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Whether you’re looking for an ultra realistic sex doll, or a discreet pocket pussy – penile and male sex toys come in almost as many styles, sizes & shapes as there are moods. Luckily for solo strokers and partners looking for a little, ahem, manual assistance, this means that no matter what kind of night (or day, or afternoon) it might be, we’ve got the perfect male male masturbator to help give you a hand.

While your hand may have been the go-to standard in the past, the future has products like the pocket pussy, prostate massager, and self-contained strokers in a variety of sizes, styles and textures that just might give your hand an inferiority complex. We doubt your hand’s ability to replicate the sensation of a vibrating masturbator, the suction of a closed-back sleeve, or the look and feel of your favorite porn star pocket pussy. These new sex toys have rendered your old masturbation friend obsolete!

Plus, if you don't want a manual masturbator, there are many automatic masturbators to choose from. Depending on the sensation you are looking for there are automatic male masturbators with vibration, suction, and other stimulation techniques to give you a range of different sensations and pleasure. An auto stroker is sure to bring any solo session to a new level.

There are even male masturbation toys classified according to orifice, namely ass, mouth, and vagina. So if you're looking for a male sex toy that gives the fantasy of oral sex, or the visual of anal sex there are endless choices to help you reach your ideal orgasm.

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Whether you are simply bored, want to spice things up with your partner, and trying to treat erectile dysfunction, there's bound to be a male masturbator for you. As always, don’t forget the lube! Lubricant ensures your sex toy will bring nothing but pleasure, for both solo play and with your partner.

Read through our honest customer reviews for a little inspiration, browse the best sellers, or refine your search by new products to find the best sex toys for you.