Here's Why You Need A Liberator In Your Bed!

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Liberator Wedge Sex Toy For Couples


Explore the Sexy Benefits of the Liberator Wedge. 

The Liberator Wedge is more than meets the eye—or any other body part, for that matter. Tested by countless couples, the Liberator Wedge is a unique sex pillow that’s designed to support and stabilize bodies at play. Getting the perfect angle is everything in most sex positions, after all! Maximizing closeness and contact while allowing you both to focus on pure pleasure during sex and foreplay - that’s the magic of the Liberator Wedge. Intrigued? Let’s take a look at what makes the Liberator Wedge a top-selling sex toy for couples.

Who doesn’t want an enhanced lovemaking experience? Performing better, lasting longer and giving/receiving the most pleasure in bed has a lot more to do with proper body alignment you might think. It makes sense, though! When your body is aligned perfectly with your partner, you get a more intense and deeper connection (literally). That’s where the Liberator Wedge can make all the difference.

Crafted from high-density responsive foam, the triangular Wedge pillow comfortably lifts and elevates the hips, pelvis, knees, head, and more,  providing playful couples optimal support and stability no matter the sex position. The result? You’ll be putting less effort into maintaining your particular sex position and more energy into lovemaking - and who wouldn’t want that?


Sexual Position Pillow - The Liberator Wedge


Liberator Wedge: Amp Up The Missionary Position

Precisely angled to 27-degrees, the Liberator Wedge can make a huge difference in the way things feel during missionary sex. The added lift and support beneath a bottom partner’s lower back helps push the pelvis upward, better aligning it with their partner’s penis (or strap-on). The top partner won’t need to expend as much energy on keeping themselves supported, plus, they can last longer and go stronger with less  pressure on their back, thighs, and knees. Stimulation-wise, the Liberator Wedge helps realign the clitoris for maximum contact during sex. Fact is, the missionary position is a go-to for most couples. With the Liberator Wedge, all you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy more closeness, better support, more stimulation, and even intense orgasms!


How to Improve the Missionary Sexual Position - Liberator Wedge


Style up Your Doggy 

Out of all the moves, from-behind hits the spot for a LOT of couples! When it comes time to get down into doggy style sex, bring in the Liberator Wedge. Helping support and stabilize both partners, the sexy slant won’t collapse or sink under pressure. Plus, it keeps the bottom partner’s booty up high. Since the Wedge does all the heavy lifting, so to speak, they won’t need to focus on supporting or lifting their hips. The higher elevation, in turn, provides the perfect entry point for the top lover. Win/win!

Laying your hips on the higher end of the Wedge, you can just lean over and enjoy the ride. To intensify the experience, spread your legs wide, placing your knees on either side of the Liberator Wedge ramp combo. This will allow the bottom partner to rock back and forth and have more control over penetration depth and speed.


How to Improve Doggy Style Sex Position - Liberator Wedge


Increase Your Oral Performance with the Liberator Wedge

When it comes to going down, the Liberator Wedge pro is a pro at banishing sore necks and uncomfortable shoulder pressure during oral sex. Not only is the Wedge ramp combo an ideal height for keeping the giving partner’s neck properly aligned, it helps them relax and focus on performing longer and better. Couples can also enjoy better flexibility during oral thanks to the support and signature slant of the Wedge. One partner can lay back with their bum resting on the higher part of the Wedge ramp combo while leaning back. Try propping their legs over your shoulders for unobstructed access to the clitoris, penis, or butt - you’ll also be free to use fingers or adult sex toys for the ultimate stimulation. Perfect for exploring the best anal toys.


Improving Oral Sex - Liberator Wedge Sexual Position Pillow


Anal all the Way with the Liberator Wedge

If there’s one key to enjoyable anal sex - aside from tons of anal lube - it’s comfort and relaxation. Comfort is great for both of you, but the receiving partner needs to be nice and relaxed for smooth, enjoyable, and deeper penetration. The Liberator Wedge provides lots of stability and support during anal sex. This naturally eliminates the muscle (and butt) tension that can result from trying to maintain certain anal sex positions on a flat surface. The positioning potential of the Wedge offers couples flexibility and movement during anal sex without interfering with pleasurable body contact. Whether you’re lying back with hips elevated or bent over the sexy slant in doggie, the Liberator Wedge puts your body in the perfect position.


How To Improve Anal Sex - Liberator Wedge Sexual Position Pillow


Get Your Motor Running with the Liberator Wedge

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are two of the most popular liberator wedge ramp positions for couples because they allow for the most clitoral stimulation, deeper penetration, and lots of orgasm potential for both lovers. The only challenge is that these positions require some serious thigh strength for whoever's on top...until now! By placing the Liberator Wedge under the bottom partner’s knees, they’ll be able to use it for leverage to help out in the thrust department. The partner on top will also be able to ride with their hands planted on the Wedge for support and stability when leaning back - making both versions that much more enjoyable!  Giddyup!


How to Improve Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl Sex - Liberator Wedge Sexual Position Pillow


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