How to Use Sex Toys? 6 Things to Know for All Genders

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How to Use Sex Toys? 6 Things to Know for All Genders


With so many different sex toys to choose from, it might be hard to pick the best sex toy for you, nevermind how to use them.

Luckily, this means there’s something perfect for every individual.

So where do you start?

If you’re unsure how to use sex toys, PinkCherry has all the details you need. In this sex toy guide, you’ll learn how to use them (solo or with a partner) right now.


How to Use Every Kind of Sex Toy (For ALL Genders)

While sex toys can be categorized in many ways, we’ve decided to break them down by how they’re used for this fun, informational guide.

The fact that many sex toys can have multiple purposes means you might see one toy featured in two or more categories.

So, whether you have a penis, vagina, or other erroneous zones that need sex toy action, we’ve got sex toy facts to cover all the ins and outs.

For this article, when we reference men and women, we’re referring to male and female genitalia.


6 Things to Know About Using Sex Toys

What are sex toys? Before we start on individual specifics on how to use sex toys, there are some universal sex toy tips to get you started.

These concepts can be applied to almost every accessory you bring into the bedroom to keep your different types of sex toys in tip-top shape. If you’re unsure about how to get in the mood with your partner, sex toys can be a great way to spice things up.


1. Where to Buy Sex Toys

two main locations probably come to mind when you consider where to buy sex toys for your next thrilling experience.

You can locate a brick and mortar adult novelty store through online searches. With this option, you’ll benefit from seeing toys up close and personal before you decide to bring them home.

If you find you’re not comfortable using a sex toy yet, there are many sex toy alternatives to spice up your sex life.

You can also shop for sex toys online.

The most imperative aspect of making your sexy purchases from the web is regarding safety. Double and triple check to make sure the manufacturer of the sex toy you choose makes their toys with safe materials.

The safest way to shop for sex toys online is with a reputable merchant who values product safety and the customer’s discretion, like PinkCherry !


2. Who Can Use Sex Toys

Who can use sex toys? Everyone !

No matter your pronoun, every (f)ae, e/ey, he, per, she, they, ve, xe, and ze/zie (you get the picture) can have the opportunity to experience the thrill of building your bedroom toolkit.

Any kind of pairing or solo act can also become a user of sex toys. This means single people, couples, throuples, and more can all utilize sex toys by themselves or amongst each other. 

Further along in this article, we’ve covered individual sections on how to use sex toys for men, how to use sex toys for women, and the difference in sex toys for couples and singles.


3. Age for Buying Sex Toys

How old do you have to be to buy sex toys? Over 18 in Canada.

But that doesn’t mean those under 18 can’t use them. You just have to be courageous enough to ask a responsible parent or caregiver to purchase one for you.


4. How to Clean Sex Toys

You should always meticulously clean and store your sex toys! This will keep them in perfect condition to give your products a long life.

You might be wondering how to clean sex toys and what products to use.

While a mild soap with some water will work to sanitize your sex toys, there are also sex toy cleaners made specifically for this purpose. They often contain antibacterial properties for a squeaky clean.

Be sure to thoroughly dry your sex toys using a lint-free or microfiber towel.


5. Hiding Sex Toys

You may also be questioning how to hide sex toys properly. An important aspect of sex toys is how you store them.

You never want to store two sex toys together because some materials will counteract with each other. For instance, a silicone toy will react when it touches other silicone resins, breaking down the surface.

To keep your toys clean and damage-free, store them separately in a clean location. We highly recommend a bag or case designed specifically to sex toy storage . Some even feature antibacterial properties.


6. Recycling Sex Toys

What happens if you invest in a sex toy, but you decide it’s not right for you?

Learning how to recycle sex toys and properly dispose of them is an important part of sex toy ownership. You should recycle them according to the sex toy materials they’re composed of whenever possible.

Some sex toys are made from materials that can easily be recycled, like metals and glass. If the toy contains a motor, don’t chuck it in the bin. There are companies that will take sex toys for recycling purposes.

If you have a friend or family member who doesn’t mind getting your sex toy hand-me-downs, recycling sex toys in this way is totally acceptable (if they are damage-free and thoroughly sanitized).

How to Use Sex Toys Video

If you have more questions when reading through the following guide, you’re in luck! PinkCherry has a plethora of instructions in a series of how to use sex toys videos featuring Dr. Sunny

PinkCherry on YouTube

The clinical sexologist has the scoop on many of the individual toys you can find when you shop with PinkCherry. She explains the benefits of sex toys and sex toy positions in a down-to-earth manner that makes you feel comfortable yet excited to try out new products.

You can even see some sex toys in action while learning all about using them.

How to Use Sex Toys for Men

Knowing how to use sex toys for men can be a great asset to have in your sexual knowledge bank, even if you don’t have a penis.

We’ve got four of the top sex toy picks to tickle that taint and enhance your erection.

Follow along as we give you all the sex toy tips you need on how to use sex toys for men and anyone else with a penis and testicles.

How to Use Prostate Massagers

That’s right, men enjoy anal play too! 

While you can stimulate the prostate externally through massage of the taint (the space between the testicles and the anus), an internal touch is just as, if not more , pleasing.

There are several different toys designed for anal pleasure that work for any gender, but prostate wand vibrators feature a curved tip to perfectly meet your p-spot.

If a prostate massager isn’t your thing there are still more anal sex toys men can enjoy. Butt plugs or anal beads are also great options for some backdoor fun.


How to Use Cock Rings

If you’re wondering which toy or tool may help with enhancing your sexual experience, a cock ring might be the choice for you.

Cock rings are generally made from flexible silicone or metal. They fit securely around the base of the penis and/or the scrotum. This restricts blood from leaving the penis, leading to stronger erections that can last longer.

