! Very pleased. The design in my opinion is effective while being comfortable for both parties. Worth it for sure.


Mind blowing

Love this little Thing! I never have to worry about getting my fix because this little thing has my back every time! Everyone needs a "little 50 shades" in their life!



conforme a la description


Took a few tries.

First time didn't really like it but gave it a second try now it's a staple in the bedroom.


5+ stars

Love this product. One of the first sex toys my husband and i purchased and we both love it. Highly recommend this product, definitely worth the purchase.



This product brought things to a while new level. It's comfortable, it's powerful enough to keeps things on the edge without being to much.


New Dimension to sex added!

Loved trying this in cowboy style! Feels soooo good to have the penetration along with the clitoral stimulation. Also I really like that it can be cleaned and used multiple times, along with the fact that it came with extra batteries and a little bag to hold everything.


Great quality

I've had several different love rings and this is by far my favorite. Amazing quality and vibration .






Item is exactly how described


Guys love these too

Gives pleasure to the guy as well and I find that he's much less intimidated by this than say a vibrator. This one is better quality than the drugstore brand too.


A Nice Change!

Full disclosure: we've only used it with my male partner so far, not with the two of us together. He didn't get much satisfaction from the vibrations, but did enjoy the pressure of the ring.

I think it will be better when we use it together.

I thought the 50 Shades line would be gimmicky, but it was a really solid product!


Mhmm ;)

I'm not a huge fan of these but, was very pleasurable for both parties ;) Love it! :D


titillating for us both

Never used a cock ring before. We both loved this and we're surprised the first time we used it. Super quiet vibration...but hits the spot for both of us. Highly recommended. I can see us getting a lot of use out of this titillating number!


Worth the money

The first ring my boyfriend and I bought. So this was new for us! It didnt make a big difference to my lover, but I really appreciated the vibrations! Yes, it's a little bit noisy, but it's worth it! :)


Male and Female Opinion

My male partner said this ring was very comfortable on his larger than average girth, the vibrations felt really nice for himself, and it definitely made him last longer than usual. Eventually he had to take it off because the vibrations were starting to desensitise him a bit but once he took it off all sensation returned pretty much immediately. As a female who doesn't use sex toys often I enjoyed the vibrations but found them slightly too mild to do the trick for myself. I also found the ring very comfortable even when I was pressing against it but sadly because it's a smaller vibrator on this ring it often wasn't in the right spot for me and although it felt very nice I wasn't getting the direct clit stimulation women need. Maybe if it were larger and made more contact with me the vibs would have been enough to get me there?

All in all this is a good beginner friendly affordable ring that I recommend, but if you're used to vibrators and somewhat desensitised skip this one



I try it with my girlfriend and this little thing is the best toys we try together, we use it everytimes...

love it


very good for the price!

comes with a case and extra very well!


pretty fantastic

Pros: fun colour, lots of different vibration modes, stays in place, comfortable.

Cons: a bit noisy and takes awhile to charge. But worth the noise and the wait!


Worth it!

Extra batteries, a silk bag and great for both involved. Nothing but winning here!!


Worth the price!

This is an amazing ring. The vibrations are strong and pretty much perfect! And it's sooooo quiet! It comes with 4 extra batteries and a little silk bag to store the ring in. Definitely recommend this baby! Fun for both parties involved.


Good vibrations

What your getting is the ring, ready with batteries installed, a replacement set of batteries and a pouch to carry everything. To wear it, put a drop of lube on your finger, wipe it along the inside of the ring and it does on really easy. It's then tight enough that it doesn't go anywhere and there is no discomfort in wearing it. With a single button to turn it on and off, it's easy to use. You'll have to try a few different positions to find what works best, but it will probably make the best contact with her on top. We found that the vibratory was a little short so it didn't always make contact with her clitoris. Afterwards, it's really easy to wash up.

Overall we like it, but we might opt for a taller one, or one with the rabbit ears on it, so that it makes better clit oral contact.



Great little toy, has great vibs and also comes with 4 extra batteries in the pack plus 2 already in it, easy to use and I didn't find it load which is good for those moments when you need to be quite my bf is new to toys and he LOVE it


Nice ring

This ring offers a very pleasant feeling. I was surprised by the strength of the vibrations given the small price that I paid for it.