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PinkCherry Guide For Socially Distanced Sex for Couples


Starting around March of this year, dating became, shall we say, difficult. With local venues shut down far and wide due to the coronavirus, physical places to meet new faces are few and far between. To make matters worse, people who are already dating but not living together began facing things like quarantine periods and travel restrictions. Needless to say, opportunities to get sexy together have dwindled for many couples. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful world of technology and some innovative modern sex toys, there are some solutions!


Okay, okay, so we know that on-screen dating, phone sex, sexting, and other physically distanced ways to be intimate can’t fully compare to a steamy make-out session or roll in the sheets. What those things can be, however, are new, creative ways to connect with a partner. Nothing wrong with that! You might just be surprised at how erotic and exciting physically distanced sexiness can be. 

Security Tips for Cybersexiness

Now, before we get into some toys that you and your partner can enjoy together, even when you’re not physically together, we need to talk about security. Most ways to sexily connect require an internet connection and some sort of device with a camera. Even though we wish that everything that happened on our phone stayed on our phone (or tablet, or laptop), that’s not always the case. So, use common sense, strong passwords and, oh heck, let’s go step by step.


  1. Have the talk. If you’re going to be getting naked on screen, you'll need to make sure that your date or partner understands the importance of respecting your privacy. Make absolutely sure that you can trust them to keep things between just the two of you, and definitely off the cloud. 
  2. Lock down your account. Make sure that all your settings are listed as private and double check that your password is strong. Obviously, don’t give your login info to anyone.
  3. Update and restart your devices. If your computer and/or phone haven’t been updated in a while, run the updates!  Security apps are always being improved, but you’ll need the latest versions.
  4. Use a pseudonym. If you’re using an app or website that wants your name, come up with a fun fake one. Let your partner in on the new nom de plume, but no one else. You could even set up an email account with your alternate handle.  


Fun fact: Good ol’ phone sex (voices only!) comes with very few security worries, so it’s a great option if you’re feeling iffy about putting on a live show.

Virtual Dating with Sex Toys

Really, there aren’t many sex toys that won’t work for physically distanced sex. Anything that makes you feel good will get your partner going, so grab a favorite vibrator, dildo, butt plug or some nipple clamps and get theatrical with it. You could even use the same toy, and watch or listen to each other enjoy it. Need some toy inspiration? We’re getting there!

Interactive Sex Toys To Help You Connect

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: sex toys that are perfect for enjoying together, even when you’re apart! Here at PinkCherry, we’ve got an entire category of remote-controlled toys to browse through. They’re all great, and if you’re lucky enough to be within a few feet of a partner, just about all of them will curl your respective toes. 


For our virtual, physically distanced purposes though, you’ll want to go with a sex toy that features some pretty specific connection capabilities. Bluetooth and WiFi, for instance. With these toys, you’ll need to download an app to each of your bluetooth-ready devices. The app itself controls  the toy and works as a remote. Thanks to the far-reaching power of the internet, you’ll be able to play from just about anywhere there’s an internet connection. 


Here are a few of our favorite interactive, distance share-able couples sex toys


  • We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator – don’t let the look of this toy fool you! It packs a powerful rumble with 10 built-in vibe modes. It was designed with your curves in mind and is flexible to reach your choice of areas. Use it internally or for thrilling external stimulation. There are several different ways to control the Unite: buttons on the handle, remote control, or through the We-Connect app. It’s also waterproof and USB rechargeable for ultimate convenience.
  • Satisfyer Little Secret Remote Panty Vibe – perfect for discreet use with easy wearing and quiet vibrations. The Little Secret features a magnetic clip to attach the toy in place for surprising vibrations which can be initiated by remote or through the Satisfyer Connect App. Simply insert the Little Secret into your favorite pair of panties and attach the magnetic clip to the outside of them for portable pleasure. The Little Secret is waterproof and USB rechargeable to bring you unlimited fun.
  • Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibe In Merlot – take clitoral stimulation to the next level. This vibe features connectivity via the Satisfyer app and through Bluetooth connectivity. Within the app, you can even track your orgasms. The Merlot vibe comes with a sexy pair of panties perfect for wearing this toy. The Merlot is USB rechargeable.


Benefits of Virtual Dating with Sex Toys

Yes, COVID-19 has put a real damper on in-person dating, and that’s a bummer. If there’s a silver lining though, it’s that this whole situation has made us get more creative, sexually speaking. 


On-screen hookups (done safely, of course) with the help of some great sex toys can be super exciting. Plus, if you’re just starting to date and get sexy with someone, you’ll get to know lots of fun sexy stuff about them, just by paying attention. It’ll just make things all the more exciting when you can finally get naked in person!

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