Exciting Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

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Valentines Day Sex Toy Gifts For Couples


Hello Lovers! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and we at PinkCherry are so very excited to help you celebrate. Chances are, if you’re shopping for the best sex toys and the most lucious lingerie for Valentines, than you're aiming to give your partner an all-out erotic night they’ll never forget. One that will make you both feel totally adored and thrillingly orgasmic. That’s what happens when you gift your lover with an experience rather than the classic box of chocolates or rose bouquet. 

To help you make the most out of your romantic holiday, we’ve curated a variety of adult toys and lingerie that go together in ways that are both visually stunning and sexily functional. We want your presents to look super pretty in the box, but more importantly, we want your items to all work together to heighten their erotic, orgasmic potential. You’ll also notice all of our suggested product pairings have a creative sensual theme and include handy tips to help elevate your experience. So they’re all that, plus a PinkCherry on top! 

Lookin’ Good

Clitoral Suction Vibrators Couples Valentines Day


Most of us find visual stimuli arousing, so it's natural to want to engage in a bit of (consensual!) voyeurism and/or exhibitionism. If you and your partner are especially turned on by sexy sights, then consider such visual delights as the Luxury Clit Vibe by Pipedream. The pump utilizes innovative suction technology to increase blood circulation to the clitoris. This will heighten sensitivity, which, paired with stimulating vibration and a teasing silicone tongue, makes for lots and lots of orgasmic potential. Since there's a clear window to the action, you'll be able to watch as arousal grows and peaks.  Pro tip: Before fitting the pump over your or your partner's clitoris, rub on a tiny bit of Love Button Arousal Balm to further enhance sensitivity.


If you're in a hetero, cis-gendered union, pair the pump with the Automatic Penis Pump and watch as his (or your) penis extends into the length of the clear chamber with clear silicone lips wrapped around the shaft. Mutual masturbation is an excellent exercise in foreplay for any couple, so regardless of your gendered anatomy, integrating clear toys to your Valentine’s night will get you turned on so much, you’ll have to see it to believe it! 


For even more arousing visuals, consider pairing the pumps with an elegantly risqué bodystocking like the Risqué Business Red Teddy. The colour red automatically cues up the brain’s erotic response, which will already be at sexy attention thanks to both of the pump options. Speaking of pumps, add heels to your lingerie ensemble! All the visual excitement will likely lead you to want to explore your other senses, so be prepared with some delicious Toko Aroma Strawberry Flavored Lube. After feasting your eyes on your lover, it’s only natural that you’d soon be ready to turn each other into a juicy little snack.  


Hands-On Craft Night


Clone-A Pussy Valentines Gift 2020


Ever made your crush a handmade Valentine’s Day card? Well, this suggestion is sort of like that, except instead of giving your lover a card, you’re giving them a mold of your vagina or penis. Talk about romance! For this activity, you'll need the Clone-a-Pussy Plus Molding Kit and/or the Clone-A-Willy. You can, of course, choose any Clone-A-Willy colour you want. Make your present in advance or include your partner in the creative process. 


Here’s what you’ll need for a sexy craft night… Start with Oh So Smooth Peachy Keen Shaving Cream and fresh razors (unless you prefer waxing), because you'll need a smooth surface for the moulding process. You can shave in advance or, hand your partner the razor for a super-erotic trust exercise. If you decide to solo craft and surprise your partner with a replica of your lovely bits, consider taking a few playful selfies of the process. Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes view! Then, package your package or vagina mold with fanfare. Wrap it in silk, or set it on a velvet pillow. Put it in a pretty box and bag or tie it up with a big red bow. Your intimate anatomy is a very special gift and should be wrapped accordingly.


For a thoughtful touch, include some PinkCherry water based lube and toy cleaner, because let's face it, at some point, these homemade toys are going to be very well enjoyed. Add another Valentine's-worthy layer of fun by integrating some light role play. Opt for a classic lab coat or apron, or go all out sexpot in the Boarding School Schoolgirl Costume and tie. You won’t need glasses or laboratory goggles… but how cool would they be while playing the wild-eyed chemistry teacher or mad Dr. Valentine?


Play the Classics


Satisfyer Valentines Day Couples Clitoral Flower Power Vibrator


Roses are red, violets are blue, classic V-Day stuff is erotic too! Valentines Day sex toys can include almost any toy you decide to use on Friday, February 14th, 2020 - but there are some that fit the theme especially well. For a naughty take on classic Valentine’s Day fare, here’s a perfect mix. Replace your typical flowers with the incredibly powerful Satisfyer Vibes Rechargeable Flower Power clitoral stimulation sex toy. The red colour is tantalizing and on point, but so is the clitoral stimulation. The Flower Power's fluttering silicone petals can tease and please every external erogenous zone with a quiet, yet powerful intensity. Continuing this reinterpretation of classic V-Day goodies, instead of a box of baked treats, try Warming Desserts Lube in Cinnamon Roll! This lubricant pairs beautifully with any silicone vibe, and can be drizzled on your and your partner or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. That’s how yummy this water-based lube is! We suggest a licking a bit off the nipples, then some robust sex, followed by the lube icecream sunday, hopefully eaten in post orgasmic bliss on your kitchen floor… and what the hell, get the Godiva chocolates too! The real present in this classic Valentine’s set is the Risqué Business Red Teddy (available in regular & curvy sizes). Because when it comes to giving the perfect gift- you are it, darling!


