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More On Liberator Sex Ramps and Wedges

Ladies and gentlemen, assume the position! Oh, and to help you get in to the absolute best position for fantastic pleasure during sex, take a look at the incredible line of sex furniture from Liberator! As you know, a slight change in angle and position can turn sex that feels like it might be a swing-and-a-miss in to an absolute grand slam home run. With a wedge or ramp from Liberator helping you hit all the right places when you’re sexing it up, there’s no limit to the pleasure you can experience!

Using a sex ramp, pillow, or wedge during intercourse can help make a big difference in being able to achieve deep penetration and maximum g-spot stimulation. Not only that, but it also makes finding those perfect positions a lot more comfortable, improving stamina, making you more relaxed and able to completely enjoy every single sensation from start to finish.

Liberator products come in many different shapes and styles, including wedges and ramps, as well as the sensual BonBon which is able to hold your favourite dildo or vibrator in place for a unbelievably sexy ride that you’ll want to hop on over and over again! Liberator also offers an excellent set of BDSM bed restraints that can quickly transform any bed to be ready for a bondage experience like no other.

All Liberator sex furniture products feature a super-soft microfibre covering that feels great on your skin and is removable for easy clean up and is even machine washable for extra convenience. It’s no wonder our customers absolutely love their Liberator sex wedges and ramps as part of their erotic adventures!

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