Be sure to only put on your cock ring before becoming erect to prevent discomfort or potential injury.

And only wear a cock ring for a half hour or less! Some penis rings also come with a vibrator attached for extra tingles for you and your partner.

How to Use Masturbators

Strokers, pocket pussies, and fleshlights are all common names for masturbators .

Usually cylindrical in shape, they are made to mimic the feel of a mouth, vagina, or anus. The inside of the hollow sleeve gently hugs the inserted penis as it glides in and out.

Strokers are generally made from TPR or TPE materials that are soft to the touch. Use a lubricant for a smoother feel.

There are some male masturbators that boast high-tech features, like vibration, suction, self-lubrication, or auto-stroke capabilities. Other toys similar to strokers include textured gloves and stroking pads.

How to Use Sex Toys for Women

When discussing how to use sex toys for women, quite a few gizmos and gadgets come to mind, like dildos and vibrators, clitoral stimulator or suction, anal toys, and more.

So, whether you’re wondering how to give yourself the best orgasm of your life or how to give your partner thrilling foreplay, we’ve got all the info on how to use sex toys for women to get the best results.


How to Use Clitoral Stimulators

Now that we’re finished talking about how to use male sex toys, we’ll move onto their female counterparts– clit stimulation.

If you’re wondering how to use female sex toys, clitoral stimulation toys should be the top product you master. These handheld devices pack a powerful punch with a gentle touch to bring you (or your partner) right to orgasm when used properly.

Suction simulators feature a small opening, where the vacuum is located, that is placed over the clitoris. Many are equipped with different levels of suction power and may also come with vibration or may even be waterproof.

Magic wands are also a popular clitoral stimulation toy. Though you can utilize the deep rumbles of a powerful wand over your whole body, increased blood flow to the clitoris is usually achieved through direct contact.

Pussy pumps are similar to clitoral suction. The only difference is in where the suction occurs. Where clitoral suction devices only fit over the clitoris, a pussy pump encompasses all the female genitals.

A shield-like chamber is fitted around the outer labia. The attached tube and pump work to create a vacuum for increased blood flow.


How to Use Dildos and Vibrators

While many dildos and vibrators can be used by either a man or a woman, there are a few styles that are particularly pleasing for those who have a clitoris, g-spot, and an a-spot.

Some dildos and vibrators are shaped specifically to target your interior erroneous zones for heightened climaxes and longer and/or more intense orgasms.

There are also vibrators and dildos that feature two or more appendages to tease all your sexual orifices at once.

When discussing how to use female sex toys, the rabbit vibrator is a notorious option for its ability to give a woman internal and external stimulation simultaneously.

While commonly featuring a rabbit-shaped tickler, rabbits also come in other shapes or may even feature a clitoral suction. Some even have an extra stimulator for double penetration action.


How to Use Anal Toys

Did you know that women have prostate glands too?

While this is true, anal sex toys for women aren’t aimed at giving a prostate orgasm. How to use sex toys for women in the anal play category is more about providing a full sensation and stimulating the nerve endings surrounding the anus.

You can use anal sex toys in conjunction with other vibrators and dildos or while having vaginal sex with a partner.


How to Use Sex Toys in a Couple

There really aren’t any sex toys that you couldn’t use with a partner. However, there are a few toys that are enjoyed more when there’s at least one other person to interact with.

Even if it is a toy intended for solo masturbation, your partner can watch you as you pleasure yourself to participate. Or your partner can take control of your toy for you.


Strap-ons and Remote Vibrators

When we refer to couples, we’re talking about all kinds of pairings (or poly structures).

So, if you are not a penis-owner and want to give your partner that experience, there are strap-on dildos and vibrators perfect for fulfilling this need.

If you’re looking to give your partner some pleasure from afar, try a remote vibrator . Many can be worn with harnesses or using magnets over a pair of panties.

This makes them discreet and hands-free for those receiving the pulses and rumbles. Remotes are usually paired over Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

Anal Sex Toys

Anal plugs and anal beads are two more options for anyone wanting some backdoor sexual pleasure. If you’re just starting to use anal sex toys, you can start with trainers that come in three sizes.

That way you can start out small before working your way up to larger anal plugs. Anal beads are round balls or pearls spaced out on a string (typically made of silicone).

You insert them into the anus one at a time according to your comfort level. Anal beads usually have a ring at one end of the strand for an easy retrieval.

When we talk about how to use anal sex toys, we have to discuss lube !

It (along with sex toy cleaner ) is possibly the most important aspect of safely enjoying anal sex toys. There are special anal lube types designed specifically to relax or numb the rectum. Water-based lubricants will also pair nicely with anal sex toys.

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your anal sex toys after use.



BDSM sex toys and accessories are great for couples looking for a submissive and dominant aspect.

While you can strut around in leather and spandex on your own if that makes you feel sexy, we recommend trying restraints, whips, ball gags, etc. with the safety of a partner you trust.

This category of sex toys is too large to name everything here in this article, but most feature the simulation of pain or bondage through a consensual arrangement.

How to Use Sex Toys Solo

You can use just about any sex toy solo!

What you choose will depend on what you like and what body part you’re trying to arouse and get sexual satisfaction from. If you’re feeling inspired by some of our discussion above, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Your curiosity may even lead you on a journey to finding a whole new sexual lifestyle. Refer to our respective how to use female sex toys and male sex toys sections of this article for specifics on toys for masturbation purposes.

You can peruse the topics above to find something that perfectly suits your style or browse to discover your next purchase.

If you need more help in understanding the individual toys PinkCherry has to offer, refer to some of the how to use sex toys videos featuring Dr. Sunny. On our website, you’ll find everything for your sexual needs and the extras to keep your new sex toys clean and in tip-top shape.

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