Oral Fixations


Chocolate Body Painting Kit For Couples Valentines Day


Great sex should include lots of kissing and licking, but sometimes we forget to commit to oral. If your sex life has become a tad routine and that routine doesn’t include a lot of time to make out, sometimes the hottest thing to do is integrate more kissing back into your repetoire. Kissing is so anticipatory and erotically charged. It hints at things to come but makes no guarantees. As you suck your partner’s tongue or lick their lips, you’re letting them know what other oral delights might be in store for them. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reintroduce kissing and get more mouthy in general. 


Think about all the sensuous food and wine associated with the day. Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne come to mind. Even if you skip the couples sex toys this year, you can still amp up your V-Day just by using a blindfold with your partner, feeding them treats and kissing them with greater intention, flucctuating between forceful and firm with soft and gentle use of your tongue and mouth.  But who wants to skip the Valentine’s Day adult toys and erotic delicacies of the more kinky variety? Certainly not us! You can have your kissing and eat it too with this oral sex themed set. Adorn your nipples with Edible Strawberry Candy Pasties for melt-in-your-mouth pleasure that will get you and your partner both hungry for more. And speaking of your eager lips, try a Ball Gag, that works to gently keep your mouth open and tongue available, the gag is a playful take on restriction that can enhance your senses and entice your partner. 


Continue the delicious pleasure with the Chocolate Body Painting Kit, this will be one of the few times in your adult life when it is totally acceptable to play with your food. Finally, indulge in even more oral exploration with clitoral suction if you and/or your partner happen to have a clitoris. Mix between oral sex and using the Premium Clitoral Stimulator by Womanizer, a luxury sex toy with suction technology, designed to mimic the feeling of oral sex. This makes an excellent couple’s sex toy or a perfect gift for yourself. Yum!


Metal Gear


Stainless Steel Prostate Probe


Not everyone’s perfect Valentine’s Day date includes hearts, teddy bears and rom-coms. If you and your partner want to enjoy the loving expression of BDSM, then a mix of whips and chains is just the thing. 


Any good riding crop will add sexy sting to any Valentine’s day sex toy stash, but the Please Sir Flogger is so exquisite, it deserves to take center stage in this kinky kit. Pair the ticker with the Ouch! Princess Lace Mask and Wet Look Gloves for a sexy femme-dominatrix look. 


For the male identified partners, try the Costas Solid Structure Upper Body Harness. These edgy looks are sexy and fun for couples of all orientations. Accessorize even further with a gorgeous Pfun Plug (designed for perfect prostate stimulation but is also enjoyed by many who do not have a prostate) or the more beginner friendly,  Stainless Steel Prostate Probe. Pair either stainless steel plug with Pjur analyse me! silicone lube for a comfortable glide. Just for fun, add on the PinkCherry Advanced Nipple Suckers - it is a holiday after all. 


Sweet Ass


Candy Hearts Silicone Butt Plug Valentines Couples


No Valentine’s Day roundup of the best couples sex toys would be complete without mentioning the Candy Hearts Be Mine Butt Plug or any of the other adorable Candy Heart Butt Plugs. They are a treat in any tush and look so good, you’ll want to be rimmed before you know it - and isn’t that what Cupid wants for all of us?  


Be prepared for some anal tonguing by starting your assventure by cleaning things up with an anal douche along with a nice warm and thorough shower. Make sure you have some Candy Shop Flavored Lube Bubblegum or Cotton Candy. Really, any of the flavoured lubes will add to this sweet setup. And be sure to include the Satisfyer Partner Endless Love or the Endless Fun in Black Couple’s Vibes. The pretty shades are a perfect complement to the Candy Hearts plugs and the ergonomic design enhances any sexual exchange because its unique contours can be used to stimulate the sensitive spots on any body. For those with penises, it can function as a c-ring. 


Make It Special, Make it PinkCherry!


Remember that no matter which Valentine’s Day sex toys you decide to try this year, the real gift is you and your affection for your special someone. You can pair your sexy products and lingerie for a full-fledged pleasure set or try a few things a la cart. 


Whatever you’re in the mood for this year, we have something for you. Check out our special Valentine’s Day adult sex toys specials page for even more gift ideas and titillating inspiration. 



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Stephanie Salyers is a SAR certified sex coach, yoga instructor, and C.M.T. with a BA in English, Creative Writing. Her eclectic knowledge base was a self-designed initiative to become a sensuality expert with a holistic, mind/body approach to sex and relationships. She is an educator and writer with over 10 years of experience working in the adult novelty industry. Stephanie has done hundreds of trainings and seminars on sensual wellness around the world. She has worked with the top sex toy and body care companies, designing sex toys, leading re-branding initiatives, creating curriculums, and much more. She began working with PinkCherry 6 years ago because she believes in empowering people to feel sexy, confident and loved. Her playful, humorous approach makes learning about sex easy and accessible.

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