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Whether you’re after an ultra realistic sex doll, or a discreet pocket pussy – sex toys for men come in almost as many styles, sizes & shapes as there are moods. Luckily for solo strokers and partners looking for a little, ahem, manual assistance, this means that no matter what kind of night (or day, or afternoon) it might be, we’ve got the perfect male masturbator to help give you a hand.

Let’s start with a little history: Dudes have been stroking it for a while now. In fact, prehistoric rock paintings even depicted masturbation. And masturbatory images and references are all over Greek mythology. In fact, the ancient Greeks considered auto-erotica to be a normal and natural urge. Some cultures even thought that masturbation guarded against ‘destructive sexual urges.’ In more recent years the founding father of psychoanalysis - yeah, we’re looking at you, Freud - found a way to ruin the fun by declaring masturbation a disease of the mind and defilement of the body. He couldn’t have been more wrong!

But enough of that nonsense. Thankfully we live in more enlightened times where male self-pleasure is accepted as a healthy, natural, and essential way of expressing oneself sexually. While your hand may have been the go-to standard in the past, the future has products like the pocket pussy and self-contained strokers in a variety of sizes, styles and textures that just might give your hand an inferiority complex.

Browse our huge selection of auto-strokers, or fully poseable extreme ultimate life-size sex dolls that are designed to please. We also carry the best-selling Main Squeeze, Cyberskin & Ultraskyn porn star branded strokers and interchangeable pocket sleeves, as well as vibrating strokers — Pinkcherry has all the best male masturbators!

Read through our honest customer reviews for a little inspiration, browse the best sellers, or refine your search by newest arrivals to find the perfect masturbator for you.

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